Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

  • I really want a Switch. Nintendo has managed to win me over after I was so skeptical around the launch of the system. There are still some nagging issues I have with the Switch like the under-cooked online infrastructure and the overpriced peripherals. But must have games are piling up and that's the most important thing. I really hope Nintendo takes the success of Mario + Rabbids to heart because that's exactly what they should be doing when it comes to third party support. Getting ports of Skyrim and Doom is nice and all... but fostering partnerships with third party companies to create exclusive games that take full advantage of Nintendo's platform and IPs is the way to go. You combine that with games like Breath of the Wild and Odyssey and the promise of Pokemon, Metroid, etc... the Switch will be impossible to avoid.

  • Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

  • @Light yeah I think to much importance gets placed on third party ports. Mostly everyone is going yo be playing third party games on a console or PC with higher fidelity. While I don't think they should ignore getting these games, especially if ppl want them, but what's going to sell this console and what will be remembered most about it Is the first and third party exclusives that are made for it.

    I'm not big into Mario. Never had the chance to play because I had a Sega then PlayStation. These games don't usually do much for me (Ironically enough I liked super Mario run...) but I want to see of this game will make me a believer lol. I'll play it after AC.

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    Metacritic even went down for a bit when the reviews started coming in lol.

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    Call it being cynical all you want, but I call it being more realistic. I know playing games in a favorite franchise can also invoke memories of the past that make something more enjoyable.

    I'm not saying this is a bad game or it doesn't deserve GOTY mention, just that one should take reviews of big franchises with a grain of salt. Mario, Zelda, GTA, MGS, etc all seem to get rated very highly when its a highly anticipated game.

    Hell Sonic Mania was so much more enjoyable for me because of my love for the 2d sonic games. It alone is a good/great game, but nostalgia is a powerful thing and made me enjoy it in ways those who never grew up with the 2d sonic games won't. There is a reason sequels are seen as better investments than new IPs

    Pro Jared gave the game an 8/10 for anyone interested

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    I think there are some more balanced reviews on Open Critic if you sift through them. Main criticisms are that the there's a lack of challenging platforming and the game focuses too much on Cappy and the things you can do with him.

    All the basics are there, spin jumps and what-not, it's just the game never asks or gives you the opportunity to really exercise your mastery of the platforming mechanics.

    And to be fair, I can appreciate that it represents a strange juxtaposition. 64 was straight up platforming and Sunshine was mainly platforming but with a bunch of added mechanics on top of that platforming, and sometimes the game even went back to pure platforming.

    In general, it feels like maybe Cappy is more integral to the experience than some people would like, and in order to make room for Cappy, they've sacrificed some of the core Mario experience.

    I haven't played it though, that's just a summary of various not-so-raving reviews I've read. Maybe there's some cool post-game content or some-such.

  • I just snagged my copy. Hoping for something great

  • I appreciate how Nintendo has used empty space in Breath of the Wild and Odyssey.

    I think there is an inherent value in empty space. More importantly, everything in Odyssey tries to make you really look at it. They can't put too much mindless decoration because it'd be too difficult to focus/find on the puzzles. Horizon Zero Dawn has a super crowded environment that looks gorgeous, but for the most part almost all of it doesn't have any impact on the player. You learn to just ignore it and it's only useful for decoration, your mind doesn't engage in any of it when you look at it.

    When you spend 30 seconds (or whatever) running across empty space to somewhere, it builds anticipation when you reach your destination. Your mind is looking at it with different perspective than if it was right next to the town and you walked over 3 seconds. To be surprised when you go around a corner or up a hill, and for that surprise to be satisfying/have value, there also has to be times when you didn't find anything.

    3D games were extremely new with SM64, and I don't think it would be necessary to spread things apart to create that same effect. They are super common these days, and if things were crowded I think a huge portion of players would just run past stuff.

    Personally I see a lot of reviewers skip over things like this.

  • @ACardAttack - Mario games and their review scores. For comparison.

  • Odyssey is an infinitely denser game than Breath of the Wild, unlike that game it has all the qualities of the previous 3D games + some next gen upgrades. I'm so glad they brought the episodes back, the maps would have lost something without them. I'm chewing through the game very quickly, but I guess Mario games were always like that.

