Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • @bard91 It wasn't as much of a pro in 4 and Generations, but Monster Hunter 3 and World are just beautiful, natural worlds that I enjoy exploring. Only rarely do you get an AAA where the entire play space is just pure wilderness, and it's fun to see the kinds of fantasy ecology they've dreamt up. Gathering gives you an excuse to do that, and both 3 and World have some degree of free roam outside of quests that allows players to just screw around in the maps and take on hunts if they want.

    All of the mainline games have some attempt at a story, although the quest structure is always just kill or fight a monster until it's near death, then capture it. Unless World changes that up, it will have some nice cutscenes to introduce each monster and a lot of dialogue when accepting quests in town, but the plot will mostly be about hunting unknown monsters that threaten the village.

  • @bard91 To answer your question, I would agree with @Haru17. The writing isn't great, and the story is a pretty basic setup. The joy of the game really is roaming a natural and wild setting apart from civilization, tracking down and battling these amazing creatures. From the trailers alone you can feel the passion the developers pour into crafting each of these monsters. They feel like much more than a boss fight to me... I am pitting my prowess against powerful and terrifying creatures.

    For anyone else who's curious about the series, I would say that the setting and monster design would be for naught if it wasn't for the combat. Each weapon has incredible movesets that feel perfect upon mastery. It doesn't feel "button-mashy", but rather every swing is intentional and calculated. Learning how a creature behaves and proceeding to dance around it while chipping away feels great, especially when you land those giant, crushing blows. You earn the big hits, and the victories feel amazing. And once you've learned one weapon, there are so many more with unique movesets that change your entire approach to combat.

    This is all complimented by the addictive loop of hunting and crafting. Materials are gathered and dropped at a rate that makes them meaningful and exciting to obtain. The armor/weapon designs are innumerable, and they really capture the spirit of each monster used to make them. Top it all off with the ability to play with friends and it's a recipe that hooked me near immediately. I totally understand if it's not the game for everyone, but it's definitely one that rewards you greatly for your time investment.

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    Youtube Video – [40:20..]

    Gamescom is bringing a bunch of new info and I'm keeping the top post updated with new monsters and trailers, so check it out! We learned that Diablos will burst up out of the sand in the desert area and create a 3D pitfall that hunters and other monsters can get swallowed up in, casting them down into the caves below. It seems to only work at set points, but it's pretty awesome environmental interaction for a monster to have nonetheless. Between that and breaking the dam at the nest atop the great tree in the Ancient Forest, there are lot of drops in this game...

    There is also a glider mantle that allows hunters to glide for a little longer off of a ledge, grab onto vines and grapple points, and ride wind currents. Now we haven't seen any wind currents in the first two areas, so wind currents confirmed, lol. Here is Arekkz' video on the subject, I'm jazzed.

    The little flying wyverns you can hitch a ride on are called Wingdrakes and come in slightly different varieties for the different areas they're in; Mernos for the Ancient Forest, Noios for the Wildspire Waste. The fish monsters in the later zone are called Gajau a and the big fish monster is named Jyuratodus (even translated).

    Edit: There's a bunch of stuff at the end of this IGN video; the eating animation (approaches FFXV levels), a crazy projectile bug net, and the updated barbecue music. What's more, charms are upgradable now. And it appears you can befriend small monsters and have them as 'tailriders' now. It seems that your palicoes can ride them into battle.

  • Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    These gameplay videos show the Jyuratodus and remade Rathalos fights respectively. I've also updated the OP with links to Arekkz' move set overviews for each of the weapons. They're pretty well made and explain the new animations and changes, so I suggest giving them a watch if you're interested.

  • Youtube Video

    Wow, just wow. People got mad at underwater so they made a reef area using air currents called the Coral Highlands. I'm beyond excited for the beautify underwater scenery! We were also trolled on another count — those 'snowy' armor sets were from the monsters in this zone, not any sort of icy map.

    We must have seen six or more new monsters: several new flying wyverns including the flagship. On that note I really don't see the western box art changing, but I'm curious to know more about this weird curvy Diablos-like creature, named the Nergigante by the English trailer (the snake wyvern is called Pukei-Pukei, they really don't want to change these names in translation!).

  • I've never had any interest in the Monster hunter series, but that trailer, damn! You got my attention.

