PC Gaming Show

  • No love?

    I actually really enjoyed Day[9] as host again and thought the pacing was much better than previous years.

  • I thought it was pretty good besides the segment that was basically an Intel commercial, but I understand why that was there. I thought the host was great. I laughed when he asked the crowd if he was pretty cool and when the crowd remains completely silent he says "Jesus, thanks audience". https://youtu.be/jI5m9Vd-Dh0?t=1h21m25s

  • I could care less about PC, though I got to say, they did a good job with the conference! I enjoyed it.

  • I like Day[9] and I thought it was enjoyable to watch. It's great that they do something different to the other conferences.

  • Was excited to hear Xcom 2 was getting DLC, but I think the way they showed it off was horrible. I got more hyped for a single line they said confirming new enemies, player classes, etc. than all their droning on about the personalities and tactical styles of the new bad guys.

  • A friend of mine is building my first pc for me and i was really excited by a few of the games seen. i need ooblets!!!