Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 Discussion

  • Nintendo... won O_O

  • Metroid Prime 4 exists! Xenoblade 2 is coming this year! I can possess a T-Rex in Mario! I am pleased.

  • 2 Metroid games!!!

  • @Axel said in Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 Discussion:

    • Metroid: Samus is back with not just one, but two Metroid games! A gorgeous 2.5D one for Switch and 3DS, coming out this year, and a teaser for a full-on Retro-made Metroid Prime for Switch next year. You heard it here first!

    WHAT! THE! F***!!

    I have superpowers.

  • Before the narrative starts however, I'm still happy the games they announced are real. I'm not intentionally trying to be a dick just because it's nintendo. Just exclaiming my displeasure with what they did.

    This pattern of support each system launch is getting old. That's all I'm saying here. I can't get that excited for knowing games they're making exist.

    I mean look at how long it took to get FE x SMT, Xenoblade X, etc. They were announced early and didn't come out until the system was already done.

    It's more apprehensive fear than it is anger and disappointment, I want switch to finally be good and not suddenly die off once the games everyone wants finally come out. It needs to be strong in the first year for a change.

    No, I don't call their heavy multiplayer game focus and ports a "Strong" first year, ports are their usual practice.

    Now, as I type this out Metroid gets another announcement but for 3DS, THIS is what switch needed. I'm REALLY happy this exists, but I've already gotten plenty of life out of my 3DS, I'd rather it exist on 3DS than not at all BUT switch should've had this.

    It also would've been better to have had the 20+ mins they cut out from their presentation to have games like that at the end for 3DS. That Metroid to me is a BIGGER deal than prime 4. Gameplay is a hell of a lot more real than a title.

  • HOLY SHIT BALLS I LOVE YOU NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • so glad Nintendo allowed crossplay with xbox. Now thre are three games. It's trending.

  • Metroid 2 Remake

  • Banned

    Metroid Prime 4, not by Retro?
    Ehhh, skeptical. I don't trust Nintendo themselves with Metroid after the fucking travesty that was Other M.
    If it was Retro, that would have been an instant E3 win for me.

  • @El-Shmiablo As long as it isn't directed by Sakamoto, it should be fine. Most of the weirdo decisions surrounding that game were his.

  • Mario looks amazing.
    More Yoshi games is always goods news.
    Metroid Prime 4 was a surprise though I'm not expecting it to be released any time soon.