Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

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    Boss Monsters

    • Anjanath | R | The Anjanath patrols the Ancient Forest looking for its favorite meal, Aptonoth. This belligerent brute wyvern will attack anything without the slightest provocation.
    • Barroth | R | These brute wyverns seek out ants, their favorite snack, and mark their territory with mud. They attack potential rivals with their devastating charging attack.
    • Deviljho | R | Due to its enhanced metabolism, this brute wyvern must constantly seek out prey. It is extremely violent, and known to flail large monsters around.
    • Diablos | R | The apex monster of the Wildspire Waste. A menacing, territorial flying wyvern that lurks underground. Loud noises will cause it to lunge out of the sand in search of prey.
    • Dodogama | R | Fanged Wyvern
    • Great Girros | R | A monster that scavenges for meals dropped from the Coral Highlands. It acts as the alpha leader of a Girros pack, and sports giant fangs that paralyze its prey.
    • Great Jagras | R | The pack leader of the Jagras, this large fanged wyvern is known to go out of control when hungry. It balloons to unbelievable proportions after swallowing prey.
    • Jyuratodus | R | A large piscine wyvern that inhabits the swamps of the Wildspire Waste. It uses mud to capture prey, and it's known to battle other monsters over territory.
    • Kirin | Elder Dragon
    • Kulu-Ya-Ku | R | An odd bird wyvern that has developed limbs capable of carrying weapons. It's been spotted stealing eggs from nests found in the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste.
    • Kushala Daora | R | An elder dragon that shields itself with fierce winds, preventing anyone from approaching it. Its skin consists of hard, metallic scales.
    • Lavasioth | Piscine Wyvern
    • Legiana | R | The apex monster of the Coral Highlands, whose diet primarily consists of Raphinos. This flying wyvern emits a chilling wind from its body, which dulls its prey's ability to escape.
    • Nergigante | R | Elder Dragon
    • Odogaron | R | A terrifying monster that scours the Rotten Vale for carrion. Its highly aggressive nature means that anything, be it monster or man, is a potential meal.
    • Paolumu | R | This flying wyvern feasts on [coral] eggs found in the Coral Highlands. They are able to propel through the air using unique sacs in their bodies, and attack with their extremely hard tails.
    • Pukei-Pukei | R | A bird wyvern known to possess poisonous toxins in its body. It's been spotted storing scatternuts in its mouth or tail, coating them with poison and spitting them out at threats.
    • Radobaan | R | A gigantic brute wyvern that eats the bones of carcasses found in the Rotten Vale, using some of it as armor. It also rolls into a ball as a form of attack and transportation.
    • Rathalos | R | The apex monster of the Ancient Forest. A fierce flying wyvern that descends upon invaders, attacking with poisonous claws and fiery breath.
    • Rathian | R | A flying wyvern known as the "Queen of the Land." A terrestrial predator, it overpowers its prey with a venomous tail and powerful legs.
    • Teostra | R | A brutal elder dragon wreathed in flames that spits blazing fire. Teostra are of such a fierce and deadly nature that the Guild closely monitors their movements.
    • Tobi-Kadachi | R | A fanged wyvern that flies among the trees of the Ancient Forest. Its penchant to brush against the ground and the trees as it moves around builds up static electricity within its fur.
    • Tzitzi-Ya-Ku | R | This odd bird wyvern blinds both prey and enemies with a special pulsing organ near its head. It then uses its strong legs to deliver finishing blows.
    • Uragaan | Brute Wyvern
    • Zorah Magdaros | R | Elder Dragon
    • Vaal Hazak

    Small Monsters

    Hazard & Help Creatures

    • Flashfly | An insect that emits a bright flash when struck, which is brighter when in a swarm. The flash blinds monsters.
    • Grimalkyne | R | Lynian
    • Iron Helmcrab | A crustacean found in muddy terrain. It frequently carries hard objects, and occasionally drops piercing pods.
    • Soldier Helmcrab (translated name)
    • Paratoad | A toad that releases paralyzing gas on impact. Its effect is potent enough to paralyze even large monsters.
    • Sleeptoad
    • Scoutflies | Monster tracks, such as footprints and gashes, dot each locale. Your Scoutflies will remember the scent of a monster and guide you to other nearby tracks. And as you gather more tracks, the Scoutflies will give you even more information.
    • Vigorwasp | An insect that collects restorative nectar in its body, releasing it in a cloud when struck.
    • Giant Vigorwasp | An insect that stores a highly concentrated nectar which leaves a restorative cloud when released.
    • Wedge Beetle | Wedge beetles can be found in many different places. Fix your aiming reticle on one and press O to hook onto it and swing across.
    • Wiggly Litchi | These nutrient-Rich larvae can be consumed to halve stamina depletion for a short time.

