E3's Winners, Losers, and Weirdos

  • So what would an E3 be without everyone assigning arbitrary titles about who won and lost? Nothing, that's what it would be!

    This is fairly simple but I'll explain it anyway. You'll be listing a "winner", basically your highlight of E3. This can be an entire conference, the announcement of a game, or any specific detail you like. Same rules apply to your "loser", the worst part of the conferences for you. The "weirdo" section will be for something that caught you off-guard, not necessarily in a positive or negative way, just something your brain deemed as strange.

    For a bonus bit, feel free to rank the significance. In ascending order (worst to best), rank those conferences.

    It should go without saying but this is obviously personal opinion. No one will be wrong here. Have at it!

  • Winner: Easily Monster Hunter: World. The Switch ex-exclusivity sucks, but I'm happy that the series is exploring its emergent potential again. Everything about this game looks like what I want the series to be; advanced Monster AI, a dense and wild open world, all 14 weapons back in pick up and play style, and maybe underwater but it wasn't shown yet pleasssse?

    Loser: I hate MMOs and Xenoblade. Calling the later's story anime is an insult because anime is good. Some of it is well-written while Xenoblade 2 looks like a cross of Skyward Sword and Tales of Zesteria with worse combat than both. The Switch is a worse platform for letting this game on and I have less respect for every reviewer who neglects to criticize these copy-pasted MMO open worlds and trope-laden plots.

    Weirdo: I guess Before the Storm? It's not Life is Strange season 2, which was announced a month ago for a new setting / cast, but rather a prequel developed by Deck Nine Games. I'm excited for this game especially since it's out August 31st, but there's some weirdness; Ashly Burch is writing but not voicing Chloe, the rewind mechanic is not present, it's 3 episodes, and there is an extra episode where you play as Max — probably a short thing — included if you buy the collector's edition.

    For the conferences;

    That being said all Bethesda did was announce two October games that look great and some ports of Skyrim and promptly get hated on for it, so I think the gaming zeitgeist should take a hard look at themselves for that. Even Nintendo is announcing Metroid Prime: 4 Years From Now, now.

  • Nintendo won.

  • Winner

    It would have gone to The Evil Within 2 for that freaky trailer, but I gotta give credit where it is due... Nothing made me more excited than the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2. As I mentioned before, I have literally no investment in the franchise and believed the rumors that it wouldn't be presented at any conference. Not only did it show up, it had such a strong presence with great world building and characters. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, even if it's super far away at this point.


    I know it's unpopular opinion, but I severely disliked everything that was shown for Anthem. Reading why people are excited about it, here's what I've gathered - it looks beautiful, you can fly like Iron Man, and it's Bioware trying to do Destiny. Those reasons aren't enough to make me happy whatsoever. If nearly any other developer tried to copy Destiny, we'd be crying foul, saying those developers are hacks and should come up with something more original, especially for a new IP... but considering it's Bioware, it's the best thing ever for some. I know Ubisoft gets flak for adding in that scripted multiplayer "chatter" to their trailers, yet it was prevalent here. Combat didn't feel exciting. Loot drops are so common in games these days, it is yawn inducing. I just feel dead inside when Anthem is mentioned as of right now. That could change if they eventually show something unique and interesting, but the fact this showed up in two different press conferences made it even more mind-numbing for me.


    Youtube Video

    So, I don't label this guy as an "EPIC FAIL" as the video suggests, but it just felt so awkward to have him on stage. Granted, it seems like the teleprompter was messing up but you should still probably be aware of why you are on stage.

    Rank the Significance

    EA > Bethesda > Sony > Nintendo > Microsoft > Ubisoft - grand winner of the universe, 2017.

    I could have never guessed that's how things would turn out for me this year but hey, I don't mind surprises.

