Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

  • @Sheria yea i think a system like 64 where if u died you started at the first again would work better its not like these worlds are huge

  • How does the

    Sonic Adventure

    song have such a boring title? I mean Jump Up, Super Star! Had two XD.

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    GG Ninty.

  • Sunshine is still better.

  • @Yoshi said in Super Mario Odyssey (Switch):

    Sunshine is still better.

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  • @Yoshi You are objectively, subjectively and universally wrong.

  • I have a question to anyone who finished the game

    How many moons can buy from shops sfter beating the game?

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    Even though I dont have a switch or played Mario properly in a long time I found the review to be super jolly and I feel that im getting closer and closer into buying one

  • HOLY SHIT what an interesting ending!

    I'm so surprised that they decided to add a bit of nuance to the characters, and surprised that they portrayed Mario as such a douchebag.
    I mean, Mario's stories has always been creepy - big-ass mean crocodile bloke is assaulting a young girl and drags her to his castle doing god-knows-what without consent.
    But the entire marriage premise makes Odyssey even more creepy. It's not about love at all, it's about entitlement and oppression. You learn to despise Bowser..
    .. BUT. At the end, when they both tries to force themselves onto Peach, you realize that Mario isn't that much better! That he, too, feels entitled to Peach and treats her inferiorly, and that maybe he too, when 'rescuing her' is also subjugating her to god-knows-what without consent.

    And I was so happy when Peach finally decided to tell them to snuff it and treat her with respect. And it was such a weirdly touching scene when Mario and Bowser was actually comforting one another.

    Here, I actually thought that Bowser would learn his lesson, and that they would forgive him. And that he would follow you in the odyssey! And imagine if, post game, you could be able to possess bowser anytime, in any level! How COOL would that be?! But nope, we end with Mario just kicking him off, and acting like he's the better man.. which he isn't.

    And for the rest of post game, I was always so happy whenever i saw Peach, free of the boys' hassles, on her own, and perfectly content :') )

    There's much more to say.. too much. I'm glad now, this game is so EMOTIONAL. Like, instead of relying on well-written plot, or acting, or tear-jerking orchestras, it manages to convey so much emotion just by being pure, pure fun. So when the game finally grants you a moment of melancholia and peace, you tear up just because you've grown so attached to this game because of how much fun you've had with it, and not through plot or dialogue.

    This entire thing is expert-tier game design. Bravo, Nintendo <333

  • @ACardAttack said:

    Hell Sonic Mania was so much more enjoyable for me because of my love for the 2d sonic games. It alone is a good/great game, but nostalgia is a powerful thing and made me enjoy it in ways those who never grew up with the 2d sonic games won't.

    I enjoyed the hell out of Sonic Mania and barely touched Sonic games as a kid. Only one of my friends had them, and I only got to play them a little bit. First Sonic game I played extensive was Adventure 2, which was a completely different experience. Honestly nostalgia isn't that difficult to recognize. The parts of Odyssey that are playing on your nostalgia are pretty blatantly obvious. Take that and put it to the side and it's still a game that deserves the scores it's getting, just like Sonic Mania was a game that deserved the stores it got. Hell, history will tell you most critics hate Sonic if anything.

    Definitely not gonna celebrate the person who gives something the lowest score acceptable, because that just encourages smaller outlets and Youtubers to purposely bomb scores for exposure. If 85 people are saying one thing and 4 are saying much lower scores, I'm going to assume the 4 are weirdos that don't represent the general gaming populace or are pushing their own agenda in some form. Some might agree with these 4, but they're also probably the kinda people with zero interest in Mario to begin with who want to hate it because it's popular and never give it a chance to begin with.

    @Hazz3r Spin Jumping is maybe the only thing I haven't used now, and only because it's actually not as efficient as chaining together other types of actions. My go to is sideways somersault, cap throw, dive onto cap to bounce up, and another cap throw. Way more useful than just a spin jump. Having done a bunch of post-game Moons now, I can safely say there's plenty of challenging platforming in the game. Even when I was doing the main story I ran into some decently challenging platforming. There's easy Moons and there's more challenging Moons. You can just go after all the easy Moons and get to credits and feel the game is too easy, but it's made that way to be accessible to everyone, and if you're capable of more it's on you to not only go after the easy Moons. There's also extremely challenging platforming opportunities in almost every world to go through the game faster. This game is both a speedrunner's dream and their nightmare.