    Captureable Creatures

    • Blissbill | An herbivorous bird that feeds on fruits and seeds. Comfortable around humans and common near Astera.
    • Carrier Ant | Ants that are known to carry about all sorts of items, including, rarely, large monster materials.
    • Climbing Joyperch | An amphibian that has retained many of its ancient characteristics. Their songs can be heard during rainfall.
    • Cobalt Flutterfly | A beautiful, vibrant butterfly with cobalt-blue wings.
    • Dung Beetle | A beetle known to roll balls of monster dung. This process hardens the dung into fine Slinger ammo.
    • Emperor Hopper | A grasshopper as big as its moniker would suggest. Its swift, frenetic jumps make it hard to capture.
    • Forest Gekko | An arboreal lizard often found near brightmoss, predating on the insects that are drawn to the light.
    • Wildspire Gekko | A lizard found near ant hills. Exceptionally large and hills can draw surprisingly large numbers.
    • Omenfly | Insects that emit light from their tails. They usually glow white, but will glow red when in danger.
    • Poogie
    • Revolture | A carrion-eating bird that scavenges meat from carcasses. It is often spotted flying above large monsters.
    • Scalebat | A flying wyvern that evolved to adapt to life in caves, taking on a much smaller, bat-like appearance.
    • Shepherd Hare | An animal often seen scurrying down narrow side paths. Follow one and you might discover a new shortcut.
    • Pilot Hare | A rare animal that appears on sunny days. They've been said to guide travelers who have lost their way.
    • Vaporonid | An Ancient Forest spider that spins webs larger in size than humans.
    • Wiggler
    • Woodland Pteryx | A bird common to forested areas. Its bones and feathers resemble those of a prehistoric creature.

    Unnamed Capture Creatures


    • Baitbug | An insect used as fishing bait. A fish favorite, it practically races down the nearest gilly gullet.
    • Bitterbug | A sharp-tasting bug with insane healing abilities. Used as an ingredient in many medicines.
    • Flashbug | Flashbugs can be collected and used as slinger ammo. They emit a blinding flash of light upon contact.
    • Godbug | An insect said to live a millennium. Combine it with other items to add their properties to the powder.
    • Hercudrome | A large beetle with impressive horns. Hercudromes only inhabit seven specific spots in the Ancient Forest.
    • Thunderbug | An insect that emits electricity when struck. Has many application.


    • Bomb Arowana | Fish that smell of gunpowder. Use their scales and fire herbs to craft large amounts of quality gunpowder.
    • Gastronome Tuna | A fish that eats anything — allowing you to sometimes get items from its stomach.
    • Goldenfry | A small, rare fish that glitters like gold and whose beautiful scales sell for just as much.
    • Hopguppy | A fish that bounces across the surface of the water, spreading its pectoral fins to glide farther.
    • Pink Parexus | A fish whose physiology remains almost unchanged from its ancient ancestors. Its spiny fins help ward off predators.
    • Great Pink Parexus | A jumbo-sized Pink Parexus. It must have lived for countless years to reach this size.
    • Sushifish | A fatty fish fish popular among hunters. Its scales are rich in nutrients and can restore health.
    • Whetfish | A fish with a dorsal fin hard enough to be used to sharpen weapons.


    Mantles (2 Slots)

    Palico Tools

    Event Quest Schedule

  • so much fucking yes

  • I've been wanting to jump into this franchise for awhile. I'm excited that I'll finally have the chance!

    This game looks like it could be really great

  • I've moved the weapon list with the shorter video links and parts of the original OP that weren't plainly proven incorrect down into this post:


    So Monster Hunter: World was announced for crossplatform systems in early 2018 and it looks pretty incredible. The return of water effects, progression of the mounting system, some crazy new grappling hook to traverse the world. This open world looks dense, not at all flat, open, or anything resembling Breath of the Wild. The new monsters look as unique and weird as Monster Hunter Tri's did when I was first playing through it on Wii. There's even a great tree like the one back in the Sandy Plains that we never got to explore or fight inside / on top of.

    Kinda redundant details from the website.

    Monster Hunter: World is not open world, thank goodness:


    • Here is my image gallery which compiles all of the above images.
    • The actual reveal from Sony's press conference was cut slightly differently from the announcement trailer put up on YouTube.
    • This tapestry art was embedded on the official website and resembles the tribal drawings created for Dos and 4.
    • Monster Hunter: World will launch on consoles worldwide on January 26th and PC later on.
    • Cross-region drop-in, drop-out 4-player online co-op (up to 16 while gathering in town).
    • SOS flares invite players dynamically.
    • Day/night cycle, rainy weather in the Ancient Forest field, and no loading screens.
    • Ecosystems with monsters of varying sizes fighting and interacting.
    • Set in the "new world," a totally undiscovered continent of the Monster Hunter world.
    • Free roam in every region as you unlock them.
    • No underwater combat, but hunters can wade through standing water and dive through submerged passageways.
    • In-game weapon upgrade trees with the option to revert a weapon to a lower upgrade tier.
    • Charms are upgradable.
    • All 14 weapons are returning. There will not be any new ones, but every hunter has a Slinger on their arm that can pick up and shoot items found in the environment, grapple certain points, and every weapon has a bunch of animation changes and additions.
    • Worldwide launch
    • Cross-region drop-in, drop-out online play.
    • Co-op with 4-player teams of course.
    • Day/night cycle and no loading screens.
    • Monster ecosystems and AI vs AI fights / interactions.
    • The weird Deviljho / T-rex-looking guy is an Anjanath.
    • The Aptonoth-swallowing toad is Great Jagras, and by extention the little raptor things are Jargas.
    • It's set in the "new world," a totally undiscovered region of the Monster Hunter world.
    • No mention of underwater, might just be environment traversal.
    • They call the gear sets loadouts, lmao.
    • Rathalos is the flagship (cover monster) for the first time since the first game / generation.
    • This is definitely positioned as an entry point to the series for western players, so get ready to become good!

