Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • Has there been any word on microtransactions for this game?

    that is honestly one of the main concerns I have for it, considering how Capcom has a recent history that is far from encouraging, I'm wondering if there's been any actual info on how that is supposedly going to work or if these have already been included in any of the previous games and in what form.

  • @bard91 I can't speak to World, but 3U, 4U, and Generations had no paid content beyond the base game. All DLC, added quests, gear, etc, were free to download.

  • Youtube Video

    Oooh, new Monster Hunter trailer. The new area is called the Rotten Vale, and the corpse that blood-red panther creature is dragging is actually a dead Legiana, seen flying around in the rest of the trailer.

  • Also beta for PS Plus users from December 9th to 12th, checking it out for sure.

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    This is Radobaan (the Brown?), the rolling monster from the trailer. It's very clearly related to Uragaan from Monster Hunter 3 and has some similar animations.

    The other two new monsters shown are this snake and meat boi, pictured dragging the rotted corpse of a Legiana off in real time.

    Only a little over a month until the beta. Apparently it has objectives for three specific monsters, but you can just hunt and attack any of the monsters that are normally on the forest or waste maps, which is like twice as many.

  • Snake guy is cool, waiting for the PC version will be tough.

    The ship in the trailer is probably the multiplayer hub right? I don't think they had showed it before, but I have to say I'm not very closely following the announcements

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    @LinkJr Exactly, we've seen the ship hanging above Astera before, but we didn't know until now that it was the gathering hall. Apparently it can hold up to 16 different players at once and they can emote, change equipment, and arm wrestle before flying off on 4-person quests.

    Astera is actually situated between the forest map to the west and the desert map to the east, so you can look over the railings and see a ton of the landscape from high above the city.

  • Capcom streamed gameplay of the Rotten Vale — it's recorded 27 minutes into this VOD:

    Radobaan is very much an Uragaan what with the rolling and stomping its chin. It's got some great new animation where it fluidly curls out and back into its rolling wheel form though.

    The boneyard area is super cool because you drop these giant tooth like bone pillars down on the monster. It's interesting because, unlike the hanging boulder in the trailer, there are a few different ones to trigger and they stick into the ground and become destructible objects you can hide behind. I wonder if you can climb them and launch aerial attacks like the hanging boulder...

  • I asked about this a while back, so it's good to hear about this from the developers

    things are really looking good, and while I'm still not sure if I'll jump in I'm keeping an eye out for it, and the beta should help me figure it out

  • Yeah, still no one should have expected loot boxes in the first place. None of Capcom's singleplayer games have microtransactions and Monster Hunter, after all the other players have moved on and the servers are eventually turned off, is still a singleplayer game at its core. Hell Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is practically named after games as a service and it doesn't have microtransactions in it.

    Anyway, Game Informer uploaded a crazy three-way monster fight in the Wildspire Waste. They have no idea what they're seeing and start speculating that it's staged apropos of nothing, but it's really cool to watch nonetheless.

    Youtube Video – [05:57..]

  • I'm glad this is getting a beta, I wanted to try it before I buy it. I would think you would get story dlc or something instead of microtransactions

  • Monster Hunter is technically an annualized franchise in Japan, World being the game with the longest dev cycle by a bit. Usually Capcom release an upgrade version with more monsters and another region a year after a game's release (technically annualized). Given the switch to multiplatform consoles that content might find its way into a more traditional $20-30 expansion back.

    But more pressingly, someone recorded Monster Hunter: World's main theme at a Japanese concert.

    So. Tasty.

  • @Haru17 Even if they don't use microtransactions Capcom's recent history still makes me wonder if they game might be affected by some other similar practices, on the other hand RE7 as far as I understand is a would actually be a good example of them not forcing that all the time.

  • I would ask you what history that is but I really don't want everyone's long list of grievances with Capcom from eleventy years ago or whatever so I'll just say that there's no empirical basis for skepticism.

  • I honestly have zero personal experience from my part, but recent history with Capcom from what I've seen in recent years has been far from encouraging in terms of their practices, so I wouldn't be able to provide a list even if you asked for it but it makes me wary nonetheless

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    In case you were wondering what 'bird wyvern' means...

  • Sure, other games have monsters, but I fucking dare you to show me another franchise with more ways to write 'three.'

    Tri, Portable 3rd, and 3 Ultimate.

    Also we're now Beyblade, apparently.

    alt text

  • Banned

    I am not even slightly worried about Capcom adopting any sort of egregious microtransaction model for Monster Hunter, or any of their games really.
    A lot of the hatred of Capcom is more over poor decisions over the direction of games regarding stylistic choices and marketing to specific audiences.
    Street Fighter V actually has a pretty great model for DLC. If you've played even semi regularly since launch should have easily been able to afford the vast majority of DLC characters, stages, and costumes. The ire of SFV is more focused at the decision to pander towards the eSports crowd and Fighting Game Community, over the casual player who enjoys more singleplayer content in their fightans.
    There is the whole Dante's hair debacle in DmC: Devil May Cry. Despite being better than half the other games in the series from a mechanical, character, and story perspective, people were too invested in the whole Uncle Dante meme to accept the new game.
    Then there is stuff like MvCI where, unless you followed the game closely and knew that the game was made in under a year and with (not even exaggerating) less than the budget of a Street Fighter V Season Pass, and under the strict rule of Disney who, until the VERY recent acquisition of most of Fox were hellbent on killing off any and all things X-Men/Fantastic Four, you would just think that Capcom were lazy and wanted to cash in on the brand.
    Don't even get me started on RE7. RE fans have no fucking clue what they want. They shit all over RE6 for being too actiony, yet the game is the best selling in the entire series, yet when RE7 is the truest to form RE since even before RE4, they bitch and moan about the game being in first person. Like seriously just fuck off into the sun.

    But yeah. I am totally confident that MHW will be a solid and fulfilling experience. Maybe some costume shit, or a few expansions, but I would bet money there won't be anything even remotely resembling EA or Activision style lootbox bullshit.

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    BETA TIME! Or perhaps, more appropriately, beta times. The test is up for three solid days from 9 am PST on the 9th to the same time on the 12th for anyone who has a PS+ subscription (or trial!). Preloading starts on the 8th, but the beta is only 5 gb so don't worry too much.

    The beta includes all weapons, the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste, Great Jagras, Anjanath, Rathalos, Barroth, Jyuratodus, and Diablos. Beating the beta's three explicit quests will net you a special face paint pattern that'll probably be available later somehow to Xbox players who can't test.

  • It's already available on PS Store!!
    Any allies that want to want play together can add my ps id : LauJzo