E3's Winners, Losers, and Weirdos

  • Winner: Bethesda. Wolfenstein, Evil Within 2 and Dishonored 2 expansion all this year. Wolfenstein was my game of the show. Mario + Rabbids also looks awesome.
    Loser: I thought the way Metroid 4 and Pokemon Switch were announced lacked any sort of imagination. Not a way to build hype.
    Weirdo: Mario Odyssey weirds me out. First it was the people in New Donk City, now it's taking control of other things like bullets and goombas.

    Conference rankings:

    EA (5/10)
    Nintendo (6/10)
    Microsoft (7/10)
    Sony (8/10)
    Ubisoft (8.1/10)
    Bethesda (8.2/10)

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in E3's Winners, Losers, and Weirdos:

    Weirdo: Mister Negative as the Spider-Man villain. Seriously? Out of that rogues gallery?

    Just watching this again.

    Gives me hope for a Cloak and Dagger cameo.
    Also, Kingpin is around in some capacity. Wouldn't be surprised if there's multiple baddies.
    Also ALSO, at the end of the demo you see Mr. Neg grabbing and possibly corrupting Spidey. So what if 2nd half of the game, you're Miles Morales trying to stop corrupted Peter Parker? PLOT TWYZT!!!

  • Banned

    @TokyoSlim said in E3's Winners, Losers, and Weirdos:

    what if 2nd half of the game, you're Miles Morales trying to stop corrupted Peter Parker?

    Then everything is going according to plan!!

  • Winners: Me. I didn't hate any of the conferences. There were improvements from everyone. Each conference had games I was interested in.
    My personal fave though was Sony, purely because I own a ps4 and so was more invested in the announcements. I also really enjoyed the effort put into the show, with the music and light effects. They set the tone and made it feel important. Sure they didn't wow me like previous years, but I think that's on me for expecting crazy things. It did give me a remake of one of my fave games though, SotC, as well as a Monster Hunter. God of War is the first in the series I have any urge to play, it looks great. Spider-Man looks pretty good, though I want to see more of how it'll work on street level. Uncharted is a series I love, so more of that is great. Horizon DLC is great.

    Loser: Yeah I actually don't think any of these were losers. Each conference showed something cool. I might not have understood why Bethesda needed a conference but it wasn't a failure, they showed two new games coming out this year.
    The closest to me not caring was EA, though I still didn't hate it. I could never hate a conference that had A Way Out, which looks great.

    Weirdos: Ubisoft. Not in a bad way. Mario + Rabbids is super weird, I just can't believe it's a real thing and that it looks as good as it does.

  • Winners: Crossplay between Xbox and Switch, building bidges is how this instrudry improves. Minecraft Better Together update, finaly a game that unifies all main platforms. As for games, Assassin's Creed Origins, just gorgeous in gameplay and visuals. Sea of Thieves also looks amazing.

    Lossers: Sony Blocking crossplay to protect children and stakeholders. Crackdown 3, the game just looks horrible, in gameplay and visuals, even worse being the 1X's launch title.

    Weirdo: Devolver conference, I actually like it. Beyond Good and Evil 2 being some kind of share world multiplayer.

    Conferences (in order):
    Ubisoft ACO is the game of the show, I like the new pressence of Yves, new IP, revival
    Sony games I haven't seen before in action
    Microsoft entertaining 40+ games conference, also OG xbox BC
    Bethesda two new games
    EA thankfully its new game is not Star Wars
    Nintendo MetroidPrime4Logo.gif

  • Just watched the Allies stream of the conference and they didn't get to see the Miles Morales reveal. It got cut short!

  • @TokyoSlim Yeah, I had to go back and watch the trailer myself. I knew something was fishy with the stream cutting back just for one second or so.

  • @TokyoSlim They saw it and didn't know what the point was. Later on they figured out it was Miles but didn't think it was worth an end credit tease.

  • Winners: Sony & Nintendo for me. I'll be getting most of the games they both showed and I don't regret buying my NS day one.

    Losers: Bethesda just because they made a theme park theme boring. Also sorry for everyone who is excited about Skyrim on NS and in VR but I just really want it to go away.

    Rank The Significance (worst to best)

    Honestly I think this year was better over all and it's kinda why there were few standouts over all. All the conferences had about the same feel to me, starting off relatively strong but slowly losing steam at the end.

  • @Inustar They only saw like 1/2 a second of it. It was clipped.

  • @TokyoSlim They definitely saw it at one point but that probably was the post show. They didn't seem impressed.

  • Banned

    @Inustar They're not impressed with anything unless it looks and plays exactly like dark souls.

  • @Art Well that's definitely not true.

    But mostly I meant they didn't think a marvel-like end credit scene of Miles wasn't worth it.

  • @Inustar Because they didn't know that's what it was until like 10 min after the conference was over, and nobody knows who Miles Morales is. When it was explained that he's ALSO a Spider Man, Huber got a bit more excited.

  • @TokyoSlim oh, yeah I just meant in the context of the way it was shown in the conference. They weren't impressed doing it after that end montage.
    I kinda agree, it should have just been at the end of the Spider-Man gameplay.

  • @Inustar Yeah, the whole Sony conference had bad flow. I mean the ending game montage had scenes from Sony commercials in it.

  • Winners:

    I don't care much for comic book heros and all, but the spider man trailer makes me want to play it.

    Never cared for GoW before now. It looks really good.

    Mario looks like a awesome game.



    This was the most anticlimactic E3 in recent memory. It wasn't bad but strong years before it and missing games made this E3 meh.


    Miscrosoft... they managed to continue being bla. They didn't bring anything new to the table that makes me want to want an Xbox. It seems like their library of exclusives is only growing through backwards compatibility and not creating new IP's. Old is new right?

    And Scorpio... ill take a PC that does it all better and has the same games.

    It feels like Sony held back for their playstation experience event. Or they had nothing left to show. Its like put together a bunch of game play videos at the last second.

  • It really hasn't been stated enough... that mouse from Moss is the cutest thing that has ever existed. I can't wait to hang out with that little fella.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I don't have VR so I won't be, but I'm sad about it.
    Mostly though it made me wish for a Redwall or Mouse Guard game.