  • @Axel Take the plunge! I absolutely fell in love with the 3DS entries, and this one looks to take it so much further. I'll hunt with you whenever!

    Youtube Video

  • ok yeah that trailer was pretty cool, and I would like for this game to stop making such a compelling case for me to jump in.

    At the end of the day I'm not completely sure this is my type of game so that's why I'm so hesitant about it, since even if it does look cool it sounds like it requires a certain level of commitment to really enjoy it, which I'm not sure if I'm willing to put in.

  • @bard91 I don't really think Monster Hunter has to be too complicated. Do you like melee combat, nature, and JRPGs? Well that's MH.

  • So Pukei-Pukei and the floating fluff bat seem to share the same skeleton. Not only that but, if you look at the three circular shapes at the bottom of each of their wings, they may even be related species. Just from what we've seen so far it's impressive that monsters with the same / similar collision and hitboxes behave so differently — floating from their neck and flipping versus vigorously licking hunters.

    Speaking of similar monsters, I think I've found another:

    alt text

    alt text

  • Rathian is of course in game, the first gameplay of her and Kulu-Ya-Ku starts about three and a half minutes into this video. The English name for the giant volcano elder dragon is Zorah Magdoros.

    Youtube Video

    That's the Nergigante hunt. I have to say it looks a lot better in gameplay than in the trailer. There's a reason for all the spikes and it's super nifty. According to Gaijinhunter's translation, Nerg is a monster that breaks its own horns and spines, but regrows them at an unnatural rate. Watch its arms and legs in the video; the spines grow out as the fight goes on, and then that body part deals more damage. It's a super cool monster design that that was just not possible on past consoles since its spikes are so tiny and detailed.

    Lot's more stuff so I'm just gonna link dump, and the automatic Twitter embed makes it ugly. Here's the Reddit thread to watch for more info if I haven't posted it here already.

    The giant Nergigante statue:

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    Yes, yes MORE links. I'm going to make this thread even harder to load! Anyway, apparently Diablos can take advantage of this new sandfall area (Here is the higher quality video-gif.). Also, every map in World is going to have a landmark like the Ancient Forest's giant tree. The Wildspire Waste's is this giant anthill and the ants apparently glow at night.

    The snake wyvern from the trailer's English name is Tobi-Kadachi.

    Great Jagras is the second fanged wyvern ever after Zinogre. I guess they go by the jaw.

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    As their last TGS showing the MH devs showed off the Coral Highlands and a bit of combat with the creatures there. There is also a training area for weapon testing which they showed earlier on.

    And an Insect Glaive gif from EGX.

  • Has there been any word on microtransactions for this game?

    that is honestly one of the main concerns I have for it, considering how Capcom has a recent history that is far from encouraging, I'm wondering if there's been any actual info on how that is supposedly going to work or if these have already been included in any of the previous games and in what form.

  • @bard91 I can't speak to World, but 3U, 4U, and Generations had no paid content beyond the base game. All DLC, added quests, gear, etc, were free to download.

  • Youtube Video

    Oooh, new Monster Hunter trailer. The new area is called the Rotten Vale, and the corpse that blood-red panther creature is dragging is actually a dead Legiana, seen flying around in the rest of the trailer.

  • Also beta for PS Plus users from December 9th to 12th, checking it out for sure.

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    This is Radobaan (the Brown?), the rolling monster from the trailer. It's very clearly related to Uragaan from Monster Hunter 3 and has some similar animations.

    The other two new monsters shown are this snake and meat boi, pictured dragging the rotted corpse of a Legiana off in real time.

    Only a little over a month until the beta. Apparently it has objectives for three specific monsters, but you can just hunt and attack any of the monsters that are normally on the forest or waste maps, which is like twice as many.

  • Snake guy is cool, waiting for the PC version will be tough.

    The ship in the trailer is probably the multiplayer hub right? I don't think they had showed it before, but I have to say I'm not very closely following the announcements

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    @LinkJr Exactly, we've seen the ship hanging above Astera before, but we didn't know until now that it was the gathering hall. Apparently it can hold up to 16 different players at once and they can emote, change equipment, and arm wrestle before flying off on 4-person quests.

    Astera is actually situated between the forest map to the west and the desert map to the east, so you can look over the railings and see a ton of the landscape from high above the city.