Spider Monsters

  • What are some Spider Monsters that stick out to you from any game's trailer? It can be from something this E3 but I'm speaking in general. Two that come to mind from the last few days are the bear in Days Gone and the DK Rabbid in the Mario Rabbids trailers.

  • Mmmmmmmonster Hunter: World's spider monster seems to be in the title. All of the new environmental interactions like tracking; gathering sonic, flash, and fire bombs that exist as nuts on the ground; destructible trees with vines that can trap monsters; and of course water that sweep hunters and monsters alike down inclines. You can see that toward the end of this clip.


  • Banned

    No spiders come to mind, but I did see a giant enemy crab recently.

  • Yeah the two that come to mind are the DK Rabbids and the zombie bear.
    Not necessarily a spider monster since it wasn't an end reveal, but Liesel in the Wolfenstein trailer was great.

  • DK rabbids
    Zombie bear
    Gian snake in Assasin's Creed
    Mario as a dinosaur

  • Beyond Good and Evil 2 being so adult was my spider monster I suppose. I only briefly played the original, but it seemed almost kid friendly and definitely no swearing.

    The swearing monkey and pig who kill and laugh about it was unexpected.