iPad Game Recommendations

  • Despite my better judgement I am throwing down some cash to get a new iPad Pro and while I will mainly be using it for work, writing on the go and reading comic books I want to play some games on that giant beautiful screen!

    I've dabbled in the ocean of trash that is the iOS App Store in the past and walked away disappointed but this time I really want to see what games on the iPad can do. So does anybody have any recommendations for actual honest to god good mobile games?

  • I dont game much on mobile , so the only 'exclusive' I can think of is Monument Valley.

    You can always sink into Hearthstone too

  • Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic is really awesome on my iPad. If you're familiar with the series, it's a faithful port of 1 and 2.

  • Let's be honest, iOS has better app support. I have an android but here are some games i came across (some of them are are iOS only) :

    999 (i heard you like comics)
    Papers please
    Banner saga
    Swords and sworcery
    Door kickers (perfect for tablet)
    Hearthstone (most comfortable way to play)
    Barrier x (dumb game but fun for while)
    Dunkers(2 players madness)
    Crypt of the necrodancer
    This war of mine
    Steins gate(but this one needs jailbreak to eng patch it)

    The 2 i play the most are door kickers and hearthstone.

  • The only games I play on mobile are the Ace Attorney Trilogy, and Haunt The House: Terrortown. I love both of them, so you really can't go wrong.

  • Subterfuge is INcredible!

  • AirAttack 3D – I feel it has great controls and I like to use the tilt mode.
    Osmos – just wonderful working great on my iPad mini just like other iPad models.
    I want to know what you guys think of the worst game you ever play on iPad too, that will be funnier.

  • Doodle Jump.

  • If you haven't played it yet, I actually found my ipad to be a good platform to play through Life is Strange