Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

  • It feels like im playing a platforming labour of love, and goodness me its a damn good lookin' game (a Tablet huh?). The bosses so far are slightly easy even with me being not the best at 3d platformers but there are some tricky areas that I cursed quite a lot at (all be it, with a smile on ones face).

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    I havent read through all the 101 comments in this thread. Just curious to hear some verdict from people who have played it bits now. What is it like? woth all the 10s and 98% etc that people are giving it, or is it a bit "just because its mario" that people like to bump it up a bit? What do you like/not like with the game and is it even better than Mario 64?

  • I'm not a huge Mario fan in general, I always enjoy them but they don't leave a lasting impression on me as opposed to more narrative-driven games. They're pure fun, perfectly polished, constantly throwing new ideas at the player.

    So far, Odyssey does all of that, I've already had quite a few laughs, a few "a-ha" moments, and a smile on my face the whole time. But in this game, there's an added sense of exploration, the feeling that something could be hiding around every corner and more often than not, there is.

    Like @Haru17 said, it's a lot denser than Breath of the Wild, the levels are tightly packed and you'll never have to walk for more than 10 seconds before finding a new thing to do. It makes sense of course, as it Mario doesn't concern itself as much with world-building as Zelda does. Although for Mario game, there's a bit more context to everything you do than usual.

    It's too early to tell if I'd give it a 10/10, but if you like the Mario 64 formula, you'll love this one for sure. It's more charming than ever before, the different costumes are adorable, the photo mode is surprisingly rich, the soundtrack is enchanting.

    Can't go wrong with it!

  • @Lotias It's sooo good.

    But no, not really worth the perfect scores imo. There's a lot of Mario tropes that is starting to really stretch themselves thin. Boss battles is a big thing for me. They're uninspired, just in the way, and not innovative at all, and can we pleeeeeeease have SOMEONE that doesn't die in three hits? Most of the moons are great, but as expected there's a lot of them who feel a bit too collectathony, and I actually enjoyed collecting stars in 3D world more. There's also this lack of difficulty. And most of all, there's a feeling of one-trick-pony in most of the stages and objectives. Sections are excellent, but then you're "done" with them. Aside from NDC, there is not many places that I'd feel I can return to and just goof around time and time again. Like a planet in Galaxy, the feel and physique of the gravity can have me constantly returning to one planet and just enjoy that mechanic over and over again. Odyssey have a bit of an unfortunate lack of places like that, which is a shame.

    To end on a positive note, the Cap mechanic doesn't feel gimmicky at all, it just ties super fluently into the momentum, and every capture is more awesome than the last. At times, It's pure genius. . The Mario 64 control scheme is back with a vengeance.
    I'm also pleasurably surprised at how tranquil it is. You'd think it would be non stop mayhem but there's a lot of Pikmin-vibe places where you could just stay for minutes and enjoy the atmosphere.
    Better that M64? It's a matter of taste, But better, and improving on some of the design philosophies, than Sunshine? No doubt.

  • Told myself I'd just play the tutorial area on my 4 hour break between jobs.....I ended up a hour late to work yesterday.

  • I beat the game.

    Huber is going to flip his shit.

  • @Alexandra_Nilsson_T oh shit, my signature is contradicting myself here ......

  • I'm enjoying the game alot, this my first 3D mario game and i get why people like them, but the bosses are too easy, i defeated almost all of bosses so far in my first try and only one bosses killed me twice.

    PS my favorite part is finding the Captain.

  • Man, I love New Donk City so much.

  • ugh so i was just reading that you should be using the motion controls and that there is definitely moves you wont be able to do if you disable them. I have no issue with motion controls but i play my switch in handheld mode all the time. How is it without using the motion controls? Can i play 90 percent of the game with them off? Do you lose some of the experience? Am i doomed to have to hook it up to my tv lol?

  • @CGamor7 None of the motion control-based moves have really felt necessary to me so far. I haven't really put any to any real use besides the spin though and even that one I just do because it looks cool.

  • @CGamor7 Also I've read that most of these moves have a button-based equivalent (possibly harder to pull off though). I' a bit mixed on the motion controls myself in this game, it sometimes feels fun but I've also triggered some moves accidentally cause I scratched my ear or something and that can be annoying.

    But it's a very minor thing, don't worry the game is perfectly playable in handheld.

  • Finally a reason to be glad of my Switch, this game really is good.

    I personally don't put it above Sunshine or 64 though, but it does come close. Noteworthy issues so far are things such as the abundance of checkpoints, lack of a lives system and just the general ease of everything. The biggest issue to me though is just how many moons they put in the game. 64 and sunshine had a limited amount of main collectables, allowing each one to have a memorable and enjoyable challenge associated to each one. This game however has a few memorable challenges, but most moons are found in simple and boring locations that you may stumble across.

  • @Sheria yea i think a system like 64 where if u died you started at the first again would work better its not like these worlds are huge

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  • Sunshine is still better.

  • @Yoshi said in Super Mario Odyssey (Switch):

    Sunshine is still better.

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  • @Yoshi You are objectively, subjectively and universally wrong.