  • The Winner is Dragonball FighterZ. ArcSys making a DBZ game with the same graphical style as Guilty Gear Xrd? YES PLEASE. Also Spiderman looking like it'll have good web slinging, even if the rest of the game is just arkham with more QTEs. Lastly wanna give props to Super Mario Odyssey. I'm still not sold on a Switch but as someone who has no real love for Mario it looks real good.

    The loser is Bethesda, because they wouldn't shut up about a dumb game that came out six years ago and shoved it into almost every press conference, and brought back paid mods.

    Weirdo is Mario Rabbids because it actually looks fun and I was absolutely not prepared for that.

  • Banned

    I was going to say Nintendo won until I found out Metroid Prime 4 isn't being developed by Nintendo.

    In that case Sony completely and utterly BTFO'd everyone.

    Ubi was pretty decent tho.

  • Winner: Metro. Its evolution to an excellent Metro series

    Loser: Wolfenstein 2, far cry 5, spiderman, life is strange.

    pick any one. they all looks pretty bad imo.

  • Winner: Skyrim, because an old mediocre game got to be in every damn conference

    Loser: Everyone because Skyrim was in every bloody conference

    Weirdo: Shawn Layden for promising japanese games

  • Winner: Skull & Bones. I love pirates. Some people were upset that it was so similar to the naval combat in AC4 but honestly I love that. The naval combat in AC4 is the best I've ever played. It just feels good! That they've taken that concept and improved upon it and made it more complex is fantastic. I can't wait to be a pirate.

    Loser: The fucking car. STOP BRINGING CARS TO E3

    Weirdo: Josef Fares announcing A Way Out. I did not expect to see him there, and he was just so genuine and hyped in an otherwise very commercial and business-like conference. Great moment.

  • My salty observations:

    • Winner- (Tie) Monster Hunter:World and Dragonball FighterZ

    • Loser- (Tie) Fire Emblem Musou and Bethesda's conference

    • Weirdo- Mario/Rabbids Kingdom Battle Mostly cause it's a weird concept, Ubisoft literally copying a 2K franchise (Xcom) but doing it in such a way that I, a hater of all things Rabbid would actually be semi interested in. Just...not necessarily for that launch price though.

  • It's hard for me, so I'm bending the rules a bit to include each show in addition to the overall.

    Winner - A Way Out. While I'm a massive Star Wars nerd, I feel this is a new way in playing games and I like the risks this is taking. The premise isn't bad either. I'm not too keen on the name, but it isn't atrocious.

    Loser - Sports. However, cumulatively, there was less time on them as a whole than years past, so this was actually an improvement.

    Weirdo - This is a tie between the YouTuber during the Need for Speed open and the forced banter of the NBA Live presentation. Ouch.

    Winner - Subjectively, I want to say Anthem or Ori and the Will of the Wisps as each speak to me in very different yet profound ways. However, objectively, I MUST give it to OG Xbox Backwards Compatibility. While we may not know how extensive it is, the prospect of playing every generation of Xbox on one device is impactful

    Loser - This was tough to decide but I'll say the $500 price point. TO BE CLEAR: I believe this is reasonable for what they have in the box, but most people, ESPECIALLY those of us who already own an Xbox One of some kind, will not feel this is a worthy price for something that is hard to discern without being in person. So, while it makes business sense, it doesn't practically and only the most die-hardcore fans will probably pick up the XB.O.X

    Weirdo - The entire segment starting with Battlegrounds and ending to Dragon Ball Fighters Z. It felt out of place for some reason, but it's alright I guess. Shoutout to Cuphead and Crackdown 3 actually getting release dates though.

    Winner - This is a tie between Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. With the exception of Evil Within 2, they were the only breaths of absolute new we got from this show

    Loser - The entire show. What I mean here is having a stage was kind of pointless for those not in attendence and as I just said, with only three new things to show, they could've skipped this year. It was my most anticipated publisher conference and my most disappointed. Also, Elder Scrolls Online AND Legends for the THIRD year in a row?...

