Plea for the return of Love & Respect

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    I mean it was all in good fun it seemed like, and it's fun to tease ben. But yeah, I was losing a little respect for the other allies after that. There IS a market for these games

    Day 1 for me for sure :3

  • @ZyloWolfBane Despite the stiff discussion, it honestly piqued my interest a little, so I'm glad they brought it up, in some form or another. What can I say... anime butts drive me nuts. Thanks chat.

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    @ZyloWolfBane Despite the stiff discussion, it honestly piqued my interest a little, so I'm glad they brought it up, in some form or another. What can I say... anime butts drive me nuts. Thanks chat.

    Sounded like Splatoon, with fan service. I can see where that would interest people.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Lewd Splatoon.

  • Lol, yeah, I'd be lying if I said the comparison to Splatoon didn't make my ears perk up.

  • I won't pretend to be a huge Senran Kagura fan but Estival Versus is a super fun musou and Peach Beach Splash looks like a super fun shooter. I wouldn't say not to judge the book by its cover since I mean, those covers are pretty accurate, but there's more to them than just fanservice.

  • @SabotageTheTruth If you think that's funny, you should hear how honest the series' director/producer is about what he loves, lol.

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    @SabotageTheTruth If you think that's funny, you should hear how honest the series' director/producer is about what he loves, lol.

    He's more shameless about it than Yoko Taro is. It's pretty hilarious.

  • @DeweyDTruman Difficult to judge the book by its cover, when the cover is censored in the west.

    Okay, I just wanted to make that joke. It's not really censored, just different, better looking even in my humble opinion.

  • anime butts drive me nuts

    Now THERE'S a T-shirt

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    anime butts drive me nuts

    Now THERE'S a T-shirt

    I can get behind this!

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    Heh, you should've seen the Twitch chat last night when Ben and Brad were discussing their impressions of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

    I felt bad for him, you could see that sense of shame on his face. It's like being a school kid and you like something that "Isn't cool" and everyone makes you feel bad for liking it.

    And in this sense he was doing his job, whether he's into it or not isn't in question. I get that the other allies were uncomfortable discussing it, but we're all adults here, there should've been a little more professionalism.

    This is how I felt, thank you for putting into words I couldn't figure out!

    So glad to see at least some interest in this game in the thread! ;-; All I ever wanted.

  • Well with games like Senran Kagura where I couldn't really care less about the characters, concept, etc. it's a similar deal to me as with games like that Mario x Rabbids game. It's all about the gameplay. At the end of the day that's generally what matters when it comes games. Do you find enjoyment in playing it?
    I mean let's be honest here, Pokemon is aimed at kids. Does that stop grown people like Kyle and Brandon from liking it? No. Do I think any less of them for liking it? No.
    To me someone liking something like Senran Kagura is the same as enjoying Pokemon or that Mario x Rabbids game and I think (not pointing any fingers here) that it would be wrong to think less of people for liking either of these things.

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    @SabotageTheTruth If you think that's funny, you should hear how honest the series' director/producer is about what he loves, lol.

    Just thinking about whate he, Yoko Taro and Hideki Kamiya could create together makes me
    alt text

  • @Musou-Tensei Think that'd cause some kind of paradox.

  • Doesn't this seem to always happen around E3 (or other large events) though? EZA gets a lot more exposure this time of year (Huber Reactions/Brand Manager out GREASING PALMS) so there's new people in the chats/yt/whatever that don't really know about the L&R community concept, just checking out "funny reaction videos" they heard about.

    Sure most of the scoff when presented with the concept of "hey, this isn't supposed to be an endless whining/bitching sessions, that's not what EZA is about", but some people pay attention and stick around. A week or so after E3 things generally return to normal I expect.

  • During the reaction streams, I chose to ignore chat because I feared the hate that would spew from it. I found out later that this was a good decision. These kind of chat conflict points have occurred before, like last year's E3, The Trial of Kyle Bosman, some group streams, and a lot of the EZA YouTube videos (although that's unsurprising, because YouTube's comment sections are notorious for this kind of community conflict). There has been one troll who has been posting flamebait (comments that are meant to create conflict) throughout today's E3 Impressions Twitch stream, and stuff like that is very annoying. I've seen mods get anxious about Twitch chat before (because of the elements that were shown above), and I saw a prevalent Twitch viewer decide to never watch EZA again after seeing how chat was acting during the EZA podcast last Tuesday.

