Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

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    I wasn't speaking figuratively by the way: I want your guys' help picking out those hard to hear lyrics. Let's get that sweet, sweet Mario canon.

    Edit: Someone in chat linked the ripped song and the title is unreal.

    Youtube Video

    I think this might edge out Snake Eater as the best video game theme song!

  • Think I found the full lyrics after searching once, lmao. It is pretty great and Snake Eater-y, but Persona theme songs are right up there. Credit.

    Here we go
    Off the rails
    Don’t you know it’s time to raise our sails
    It’s freedom like you never knew

    Don’t look back
    On the past
    Say a word I’ll be there in a flash
    You can say my hat is off to you

    Oh we can zoom all the way to the moon
    In this great wide wacky world
    Jump with me grab coins with me
    Oh yeahhhhh

    It’s time to jump up in the air
    Jump up don’t be scared
    Jump up and your cares will soar away

    And if the dark clouds start to swirl
    Don’t fear, don’t shed a tear cause
    I’ll be your 1-up girl

    So let’s all jump up super high
    High up in the sky
    This whole town will look back aaaaand sing

    You know that you’re my super star
    No one else can take me this far
    I’m flipping the switch
    Get ready for this, ohhh
    Let’s do the odyssey

    Odyssy, ya see
    Odyssey, ya see
    Odyssy, ya see
    Odyssey, ya see

    Odyssy, ya see
    Odyssey, ya see
    Odyssy, ya see
    Odyssey, Odyssey

    Spin the wheel
    Take a chance
    Every journey starts a new romance
    A new world’s calling out to you

    Take a turn
    Off the path
    On a new addition to the cast
    You know that any captain needs a crew

    Take any star that you’ll move side to side
    They’re just different points of view
    Jump with me grab coins with me
    Oh yeahhhhhhhh

    Come on and jump up in the air
    Jump without a care
    Jump up ‘cause you know that I’ll be there

    And if you find you’re short on joy
    Don’t fret, just don’t forget that
    You’re still our 1-up boy

    So go and straighten out your cap
    Let your toes begin to tap
    This rhythm is a power shroom

    Don’t worry you’re the super star
    No one else can make it this far
    Put a comb through that stache
    Now you’ve got panache
    Let’s do the odyssey

    It’s time to jump up in the air
    Jump up don’t be scared
    Jump up and your cares will soar away

    And if the dark clouds start to swirl
    Don’t fear, don’t shed a tear cause
    I’ll be your 1-up girl

    Now listen all you boys and girls
    All around the world
    Don’t be afraid to get up and move

    You know that we’re all super stars
    We’re the ones who made it this far
    Put a smile on that face
    There’s no time to waste
    Oh, let’s do the odyssey

  • It looks so good, I want to play it right now!

  • This trailer made me made up my mind about the Switch. I NEED ONE. AND THIS GAME.

  • Fuckin brutal trailer because I thought I had til December-ish before considering a switch.I need one ASAP.

  • @Haru17 This song has no right to be this great. I LOVE IT. Nintendo truly went all out on this.

  • Yeah... let's say I don't have the option not to buy a Switch now. : /

  • I haven't really seen anyone comment on the lack of music during normal gameplay but it seems like they took a note from BoTW and went with a much more ambient soundscape. Wonder how people will feel about that

  • @kwozymoto they are 2 different games when it comes to sound design. I think mario will have some ambient music but its not going to be as impact full as a zelda game. What I mean byt that is that zelda is an adventure game with mood and other things tell a store where mario (to me at least) is about fun and jumping around where you just want a nice chip tune in the background.

  • @fettouhi I mean it's not like I'm making assumptions, they really have gone with a mostly ambient soundtrack. Watch any of the gameplay videos and you'll see. The person demonstrating the game even makes note of it here:

    Youtube Video – [07:28..]

    Some music comes in later when she reaches the construction platforms but overall it doesn't seem to appear a lot. Even New Donk City just has sounds of traffic and stuff with no music and the Mexican level is the same deal. Your response is exactly the kind of thing I'm expecting to see more of once people start to take notice, I think it will be pretty contentious

  • @Haru17
    I just spent the last hour singing along to that.......I hope Nintendo will release the OST

  • @kwozymoto you are saying you are expecting this kind of response. is that meant as something negative or positive?

  • Hmm, we haven't seen gameplay until now so I hadn't noticed the ambient noises in place of music. They play a track during the heavier platforming area with the orange metal, but not anywhere else in the wooded level. Hopefully Odyssey's soundtrack is good to listen to in game and not just on YouTube's like all of Breath of the Wild's best tracks that only play once during its pitifully short story sequences.

  • It is settled that I will buy a Switch around November 27th.

  • I have always enjoyed the Zelda games but BoTW never really encouraged me to consider buying the Switch. I am not a portable gamer so it really has had no appeal to me. But after seeing the Odyssey presentation I cannot help feel those Mario 64 emotions and am now thinking about picking up a Switch just for those 2 games. Perhaps when it comes down a bit more from £289 closer to Christmas (if it even does)

  • @fettouhi Neither, I just meant that I think a lot of people will have a similar opinion to you (ie. Mario should have background music) so I'm expecting Odyssey's use of ambient sounds to be pretty controversial once people start to take notice of it.

  • @Musou-Tensei
    Should probably get one around late September or October just to avoid the general holiday rush

  • I played the Sand Kingdom level today at E3 and it was superb! The visuals are just stunning and the ambient sound is great.

  • @DMCMaster While that makes sense, I'm not sure if I can, I have to save up for teh Switch and at least a game (don't want a 2nd one yet but a Pro controller, which costs as much as a game, but that could wait 1-2 more months).

  • @Musou-Tensei Depending what you plan to play you might be able to skip the Pro Controller for a little while. The Joycons/Grip or loose do a better job than expected themselves. Also, it sounds like Mario relies pretty heavily on you playing like that instead of with a Pro Controller, cause of the silly motions it sounds like you gotta make with a Pro Controller.