EZA Viewer Bets

  • After watching the EZA's betting special, a few of us Discord users decided to make our own bet. How many minutes of Battlefront 2 footage would be shown at the EA Panel. The losers would have to write a poem about Jar Jar Binks to whoever had the closest guess.

    As one of the losers, I thought I'd share my poem for everyone as well as just Pigagreg, so here it is. If any other allies made any other bets with friends they'd like to share feel free to add them here.

    Is Life a Test, The Story of Jar Jar Binks

    Is life a test, a test of pain.
    To live the life of exiles bane.
    Losing your home, your friends, your all.
    Wandering swamps for ever more.

    Is life a test, a test of luck.
    To always escape when truely stuck.
    Wandering aimlessly like a lost nomad.
    To being saved by Jedi from things bombad

    Is life a test, a test of might.
    To be invited to join the fight.
    Joining a war against the Federation
    Who's home, their droid army invaded.

    Is life a test, a test of pride.
    To have friends standing by your side.
    Your leader holds aloft a mighty sphere.
    And shouts of peace, all of Naboo cheer.

    Is life a test, a test of trust.
    As war breaks out, peace turns to dust.
    A chancellor believes he could end it all.
    With emergency power to stop the Republic's fall.

    Is life a test, a test of blame.
    To try in vein to clear your name.
    The Empire's rise is strong and true.
    Everyone was fooled, but they all blame you.

    Is life a test, a test of time.
    To hit rock bottom despite your climb.
    From end up back where you started from.
    Exiled and living on the streets of a slum.