    Despite that, there is jolliness that is there in the chat. The Love & Respect is still there; it just gets a little muddy when there are major events or other scenarios where sarcasm and jokes are too prevalent. Every community has pitfalls like these, but I'm impressed that we're still conveying Love & Respect during these events, despite the muddiness.

  • Unfortunately for some people, the only attention they get is through stirring things up on the internet. Whenever I think of each and every member of EZA, and everyone in chat, Twitter, forum etc. I think positivity and joy. I'm surprised there has been a negative aspect that crept in.

    Was there ever any negativity back when they were at GT? I cant remember a single instance. It was the case also, where you could disappear for weeks on end, and once you returned, people would remember you. Ask how you were doing etc. A lot even met IRL. Even today I seen Heistboots was in Ireland with a few others she met through this great bunch of people. That's the power of the internet being used in a positive way, and for what EZA stands for. Love and Respect.

  • This thread has been a real good read. Allow me to leave a few responses to common themes instead of tagging 10 people:

    I was part of another forum for a good bit of time until serious toxicity started to become more rampant. I took a break from that forum for about a month but then I decided to dip my toes back in as it were. I then shortly afterwards found a thread that was quite profane and sentiment was HIGHLY opinionated in being ANTI the very group the forum was a part of. At that point, I decided to leave that community except for the people I became friends with beforehand. I don't ever want to deal with those kinds of people.

    As for EZA Twitch chat, I can't ever catch livestreams that interest me live, so I watch the archives via Twitch. And when I do, the chat is ALWAYS closed. This is more to focus on the Allies, but a small part of not having the best experiences. But from what I remember, it isn't terrible on average, just incorrigible during major events.

    As for being here on the forums, this and the Community Comments video is where I interact with others on a somewhat consistent basis. Even then, that video is just a way to say what the month has meant to me and move on, but I really enjoy listening to my fellow Allies' thoughts about whatever they decided to post about for that month (Spoilers: I'm SO SORRY for May's video).

    While my reputation for a couple of people has been a maniacal overlord forcing people to kill their babies, I stand by that being a great avenue to learn about people's tastes and I enjoyed reading the conversations that took place there.

    In terms of others' opinions, I try to be as open as I can. To provide a couple of examples, the Community threads that are currently sitting in the Hall of Fame subforum are my favorite, as the conversations there were civil, fun, and I got to learn, read and see the passion we all have for whatever was being discussed. Another is this year's E3 conference ranking. Personally, I feel Nintendo had the best and Bethesda the worst. And I'm POSITIVE there is complete disagreement about that. That's cool! I love talking about that kind of thing, so I HOPE people disagree with me about that stuff, as it provides excellent talking points and because out here off of the computer I don't have an avenue to discuss gaming, this place is a wonderful outlet.

    With that being said, there have been very few times I HAVE gotten into disagreement here that has proceeded beyond what I hope for ("I don't like [my interest here]!" "Oh, why?" [sees reasons] "Ok, here is why your points, WHICH ARE VALID AND I AM NOT DISAGREEING WITH YOU, don't bother me as much or why I FEEL they are actually positives.") After my response, there is IMMEDIATELY one to some effect of "You're wrong/that opinion is garbage/what you think doesn't matter." Even when I try to stay level headed, in the split-moment of feeling attacked, I want to believe in the best of others, not having to defend myself. If there IS an escalation, I try to simultaneously de-escalate any tempers while clearing any potential confusion that has occurred.

    That only stings when there is a break down of being clear: I NEVER try to change another's opinion, only know what's different from mine, why, and understand it. If I see something I disagree with, if it's minor or I'm COMPLETELY against it, my response is the same: I respectfully disagree. The MOMENT ANYONE claims, at any time for any reason a person's OPINION is wrong, and any other colorful word you want to place here, THAT is a personal attack, gets nowhere productive, becomes the catalyst for the incendiary cesspools of hate that is unwelcome, and above all else targets the person who says the opinion is bad as someone not worth interacting with.

    Yes, over the course of my time in this forum, I have come to recognize some as people I'm not sure I would interact with well, but I try to be polite, courteous, and 1/2 of the brand: respectful. Disagreement is a given, but its how we choose to act in the moment someone disagrees with us that makes us examples to follow, or the very trolls we despise.

    I love it here. This forum 99% of the time I've been here has had nothing but positive returns. Even though my interaction may be small, it is nonetheless the kind I have wanted.

    So whether you think I'm alright, have no opinion of me, don't like me for whatever reason, or outright hate my guts, Love and Respect to one and all

  • @Brannox Well said, even if you're the chairman of POOP.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Uh, CEO AND Executive Decision Holder, thank you! X-)