  • I don't know I honestly haven't been to interest in MH in the past but it may be the time to give it a shot, it certainly looks good and I can see the appeal, I think I'll have to see more of it, but at least it got my attention.

  • I wonder how they'll deal with Monster HP with drop in/drop out multiplayer, looks okay for now, need to see more, probably in for the PC version when it becomes available, hopefully soon after consoles.

    I guess the bit about global releases kills the chance for a day and date localization of XX like rumored by the unusual release date in Japan.

  • By the way the posted trailer and the trailer shown during Sony's conference are two different cuts with a lot of different shots. I'll put them both in the OP.

    @LinkJr Monsters usually scale, but a lack of health bars has always been one of Monster Hunter's strengths if that's what you mean.

  • @Haru17 I was wondering more in the sense of playing town quests in single player versus playing the hub quests in multiplayer, at least I believe they have more HP in hub quests (or more defense, something like that), even if playing alone. I never really delved deep into MH multiplayer (yeah, I know it is weird :p ), and I wonder if this will be more scalable and not really too punishing to players who don't really play multi that much.

  • @LinkJr I'm sure they'll make the necessary adjustments to account for their new, more free-form design.

  • alt text

    Oh baby, Capcom is a leaky sieve! A UK community manager is confirming all sorts of things on Twitter.

    Namely that ALL 14 weapons, potions, stamina, sharpness, and the roasting music will be returning. It's literally a whole Monster Hunter game transposed into an open world environment. You can even see Rathalos soaring overhead in real time while the new toad monster gulps down that Aptonoth.

  • alt text

    Here's some more art with a shot of the lance.


    So there's an extended cut of trailer that gives a much better picture of the game. Just environmental noise, no music. It definitely looks a little early, but I think that's just Capcom being honest more than anything. They still have to play with some of the animations and sound effects.

    The underwater clip they showed is only an area transition, hopefully there are true underwater areas besides. But that flood of water is this sick area transition of it spilling over and — you just need to see it.

    At 1:17 you can see some sort of town way off in the distance. Perhaps that's the Guild's foothold in this new land? There are sharper, craggy mountains inland from the forest region shown — perhaps that's a mountain area? I think the forest with the giant Avatar Home Tree is like one 'area' in a traditional Monster Hunter game, and they'll expand out from their with a few more larger biomes based around a certain theme; plains, volcano, tundra, ocean, etc.

    Edit: Dammit, the extended trailer got taken down! Anyway, you can see the town a little bit in the normal trailer.

    Edit 2: I found the extended cut trailer again! Please watch that water clip, it's so, so good...

  • looks like i'm going to need to make some friends

  • @orgnoxv You can search the forums for the link to the EZA discord, or just use Worlds' SOS beacons to call in random hunters from around the globe!

  • It seems like they made it open world but kinda not? There are still different areas and you can move from one to another using transitions like sliding /ropes/using the monsters.

    It also seems that alot of people are mad, but as a fan since the first game. I think this is a step in the right direction even if MH5 will be a different game.

  • @The-Last-Villain That's the best thing about it — it's open world but not empty and flat. I imagine the world will feel more like that if there's a plains area, but this is a forest: It should feel dense and vertical exactly like this. This screenshot is from the more open beachfront area, but I really like the scale it provides. There are dense forest zones all up that great tree, and many up in its canopy.

    alt text

  • @Haru17 yea the area didn't feel empty and monsters were all over the place too. I like that they finally made the stealth useful and how the monsters can chase you between areas and not always have to fly to reach it. + i may be alone in this but the graphics dont look as realistic as people say which is a good thing imo.

    My only fears are not related to the difficulty because generations is already too easy as it is. but what i worried about is the possibility of making the tracking too easy. That and shooting/killing monsters from other areas (although that would actually be hilarious)

  • alt text

  • I just saw the allies reaction during the conference and you can clearly see Kyle has no idea how Monster Hunter works xD

    also, the more I see the more excited I get, the rumor still makes me nervous with the "westernization" talk, but I do see a lot of things that can be streamlined without making the game feel "dumbed down"