Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

  • The Pro Controller really isn't needed in my view, I've used the Joy Cons + Grip to play through the entirety of Zelda:BoTW and parts of MK8D and have absolutely loved it.

    Will probably use the separate Joy-Cons for Odyssey anyway due to the hat-throwing stuff, but yeah, if you want a 'standard controller' kind of set up the Joy Cons + Grip is more than adequate in my view.

  • @Musou-Tensei thought you hated nintendo now and were never gonna go back to them because of censorship?


  • I will also recommend passing on the Pro Controller. The JoyCon Grip does a really good job so I'd recommend giving that setup a go before forking out for the pro.

  • @DisturbedSwan Duh, that's actually what I meant, the Grip, not the actual Pro Pad, my bad. But I want the Grip that lets me charge the joycons while playing.
    I know Horseman, I can charge it while not playing blah blah.

    @GreenHorse Mario is most probably not censored in the west, if they decide to remove mexican Mario because of a minority of people who believe in the absolutely idiotic and illogical non existing moron concept of "cultural appropriation", I WILL change my mind and buy everything used if at all, but for now I don't see a reason to not buy Mario.
    Xenoblade 2 on the other hand we have to see, but luckily it's not the rancid Treehouse localizing it this time but Nintendo of Europe so I have faith that there won't be differences between JP and EU version, probably the same version everyhwere, unlike Xenoblade X.

  • @Musou-Tensei Joycon charge lasts A LONG time, so you can get away with not having that Charging Grip and just sliding the Joycons back onto the sides of the system to charge when you're done playing as long as you don't have a second set of Joycon.

  • I loved the trailer so much but the game itself looks a bit simple from the demo.

    Maybe its an early level and very easy. I also may just be getting old.

  • @Mbun The thing is I don't like charging while not playing, because when I don't play I unplug, I don't have any console on standby anymore. Also of course I saw the wrong price since I looked up the price ofr a pro pad, the Charge Grip is much more reasonably priced and I think the way I roll it is a good investion for me.

  • @Musou-Tensei Well what I mean is either way you're going to have to charge the system and the joycon between play sessions. You can either charge the joycon by sliding them onto the side of the system or if you have a charging grip you can plug a cord into it to charge them, but either way you're having to do an additional step to charge them, so you might as well just slide them out of the noncharging grip the system comes with and onto the system between play sessions.

    However, the moment you have a second set of joycon, you run into the problem that the system can only charge one set at a time, so having the charging grip helps alleviate that by allowing you to charge your second set through a cord while the first set charges hooked to the system while also providing you an extra grip style controller to dock your second set of joycon into.

    I guess you could just simply find plugging a cord into your charging grip easier than removing the joycon and sliding it back onto the system between play sessions, but is it really worth the money investment when you're also saving for more games for the system? I'd totally recommend just getting a pro controller over doing that, even if the only game so far that it really feels necessary for is Splatoon 2 since joycon gyro feels wonky due to the center of balance being offset. Having a traditional controller is still nice.

  • @Mbun Where is an additional step? It would be just like with the Wii U pad, PS4 pad, and XB1 pad, charging while playing, I don't charge any of the mentioned pads outside of my game time, this is all about charging while playing.

    Me, 2nd Joycon? pls

    Also now you're recommending me to get the much more expensive pro pad insted of the Grip, wat? How would that help me saving up for more games?

  • @Musou-Tensei Charging while playing doesn't sound comfy. On the contrary, I was trying to save you 30 bucks on the Charging Grip when you don't NEED it, but say if you really want to play that way you might as well pay 40 more for the proper traditional controller and play that way, so you'll have it in case you ever need one.

  • @Mbun What's not comfy about that? It's no different than playing with a wired controller.

  • TFW the sequel to Stardew Valley is 'Uncanny Valley,' but it's with Nintendo and Mario for reasons.

    Are we to believe that all humans look like that in the Mario verse? The world map is just a globe after all. All those times playing arcade Donkey Kong... this is the city those girders were over.

  • I'm so ready for this. Still don't have confirmation that I'm getting the bundle on the 27th but I'm hopeful.

  • I' m glad this is more like Sunshine than the Galaxy games. I really didn't care for the Galaxy games, the worlds were too small and too linear. Plus motion controls never made any experience better on the wii, only made it less fun or at best bearable

    No telling when I'll be able to play it, don't have a switch and won't have one for a couple years at least

  • I mean Metroid Prime 3 was easily the best and most nuanced-controlling game in the series with wiimote pointer controls, but that's tangential.

    Galaxy was never that dependent on motion outside of the surfing missions. I don't think the linearity of Galaxy 1 & 2 hurt its ability to create a sense of a world. Rather, the content of a lot of the worlds was just not very detailed or lived-in. Floating blocks and platforms just don't compare to the kinds of levels in Sunshine or Odyssey, Peach's Castle, or even the few worlds in Galaxy that did have some context like Honeyhive and Beach Bowl Galaxy (penguin and bee people).

  • @ACardAttack It's honestly more Banjo Kazooie than anything Mario in the past.

    @Haru17 said:

    Galaxy was never that dependent on motion outside of the surfing missions.

    Was never really a problem in Galaxy 1 but Galaxy 2 is notorious with having comet levels that require tight, fast platforming that the waggle spin, which you often have to spam during these, simply isn't reliable enough for. If you've ever played them on emulators where you can simply map that action to a button instead, you'll notice the night and day difference.

  • Edge have awarded Odyssey their 20th perfect score in 21 years.

    alt text

  • @thenerdtheword said in Super Mario Odyssey (Switch):

    I will also recommend passing on the Pro Controller. The JoyCon Grip does a really good job so I'd recommend giving that setup a go before forking out for the pro.

    I disagree here. The joycons on the grip is probably one of the worst controllers I've handled. It's just far too close together.

  • @Haru17

    While they werent dependent, other than those races, it still took away from it and has never added anything for me to any gaming experience.

    Near the end of SMG2 there were some issues for me with waggle spin and getting over to a couple poles while dodging things being thrown/shot at me