    My only nitpicks so far are those orange and blue unfinished-looking areas that looks even less finished than Halo 5's orange and blue unfinished-looking areas. That and not being able to change the maps back to night. Is there a some way to replay those story chapters like in Sunshine and 64 that I haven't found, or are they just gone for the remainder of a playthrough?

  • Damn, I started playing around midnight and it's 4am now, I guess that's a good sign!

  • Started playing yesterday. This is really really good! Only played til about half the desert level yet but I'm loving it so far, much more than I thought I would!

  • It feels like im playing a platforming labour of love, and goodness me its a damn good lookin' game (a Tablet huh?). The bosses so far are slightly easy even with me being not the best at 3d platformers but there are some tricky areas that I cursed quite a lot at (all be it, with a smile on ones face).

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    I havent read through all the 101 comments in this thread. Just curious to hear some verdict from people who have played it bits now. What is it like? woth all the 10s and 98% etc that people are giving it, or is it a bit "just because its mario" that people like to bump it up a bit? What do you like/not like with the game and is it even better than Mario 64?

  • I'm not a huge Mario fan in general, I always enjoy them but they don't leave a lasting impression on me as opposed to more narrative-driven games. They're pure fun, perfectly polished, constantly throwing new ideas at the player.

    So far, Odyssey does all of that, I've already had quite a few laughs, a few "a-ha" moments, and a smile on my face the whole time. But in this game, there's an added sense of exploration, the feeling that something could be hiding around every corner and more often than not, there is.

    Like @Haru17 said, it's a lot denser than Breath of the Wild, the levels are tightly packed and you'll never have to walk for more than 10 seconds before finding a new thing to do. It makes sense of course, as it Mario doesn't concern itself as much with world-building as Zelda does. Although for Mario game, there's a bit more context to everything you do than usual.

    It's too early to tell if I'd give it a 10/10, but if you like the Mario 64 formula, you'll love this one for sure. It's more charming than ever before, the different costumes are adorable, the photo mode is surprisingly rich, the soundtrack is enchanting.

    Can't go wrong with it!

  • @Lotias It's sooo good.

    But no, not really worth the perfect scores imo. There's a lot of Mario tropes that is starting to really stretch themselves thin. Boss battles is a big thing for me. They're uninspired, just in the way, and not innovative at all, and can we pleeeeeeease have SOMEONE that doesn't die in three hits? Most of the moons are great, but as expected there's a lot of them who feel a bit too collectathony, and I actually enjoyed collecting stars in 3D world more. There's also this lack of difficulty. And most of all, there's a feeling of one-trick-pony in most of the stages and objectives. Sections are excellent, but then you're "done" with them. Aside from NDC, there is not many places that I'd feel I can return to and just goof around time and time again. Like a planet in Galaxy, the feel and physique of the gravity can have me constantly returning to one planet and just enjoy that mechanic over and over again. Odyssey have a bit of an unfortunate lack of places like that, which is a shame.

    To end on a positive note, the Cap mechanic doesn't feel gimmicky at all, it just ties super fluently into the momentum, and every capture is more awesome than the last. At times, It's pure genius. . The Mario 64 control scheme is back with a vengeance.
    I'm also pleasurably surprised at how tranquil it is. You'd think it would be non stop mayhem but there's a lot of Pikmin-vibe places where you could just stay for minutes and enjoy the atmosphere.
    Better that M64? It's a matter of taste, But better, and improving on some of the design philosophies, than Sunshine? No doubt.

  • Told myself I'd just play the tutorial area on my 4 hour break between jobs.....I ended up a hour late to work yesterday.

  • I beat the game.

    Huber is going to flip his shit.

  • @Alexandra_Nilsson_T oh shit, my signature is contradicting myself here ......

  • I'm enjoying the game alot, this my first 3D mario game and i get why people like them, but the bosses are too easy, i defeated almost all of bosses so far in my first try and only one bosses killed me twice.

    PS my favorite part is finding the Captain.