E3's Winners, Losers, and Weirdos

  • It really hasn't been stated enough... that mouse from Moss is the cutest thing that has ever existed. I can't wait to hang out with that little fella.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I don't have VR so I won't be, but I'm sad about it.
    Mostly though it made me wish for a Redwall or Mouse Guard game.

  • Community-wise the only time I liked chat during the entire stint of press conferences was when Kyle trashed on non-nostalgic Metroid Prime games and several chat members insisted that Corruption was great. Other than that it was pretty bad. Allies-wise the jokes about the 1-minute-30 Skyrim trailers got old, and are just more another drop in the roiling pond of an irrational and reactionary gaming zeitgeist. At least Kyle picked that question, but man, did the jaded jokes get old.

    Hopefully Wednesday and Thursday are a little more coherent, because tonight was too fast and loose even for my tastes.

  • Just as a sidenote, I would also give a shoutout to Matt Blair for showing up for the EZA nintendo coverage.

  • @jipostus said in E3's Winners, Losers, and Weirdos:

    Just as a sidenote, I would also give a shoutout to Matt Blair for showing up for the EZA nintendo coverage.

    I was so happy he was there, I miss his voice of reason during one sided discussions with the allies. Shame his appearance wasn't a hint for him to becoming an ally, but it was great that he stopped by before he moves away.

  • @ZyloWolfBane where he moving? For work?

  • As far as I am concerned:

    Nintendo > Ubisoft > PC Gaming > Microsoft > Sony > EA

    It was a rather weak E3 though, I didn't get either of the two things I wanted, a port of Smash 4 or a new installment in the series, and a release date for Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. No reveal of what Retro Studios has been working on since Tropical Freeze is also a shame.

    Mario Odyssey looks stellar though, definitely Game of the Show for me.

    EDIT: Monster Hunter for PC is also a nice surprise.


    If I'm not mistaken, it'll be developed by a new development team under Nintendo, just not by Retro as the first three were.

  • Banned

    @sonmi Which is exactly why I'm worried.

  • @El-Shmiablo I don't think this should be worrying, just because it's a new team doesn't mean the developers themselves are rookies, and Nintendo's internal teams are among the best in the world. On top of that, a lot of the devs who made Metroid Prime have long left Retro, so even though they're still an amazing studio, they don't actually have more legitimacy making a Metroid game these days than anyone else.

    For all we know, this could end up being a game of the same caliber as Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey - made by Nintendo's internal teams too.

  • Winners :

    Nintendo, overall for me had a very solid E3, I think they did what they needed to do and brought the games.
    Xenoblade chronicles 2 was massive for me and its would always be a great thing knowing a new Metroid Prime game is in the works. Also I think SuperMario Odyssy could be quite possibly game of show, PURE FUN.

    Beyond good and Evil 2, im not going to lie my eyes started to sweat a little.... overall pretty good stuff from Ubi, I really liked the rabbids/Mario Xcom esque crossover too.

    God Of War; I have never played a GoW game but from what I saw, with the story and gameplay. I would probably buy a PS4 to play it.


    Im not sure what to put for this, I dont think anyone really had a bad E3.


    Sony, they kinda phoned it in. Nothing was bad, some great games but yeah...hohum.
    Microsoft were slightly above Sony IMO but only because they seemed slightly more interested but still something was missing(games).

  • @CGamor7 said in E3's Winners, Losers, and Weirdos:

    @ZyloWolfBane where he moving? For work?

    That's how he made it sound and quote "Because of this you may see more of me in fact"

  • Winners: Super Mario, Fire Emblem, and especially Metroid's new Amiibo

    Losers: Breath of the Wild's new Amiibo

    Weirdos: Rabbid's NOT Amiibo

  • @Mbun said in E3's Winners, Losers, and Weirdos:

    Winners: Super Mario and Fire Emblem's new Amiibo

    Losers: Breath of the Wild's new Amiibo

    Weirdos: Rabbid's NOT Amiibo

    I'm SO glad they didn't have a wave of amiibo for the rabbids. They announced more than enough.

  • Winners: Bowser amiibo: Gettin' hitched.

    Losers: Peach amiibo: She settled.

    Weirdos: Mario amiibo: Cucked (very /s, I just find this too funny in a Nintendo game).

  • Winners:

    1. Bethesda - Their conference, the trailers contained in it and how fantastic their two 2017 games looked (The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2) really blew me away, absolutely adored the first iterations of those franchises and am absolutely gagging to see the sequels in October. Must've watched the TEW2 trailer super-cut from the conference 30 times already.
    2. Nintendo - Their best 'Conference' in years, genuine mind-blowing surprises like Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch, the games we already knew about like SMO looked phenomenal and the vibes of Kirby/Yoshi were just so damn jolly.
    3. Ubisoft - Probably my favourite Publisher, was sceptical about The Crew 2 but they proved me wrong, some really cool surprises like BG&E2 and Skull & Bones. AC:Origins and FC5 looked better than I thought they'd be too, just a really strong showing for me. The Mario + Rabbids section at the start with Miyamoto warmed the cockles of my heart too.
    4. A Way Out - Blew my socks off and easily the highlight of that mediocre EA conference, absolutely cannot wait to play that game, HUGE fan of the studios previous game Brothers: A tale of Two Sons
    5. Sea of Thieves - Just such nice jolly vibes, still apprehensive about what the game 'is' exactly, but with mates that game will be incredible.


    1. Sony - Just such a mediocre conference and no new AAA exclusives announced. Was especially disappointing as it came after the incredible Ubisoft conference a few hours earlier, the whole of that night I was literally bubbling with gaming hype and love, expected to be blown away by Bloodborne 2, DMC5 etc. at the Sony presser but we didn't get diddly squat. No TLOUP2 either. What the fuck was that FFXV VR bit? And the whole VR section in general? Fucking horrendous.
    2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Just don't think it was a good showing really, I liked seeing the MP but as someone who already knows more than I can say about that game it didn't do a lot for me, I wanted to see a Walkthrough of the Campaign and was left disappointed.
    3. No other Star Wars games mentioned - I get that EA wanted to focus on Battlefront 2 but I am absolutely gagging to see more of Amy Hennig's 2018 Star Wars game.
    4. Forza 7 - I've played every Forza game and am a huge fan of the series but for some reason the announcement of 7 just left me cold, did absolutely nothing for me and with the amount of amazing games out in October already I can't see myself picking it up until the new year at the earliest.
    5. Xbox One X price - It's an impressive console for the price and if I didn't have my PC I'd be sorely tempted to pick one up, but for $500/£450 I think it'll only appeal to the hardcore Xbox fans, I get they probably didn't want to eat a $100 loss per system to sell it at $400/£350, but this won't hot up the console war like I hoped it would now.