Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

  • I'm so ready for this. Still don't have confirmation that I'm getting the bundle on the 27th but I'm hopeful.

  • I' m glad this is more like Sunshine than the Galaxy games. I really didn't care for the Galaxy games, the worlds were too small and too linear. Plus motion controls never made any experience better on the wii, only made it less fun or at best bearable

    No telling when I'll be able to play it, don't have a switch and won't have one for a couple years at least

  • I mean Metroid Prime 3 was easily the best and most nuanced-controlling game in the series with wiimote pointer controls, but that's tangential.

    Galaxy was never that dependent on motion outside of the surfing missions. I don't think the linearity of Galaxy 1 & 2 hurt its ability to create a sense of a world. Rather, the content of a lot of the worlds was just not very detailed or lived-in. Floating blocks and platforms just don't compare to the kinds of levels in Sunshine or Odyssey, Peach's Castle, or even the few worlds in Galaxy that did have some context like Honeyhive and Beach Bowl Galaxy (penguin and bee people).

  • @ACardAttack It's honestly more Banjo Kazooie than anything Mario in the past.

    @Haru17 said:

    Galaxy was never that dependent on motion outside of the surfing missions.

    Was never really a problem in Galaxy 1 but Galaxy 2 is notorious with having comet levels that require tight, fast platforming that the waggle spin, which you often have to spam during these, simply isn't reliable enough for. If you've ever played them on emulators where you can simply map that action to a button instead, you'll notice the night and day difference.

  • Edge have awarded Odyssey their 20th perfect score in 21 years.

    alt text

  • @thenerdtheword said in Super Mario Odyssey (Switch):

    I will also recommend passing on the Pro Controller. The JoyCon Grip does a really good job so I'd recommend giving that setup a go before forking out for the pro.

    I disagree here. The joycons on the grip is probably one of the worst controllers I've handled. It's just far too close together.

  • @Haru17

    While they werent dependent, other than those races, it still took away from it and has never added anything for me to any gaming experience.

    Near the end of SMG2 there were some issues for me with waggle spin and getting over to a couple poles while dodging things being thrown/shot at me

  • @dramaticslowmo

    Saw that over at reddit...I knew this would get great scores, but their recent history of giving games 10/10 like the two Galaxy games, Skyward Sword and even BOTW have me skeptical and they seem to have a slight Nintendo bias

    Im sure it's a great game, but I'll be interested in what people say after they've had it for a couple weeks

  • @Axel
    If you go to the official website for Odyssey they also have a download link for the song (albeit a short version, which is odd to me seeing as the full song has been floating around since E3)

  • @ACardAttack i felt like they added a lot in galaxy

    using tilt control on the ball levels felt great and engaging.

    im going to miss all the great use of the pointer.

  • @ACardAttack both the galaxy games were humped by nearly every critic. you would be hard pressed to call everyone bias, they are both just really great games.

  • @Sheria i love it, you dont have to travel too far to press anything and everything is so tight

  • I repeat (and will continue asking until I find ANSWERS), are we to believe that all humans in the Mario expanded universe look like the New Donk City NPCs? The world map is just a globe after all. All those times playing the original Donkey Kong... is this the city those girders were over?

  • @Bigdude1 said:

    both the galaxy games were humped by nearly every critic. you would be hard pressed to call everyone bias, they are both just really great games.

    I really don't think Galaxy 2 is as great as people treat it. It's literally a game of leftover ideas that weren't good enough to make the cut the first time around. I could list off all my problems with it, but this isn't the thread for that. Preordered Mario Odyssey at Best Buy to get that sweet free coin for it, so just counting the days now to Mario-Capzooie.

  • @Mbun Well it was originally planned as an add-on.

  • @Mbun said:

    Preordered Mario Odyssey at Best Buy to get that sweet free coin for it,

    I just realized that sounds like getting some dumb amount of in-game coins. I mean this:
    alt text

  • @Haru17 The world of Mario is strange. Perhaps we simply must accept that there are no true "humans" in Mario, just humanoids and non-humanoids. And as for Donkey Kong, I wouldn't be surprised in Nintendo made a statement about New Donk City being the setting of the original DK game. It's got Pauline in it after all, it would make sense for her to be kidnapped from the place she lived, and as mayor of the whole city it's got to be her main place of residence.

    On the topic of Mario Odyssey on the whole, I'm starting to get very excited. Since I just finished A Hat in Time, I am craving more new 3D platformers and Yooka Laylee just isn't doing it for me. While I don't think SMO will dethrone the recently crowned favorite 3D platformer in my mind that is AHiT, I do think the SMO is going to be one of the best if not the best 3D Mario games ever made. If it can match the Galaxy games for me it will certainly be one of my GOTY picks. Of course I'm more attached to AHiT and SMO will have to do some serious work to replace it in my heart since I backed it 4 years ago and played the Alpha, Beta, and watched all the updates to the point that I feel like I've known that game my whole life. But, I know AHiT isn't going to win any major organization's GOTY, certainly not EZA, so I want to have something more realistic to root for this GOTY season. I kind of doubt that I will like the worlds of SMO more, but I know I can expect more polish and a better camera (probably). And regardless of how high it falls on my personal ranking based on what I played at E3, I know it's going to feel great to play and explore. I wish I had a Switch now so that I could play it at launch but I'll probably have to wait for Christmas to get mine. At least that's not too long to wait. I haven't decided whether or not I'll watch any streams of it when it releases.

  • @Mbun It was more of expanded ideas than cancelled ones. level design was great.

  • @michemagius Mario and luigi are the only true "humans" in it

  • @michemagius Aww, waiting two months is still rough though, Damiani will have streamed the whole game at least twice by then! Hope you can snag a Switch before long.

    And I'm cautiously optimistic for Odyssey. It looks great, but Nintendo just trailed a game looking great in Breath of the Wild and showed all of it before launch to the point where only like the camera rune was left unannounced. So I hope they haven't shown all of the captures, kingdoms, or secrets I know there's one that's gotten out there in name but without any footage or description of it.

    And Mario and Luigi clearly aren't humans, the slender-proportioned humans like Pauline are closer even if they're period pieces.