Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • @a7x458 Y'know, I beat him on my first try for my own storyline, grouped up with a bunch of random people, and we didn't even come close to failing. Yet, I've been trying to help my friend pass it for his story quest and.. we just can't. Maybe it's bad luck, bad groups, the stars haven't aligned, but whatever the case is, I know he's been getting super frustrated with it.

    I'm personally a little tired of the double Bezelguese fight, but looking around online, it looks like I'm not the only one. Just gotta keep trying I guess. And I'll be working on getting some blast resistant armor.

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    @a7x458 I had some issues with him, I did however down him on my first run (with sime EZA people) I think the biggest issue is to get a decent enough armor and upgrade it so you can take the hits! Nergigante hits like a truck and got 2 major attacks whichs are hard no matter the gear.

  • Funny how the difficulty varies according to your weapon of choice. Stuff like Diablos, Nergigante, and Bezelgeuse are super easy for me as heavy bowgun, but I have a hell of a time with Rathian and Rathalos, and their variants. I also had a much harder time with Teostra than I did with any of the other elder dragons.

  • I really really really really really really really really wish Monster Hunter would do some crossover stuff with Godzilla characters. Taking down Ghidorah with a big ol' hammer? It just sounds like an absolute perfect combination.

  • Just started getting tempered investigations at HR44 . I tended not to go out on expeditions in recent times I guess I missed out activating them earlier.
    Is it random or something though? I was collecting tempered Rathian and Barroth tracks at Wildspire and the first investigation I got was for Radobaan then Anjanath (useful for the latest limited bounties at least)

  • Well, making it into the session, and having Ben, Ian, and Huber accompany me on a tempered Barroth hunt was a bit surreal. It's also kinda weird being able to see the stream lag and what's actually happening in real time.

  • Anyone checked out the arena quests from the arena lass in the gathering hub? There are two sets of armor you can only get from doing those quests, for anyone interested in fashion hunting, lol.

  • @minamik i tried the Rathian/Rathalos one but got destroyed, and if i remember correctly i finished the one with kill flying small monsters with Tizitzi ya ku roaming around, i don't care about the armors but if i want to get the platinum i have to do 50.

  • @minamik said in Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC):

    Anyone checked out the arena quests from the arena lass in the gathering hub? There are two sets of armor you can only get from doing those quests, for anyone interested in fashion hunting, lol.

    There are 3(4). Low rank Guild armor version, High rank Guild armor a/b versions and a seperate piece of Guild armor. While I think they look kinda neat, the skills they give is pretty bad. Same deal with the armor you can craft from the quest you get after Completing every optional quest up to and including 8 Stars. It's a pity, but nothing has replaced my Xeno'jiva armor with earplugs, we'll see if Deviljho's armor will.
    Some of the guildweapons you can craft from the arena coins seem pretty good though, like the Longsword is possibly the best LS in terms of raw damage, especially if you plop a non-elemental boost decoration in there.

  • I just read that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite would become a Play Anywhere title, I thought it couldn' happen once the game is already out because of licensing issue and what not. What are the chanses that Monster Hunter World also becomes a Play Anywhere title?

  • Curious how much time you guys have poured into this game before you "beat" it or simply put it down? I put it down for a month to finish Persona 5 because it's gone on too long, but I wanna jump back in. Wondering how many hours of fun you've been having since buying the game.

  • @dipset Put in a solid 100 hours, saw credits, attempted the next "story" mission a few times, and currently taking a bit of a break. Still love the game to death but I probably won't hop back in until new content drops or if a friend really needs some assistance.

  • @dipset Way too much time, lol. But, yeah, now I just put in a couple hours one day a week,

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    I was completely ready for P5 to finish up so I can play new games but here I am completed P5 and wondering how to even move on. That game became routine for better or worse. I'm kinda worried about pouring that much time into another game. I think I may do the story in MH, play with friends a few times, then check out. Don't think I have another 100h to put towards a game ever again in my life.

  • @dipset Yeah, you don't need to put that much time into the game. I play it maybe an hour every day or so, it's a great game to do that with. Get in, kill a monster or two, and then stop.

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    Im really enjoying the Aloy armor. It might not be the best, but Im having fun RPing and hunting down big monsters with my watcher Palico. Just hope they will add DLCs soon as I can feel the game kinda declining

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    @lotias I've been wearing my Ryu set almosy exclusively, even despite the massive stat loss compared to other things I could be wearing.
    Just can't beat the feeling of Hadoukening an Anjanath.

    Also I'm pretty sure they leaked some info about new G Rank hunts.

  • The crossover content is kind of a downer when you can't just apply it as a skin. Don't really want to wear Aloy's set when it gives me all these stats and abilities that are irrelevant to how I want to play.

  • I reached the point where I just need to grind rare drops to upgrade multiple types of the same weapons.

  • Definitely feels like there's been a huge dip in people. When I got in the EZA squad, I thought there'd be quite a few people online, but it's only ever me or maybe 1 other person. Maybe if these decorations weren't such a huge pain in the butt to get the ones you want, more people would still be up for a bit of a grind.