    Weirdo - Creation Club. So you buy digital currency to purchase mods for only two games.... Ooooookay.

    Winner - Beyond Good & Evil 2. This is an easy one and the first real "shock" of the show for me. I was entertained by the trailer, but I need more details about it before I commit to getting it. However, seeing the reaction, the winner of this was clear.

    Loser - I can't pick between Steep, Just Dance and The Crew 2. The first two just didn't get ANY traction from the audience and outside of the die-hard fans, I NEVER see anything positive about them. The Crew 2 however, loses simply because Microsoft has Forza and as such will not do as well as the only real consistent racer on the current market.

    Weirdo - Cutting to an outside, over-the-shoulder, poorly framed and lit demo that wasn't a demo of Assassin's Creed: Origins. Completely unnecessary.

    Winner - Much like Microsoft, I could be subjective and say Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds, Days Gone, or God of War, but I can't give it to anything other than the Shadow of the Colossus Remake. I HATE SotC, but I respect the love it has endeared to many a gamer, and is the second big shock of this year

    Loser - Whoever directed the conference. For the LOVE OF GOD STOP SHOWING THE #&$%& CROWD

    Weirdo - The show as a whole. With the exception of Shadow and Monster Hunter World, this was repeat in different aspects over the course of the hour. What really surprises me is there were things in the Pre-show that would have made an impact if they were in the actual presentation (Undertale, A Hidden Agenda and Ni No Kuni II for example)

    Winner - Nintendo fans. I am not one, but Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby, Yoshi, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, but most importantly not one but TWO Metroid games, the bigger being Metriod Prime 4 AND a dedicated true Pokemon on Switch. Not to mention the two games on EVERYTHING else, Rocket League and Skyrim. Kudos to the big N

    Loser - Everyone not a Nintendo fan. Nintendo grabbed headlines now with all of the 'meh' I've been seeing/reading and as someone who isn't a fan, Nintendo did a FANTASTIC job in giving their fans WHAT THEY WANT like Sony did two years ago and followed up last year. I really hope Nintendo remembers this, and brings short, concise messaging like this EVERY year. We SHOULD get Pokemon and MP4 next year, so that's something.

    Weirdo - Super Mario Odyssey. I mean has anyone SEEN that game. It may turn out to be "One of the Greats" (tm), but that's a weird game.

    Winner - Any and every thing Nintendo: Fans, Switch, the company, etc. Again, they gave the fans WHAT THEY WANT. You do that, you win. Regardless of what company you are.

    Loser - How Bethesda and Sony's shows were handled for the reasons I listed above: Not enough to warrant a show for the former, showing the crowd to damn much for the latter

    Weirdo Good - Super Mario Odyssey. Bad - Presenters at EA Play

    Conference rankings:
    Nintendo > Ubisoft > Sony > Xbox > EA > Bethesda

    Personal Top 5 "New reveals"
    1.) Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    2.) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    3.) Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds
    4.) Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
    5.) Anthem

    Every year, this is so much fun. Regardless of what you play, what you play it on, and what you like, E3 is the BEST. A little disappointing this year, but I still loved it and its AWESOME to see everyone's thoughts.

  • @Haru17 i can understand how xenoblade might not be your cup of tea but you are factually wrong about a lot of points.

    there is no copy pasted open world in any xenoblade game they are all hand crafted beauties

    and every game has tropes, xenoblade 1 did it very well and often subverts expectations because of tropes

    Combat is amazing, but its just not for everyone.

  • My notes ranked by significance:

    Winner: A Way Out. Not every game has to be for everyone. That being said, I have literally told people in the past 3-5 years that couch co-op is dead and never coming back. This game looks...GOOD. It's a risky game, being focused at what's apparently a small niche of gamers. It's not going to make most single-player people happy, but it's making THIS single-player person happy because it's different, intriguing, seems to have clearly co-operative designed gameplay that will encourage you to play through with one other person and it makes me want to co-op with someone, which no shooters, souls, or other multiplayer type games have done recently.

