Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

  • Just did the 100 in Volleyball. ... Does it count if you come up with enabling 2-player mode yourself?

  • I'm a little late with thoughts on Odyssey so I probably won't go too in depth on the game as I'm sure most people have already discussed just how excellent this game is. So I'll try to condense it down to some things I really loved and the things I disliked about Odyssey.

    So I'm going to start with the negative and end on a positive because when I talk about this game, I come across as negative even though I had a brilliant time playing it. To preface, I played about 99% of this game in handheld mode.

    My biggest issue with Odyssey is just how easy this game is. Now I know, Mario games aren't necessarily difficult however there is usually a decent bit of extra content that is particularly challenging. The post game content in Odyssey is really lacking;

    a boss rush mode (I'll get onto how disappointing these guys are later) and a genuinely difficult level where you have to start over if you die. That's it. I collected all the moons and it really wasn't worth it.

    Which segways to another issue I have. The game has too many moons. They are really fun to get when you go through that world for the first time and a lot of them are really creative. However there's also a huge portion which is just slam the ground that's glowing, chase the rabbit, just talk to an NPC. They just feel like they were put in there to make you feel good about collecting something but for me they took away and made me less interested in getting a difficult one because they're all worth the same value (bar the multi ones for beating a boss or whatever). This is where I get into comparison territory. I know that some people didn't love how Galaxy would alter a map depending on the Star you go for but that focus on a specific star always felt rewarding. You were in that area trying to find it while with Odyssey, you can walk along a bit and get loads of moons for nothing really. The fact that you can buy moons in the store kinda says it all for me. Just too many.

    I'll spoiler all this since it talks about post main game stuff but I wouldn't really say it's a spoiler.

    So, when you do complete the story, you can go back to the previous Kingdom and collect even more moons. I don't love this already since they generally throw a lot of moons into a level but what's actually worse is they take away the best thing about the game, they pinpoint exactly where all these new moons are. So what was initially a great game to explore and discover in, has really just become a checklist. Open the map, go to where the moon is marked, collect and repeat. It's just takes the fun completely out of it. I think all of this really just shows my disappointment at the post story content. Galaxy spoiled me with some fantastic additional levels to play.

    The bosses are really boring. We don't really get any information on them to care at all about them and while a lot of the boss fights look fantastic, they are really simplistic and what I found to be really boring fights. I might be alone on this as I talked with some friends who seemed to love them while I found them a chore.

    And now the positive! The core game absolutely nails discovery. Going to a new Kingdom for the first time feels great. You have the linear objective but you're generally free to just go around and explore as much as you want too. So capturing the different npcs and finding moons and coins is so much fun. Easily my favourite part of the game and I'd usually try to collect at least 50% of the items before I'd move on.

    The moons you had to find through picutres/art are really cool. I wish there was more of this just in the same level you found the art in.

    I really should have started off with movement. It's always felt great to control Mario and now having those few extra moves to reach further places or improve your times in races. As usual with newer games, Mario has never felt as good to control.

    The extra challenge, don't really want to say more but it was very fun to tackle that considering I felt overall, there was a serious lack of challenge.

    New Donk City! Have to say I didn't expect it to be my favourite world since we'd already seen a bunch of it but it was fantastic.

    The soundtrack has some great moments. The forest and Ice Kingdoms in particular, loved those.

    Just how creative a lot of the captures were. Some people have said you could build a game around some of those. I feel like those people might have missed the point because that's exactly what they did. The game is constantly adding and adapting depending on what new movesets you have due to whoever you captured. Each new world is it's own new playground with those moves and that helps keep the game really exciting.

    Edit: There might be lots of these. This game has the best Princess Peach I can remember, that is all.

    So yes, overall Odyssey is a fantastic game and it's absolutely worth playing. For me, I loved it but maybe I've been spoiled or nostalgia is getting to me because I just loved the pure joy I got out of platforming in the Galaxy series and how focused they were. I think that's definitely a preference thing, one is not better than the other, it's just how I like it. Now, where's the dlc nintendo!?

  • @tokeeffe9 The best Princess Peach is in the other game where she marries Bowser.

    Odyssey Peach was pretty okay for a damsel though.

  • @tokeeffe9 said:

    This game has the best Princess Peach I can remember

    Ignoring spinoffs, I'd agree if you got to do postgame as Peach, but since she's still a damsel in this game I gotta give the nod to 3D World where she's one of the main heroes. Also, I know Peach was kidnapped in the first place and all, but she sure shows Mario zero respect for going on his adventure to save her at the end. Not saying oh of course she owes him a kiss, ew of course not, but I like other games where she bakes him a cake or something as a friendly thank you for risking his life out there for her.

    Peach aside, I feel so done with this game. Was fun for your first 100% playthrough, but there's just too many bloat Moons in this game that didn't need to exist for me to ever feel like I wanna go back years from now and replay this game again, not to mention a large portion of it being easy. Got my money's worth and enjoyed my time with it, but I just don't see myself holding this game alongside the other 3D Mario greats in the long term. I'm sure right now that's a very unpopular opinion to state, and some people even think this game should be GOTY, but in time I think you'll see public opinion of this game shift as the honeymoon wears off.