Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

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    If you've played Monster Hunter Tri, you will recognize Royal Ludroth's distinctive roll in the Great Jargas footage. For some reason the Gematsu interview (which I also read) was only directly translated, ignoring the English name for the our new rolling reptile. Only gif I can find:

    Yeah I've played most of the MH games, including unofficially translated ones like Portable 3rd. Sharing a roll move honestly doesn't mean much. I mean several monsters have the hip check move for example, not just the Plesioth. There are a lot of monsters they've made now so some move overlap is natural at this point.

  • @suplextrain I was just excited to see that attack return, lol. Don't be so literal.

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    What if World is literally just replicating the feeling of the (often excellent) Monster Hunter cinematics? Where monsters kill monsters and aggressively pursue hunters to the brink of death, and hunters have to clamber over obstacles and use the interactive, destructible environment to outsmart them?

    Also, just watch this cinematic if you haven't seen it. It's like a 3-minute short film and beautiful at that.

  • Youtube Video

    The closed doors demo leaked! As you might expect the footage is pretty bad, but it gets a little better around 3 minutes in. This game looks downright incredibly, from the day-night cycle that transitions in under 20 to the new crazy animations for the great sword, bow, and long sword.

    I imagine it'll get criticized by purists, but I like the scout flies mechanic and the voice acting on the guild marm (?), the later of which will certainly help new players learn arcane concepts like sharpness, etc.

    They made all of the different weapons' charge attacks look similar, even the long sword's spirit combo. I like the new, cleaner look, and the little bit of light generated by each weapon strike looks incredible. Even the damage numbers aren't obtrusive at all. So, so excited for this game!

  • I was moderately excited when the trailer was shown at Sony's conference, just moderate because I knew it was a bit away, but Ben and Huber's impressions from the demo has me really excited. I'm excited to try the combat on console, especially with their additions like that grappling hook and stuff. Also, the more I watched the trailer, the more I realized that this game is gonna look gooooood.

    The open world style has me excited, my main concern is really just hoping that it's not too free, I hope there's still enough of a discernible point of why I'm doing what I'm doing (if that makes sense).

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    @Jamicov There faux-open world definitely isn't too listless. The Ancient Forest is one dense, metroidvanian map, but you can't walk from it into the other areas. (Expect 4 other areas, most Monster Hunter generations start with 5; a forest, a desert, an ice area, a volcano, and another swampy foresty place that varies.) I think you can see the town in the reveal footage though, off in the distance when the hunter is sneaking up behind the Anjanath.

    Time limits — which I don't love personally — and the 3-death hunt game over are still there, as well as the crafting progression, so I think World's progression will be exactly as compelling as any other Monster Hunter game.

  • I want to adjust the brightness of the video. seems hard to watchh

  • According to a translation of an interview with a French site, Capcom judge Monster Hunter World to have the most content of any game in the series.

    What that content is and how they weight it who knows. The only reference we have on that beyond extrapolation from past entries is how they claim the new maps are 2.5 times the size of maps in previous Monster Hunter games, while still maintaining density in those environments.

  • The larger map size will drastically affect the grind for monster parts it seems. blood splatter used to indicate how much damage looks to be gone too. And could you always change direction mid charge of the GS?

  • @Almond-Roy Who knows how the drop rates have been changed. And they have definitely added a tilt to the Great Sword while charging. In past games you could only slightly tilt the unleashed charge while it was flying toward a monster.

  • @Haru17 I'm glad to see how excited you are about the game by the way since you look like a long time player. But it's false advertisement to label it a open world game if they still have a time limit, 3 cart limit and not connect the 4 main areas. Any word on if the hunts are still mission based?

  • @Almond-Roy It's not being called an open world game, and the directors have denied that in interviews. I had that impression initially because the announcement and subtitle lined up too well with the rumors of an 'open world' Monster Hunter 5 coming to PS4 and not Switch, but the rumor gets a few things wrong and doesn't seem to be what this is.

    In truth the World concept is a few different things;

    • The series forgoing numbered installments as to not intimidate new players.
    • The unifying of the regional servers on each platform into a global whole and the first global release date in the series giving everyone the ability to play together.
    • The focus on the 2.5 times larger maps, environmental interaction, and AI that allows them to create fantasy ecosystems.

  • @Haru17 whew, I was mislead then, good to hear.

  • Apparently demon mode now makes dual blades users grip one of the blades backhanded: anime style.

  • Youtube Video

    The first public gameplay (not counting the leak) will be streamed tonight at 3:30 am PST. The vod will be up tomorrow on Capcom's Japanese YouTube.

  • 15 minute warning for the gameplay demo. Gonna go and watch it now~

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    It's secret hidden image from the website time! You can see a darker version of this as the banner behind the social media icons at the bottom of the page.

    I'll link the Reddit thread that first discovered it and has a lot more blow-by-blow analysis, but I'm just psyched for some cool MH story where the cycles of the moon play a part. Moreover, it seems to indicate a volcano, ruins, and desert area along with a crazy sea wyvern fight.

  • Youtube Video

    New gameplay is out! Here's what I noticed:

    • Lip sync obviously isn't in the game yet, don't pitch a fit.
    • New smaller monster which Kogath called a 'Kestodon.
    • New bird monsters in the demo title screen and in the tidal flats, not sure if they're intractable or not.
    • Larger monsters don't attack each other all of the time, sometimes they will flee
    • Anjanath has really interesting, highly specific kick and tail whip animations.
    • Larger monsters can break different paths open.
    • The stunned status is now similar to monsters, with players able to stumble around while afflicted.
    • Great sword charged swings are the finisher or down attack at the end of a mount.
    • Cutting damage from mount finishers can sever tails, presumably break other parts.
    • This player isn't great.
    • Wyvern fire rounds tho.
    • Large monster attacks cause ripples across the jungle gym vines terrain first seen in Monster Hunter 4. From what I can tell they don't seem to directly affect the hunter.