    @Stormcrownn Think I still prefer compact for Mario, because easier to bounce off more for platforming, but Cappy helped extend travel distance for Odyssey for making fun platforming even in areas with larger gaps between them. Luncheon Kingdom has lots of fun platforming in my opinion. Sand and Seaside Kingdom weren't as fun for platforming, but they were fun to explore, because the movement options available in Odyssey allowed for speedy travel throughout them.

    @Lotias Very fun. Deserves the scores it is getting. Love Cappy, movement, the costumes, the creative platforming challenges, every challenge area having a second hidden Moon, the story, the water levels, and the music/visuals. Don't like second Moons on Jumprope/Volleyball, birds, not being able to capture tiny creatures, multiple Moons between worlds for the same concept, waggle to do everything better, etc. Mario 64 has more fluid momentum based movement, but Odyssey allows more creative, intricate movement through action variety.

    @Alexandra_Nilsson_T There's less callback bosses than not. The three hit death thing is for accessibility I guess. Having playing A Hat in Time recently, I actually prefer Mario's bosses because they feel more fair honestly and the fight doesn't turn into an endurance game.


    Postgame you can fight harder versions of the bosses and even some back to back. Alleviates how easy some are.

    @Sheria said:

    The biggest issue to me though is just how many moons they put in the game. 64 and sunshine had a limited amount of main collectables, allowing each one to have a memorable and enjoyable challenge associated to each one.

    Exactly this. On one hand that means there's more game to dig into, but it's actually too much. I still prefer Mario 64 where I can happily 100% it without ever feeling like I'm doing the same thing twice during a single playthrough. Odyssey has that, but it's also got some bloat Moons in addition to that.

    @Alexandra_Nilsson_T Cappy is best boy.

  • Mario Sunshine has a better setting in some cases. Some of the areas in Odyssey (indie game-looking foodie kingdom) might as well be gridmaps. I prefer Odyssey in most other aspects though. Still think it Sunshine, and 64 are head and shoulders over the others the most interesting Mario platformers.

    But for real, does anyone know what the (metro moon spoils)

    weird Chibi Robo-looking construct that gives the 'Hidden in the Scrap' moon is about? I thought it was foreshadowing a robot kingdom like the taxi in the desert foreshadowed the city, but that didn't turn out.

    And less spoilery but WHY does Pauline look like an anime/Mario character if she lives in New Donk City with all of the normal humans!? Can she go on dates and stuff, or is she held up as some sort of god-mayor and separated from the general populace!?

  • @Haru17 I believe [real spoilers below]

    the hidden in the scrap robot is supposed to be the remains of the Mechawiggler you fought when you first traveled to New Donk City.

    [real spoilers above]

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    @Mbun cool! thats some really good things you bring up there. Glad to see that they are making it fun and cool, as I mentioned before, when it comes to "popular" series I am sometimes worried they get a high score just because they are so popular. But what you say sounds genuinely fun

  • @Musou-Tensei said in Super Mario Odyssey (Switch):

    @Yoshi You are objectively, subjectively and universally wrong.

    Very strange, because he's spot on...

  • @Yoshi said in Super Mario Odyssey (Switch):

    Sunshine is still better.

    You, I like you!
    I got your back!

  • Hit 100% in Odyssey tonight. Satisfying game overall, although beat it much quicker than I expected to mostly thanks to stuff like Hint Toads and Talkatoo. I know there's a 101% that involves grinding coins to buy Power Moons to 999 that gives you an extra little reward, but no thanks. Popped the cart out, and back to Splatoon 2 with me until Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

  • @Mbun resorting to using hint toads. for shame.

  • @Yoshi Shame indeed, but less shame than using an IGN guide or worst of all getting frustrated at how obscure things are and never finishing it. In a year with an absolute abundance of good games to play to occupy my time, I can forgive myself for accepting hints that are part of the game itself and cost fifty coins a pop.

  • @Mbun I could never justify spending 50 coins on a moon but that's probably just because I'm still like 7,000 coins out from being able to buy a costume I'm saving up for.