    Loser: Anthem. I don't need another Destiny. I'm not even all that excited about the Destiny we've already got! The first teaser was a trailer that said "come back tomorrow". This is not how you reveal a big new I.P. Either make it a surprise, or make it a mystery. Don't try to do both at the same time. Also, Bioware doesn't have the cachet it used to have to me. I'll have to see way more before I'm even remotely interested.

    Winner: Spider-Man. This is now maybe my most anticipated AAA game. That gameplay demo looked PERFECT.

    Winner: Beyond Good & Evil 2. HYYYYYYPE hype hype hype hype. This is an example of a game looking NOTHING like an earlier reveal and being BETTER.

    Loser: Crackdown 3. And here's an example of a game looking nothing like an earlier reveal and being WORSE. I feel like MS has cancelled literally everything else revealed around the same time - and THIS is what they kept?

    Loser: Xbox One X. It's a bad name. It's too expensive, and I haven't seen a convincing reason to buy it. All the games I want to play on it are probably going to be better on PC. It doesn't have any actual exclusives I care about either.

    Winner: Sea of Thieves. This on the other hand looks fun as hell. Love the art style, if you can really do everything it seems like you can do - this is a pretty cool game. Still not worth picking up an Xbox for though, since it's on PC.

    Winner: Shadow of the Colossus. Yes, it's an old game. Don't care, been a few years since I played it. Give me remake.

    Loser: Skyrim VR. On the flip side... Seriously, the game is six years old and has been on literally every platform, in some cases - multiple times. Nobody who hasn't played it is going to be like "Oh, Skyrim! I wonder if now is a good time to jump in?" Can we hurry up and get to a post-Skyrim world please?

    Winner: Skull and Bones. AC4: Black Flag ship battles without the AC parts. It's a multiplayer game, so some people are going to be meh on it - but I think it might be exactly what I wanted them to do.

    Winner: Days Gone. It's a winner in that my interest in the game went from "Blech, more zombies" to "Ok, zombie bear. You have my attention" I think that the usage of the zombie things as mostly an environmental hazard is interesting. And the fact that you can choose to turn them against other humans to achieve your own goals is interesting. Not 100% sold yet, but I'm not going to groan next time a trailer shows up at a high profile event. so that's a minor win.

    Weirdos: Sony. You shoved VR in there when I feel like it could have had a bigger impact in the pre-show. You revealed stuff in the pre-show that could have been more impactful during the conference. GT: Sport trailer and release date? Matterfall maybe? Undertale PS4. Nothing from Dreams, Death Stranding, Yakuza, LOU2, etc.

  • Banned

    Everyone's reaction to Uncharted DLC

    alt text

  • @Bigdude1 Factually wrong about the copy pasted / recolored enemy models? No, those are the game pretty much. Combat is literally the same with every enemy because they're just 3D models with a single, loose hitbox. And the world is just a flat, overlarge, and empty MMO with occasional stripes of more flat land floating up in the air.

    The Xenoblade 1 story was laughable, and I predicted everything except the really stupid twists in the third act. Fiora and Melia are cheap characters, and Sharla is devoted to a pathetic love triangle plot. Give me a break 'subverts expectations.'

  • @Haru17 a game with a ton of unique enemy types is allowed to have a few recolors. and combat varies wildly depending on what enemy you are facing.

    that third point is also just factually wrong as well making me think you only ever got to guar plains (which in itself has a lot of variation)

    there is so much verticality in both games and in xenoblade . you will not find a rpg with more varied environments.

  • Final Fantasy 6 has recolored enemies too.

  • Banned

    @Musou-Tensei Almost all games have recolored enemies.

    Even TW3 with its insane detail resorted to recolored enemies a few times.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles is a better game than Zelda: Twilight Princess.

  • Banned

    Goldeneye 007 is a better game than Jak & Daxter