Ace Combat 7 (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • The newest entry in niche, but much beloved franchise. Ace Combat 7 is set to launch some time in 2017 for the first time on multiple platforms including the PC. Taking place in a fictional strange version of Earth with real aircraft.

    Here are the current trailers:
    PSX 2015 trailer

    Extended PSX 2016 trailer

    E3 2017 trailer

    F-14D gameplay

  • I'm very excited for another Ace Combat story. I don't think I'm ready to drop $400 on first generation VR just to be in a cockpit, but it's cool that they're doing it. Maybe this style of game will even help people to hold their lunch as opposed to walking games.

    And how didn't this game make it into Playstation's VR presentation if they only had a bunch of indie games and ports for VR? This is a full AAA game! Bloody too cool for Persona Sony.

  • Between this and RE7 I'll probably get a VR headset Eventually, but the games come first. As for why this didn't show up during the briefing the only reasons I could think of is either that it's not full VR and thus they didn't want to put it with other VR titles, or that they're saving their big guns for PSX and will give it some screen time there. I also hope this game expands on Zeros branching story line.

  • Considering how deathly afraid of heights I can be, it's surprising how much I love flying in games. I adore games like Rogue Squadron, the first HAWX, and of course, Ace Combat. This game alone makes me think VR may possibly be a good investment. At the very least, I would love to get a flight stick for the PS4 to really enjoy the feeling of piloting a fighter.

    Also, I reeeeaaallly hope they include an A-10 Warthog/Thunderbolt in this game. Whereas it's an awful air-to-air combatant, it's hard to match the exhilaration of unleashing massive rocket barrages on ground units. My dad was an A-10 mechanic in the Air Force, and I remember stories of its unbelievable resiliency in Desert Storm. And that 3,900 rpm gatling gun in the front...

  • @Billy Luckily the A-10 is already confirmed you can see it briefly at around 1:38 in the E3 2017 trailers.

    also some HQ screenshots on the Ace Combat wiki

    also here's a good hanger shot from the Ace combat twitter

  • @maximumbueno Awesome! I try not to watch trailers for games I know I'll buy, so I didn't know. I love the obligatory A10 missions. :)

  • I bought psvr for RE7 and loved it, but since then it's been collecting a bit of dust. I'll probably get this just to give it a shot. Never played an Ace Combat before, although I do own that one spinoff they did on the Wii? The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces?

  • @Billy I respect the media blackouts, Also speaking of A-10 missions. The A-10 is easily the best plane to take down the Agaion and it's escorts in Ace Combat 6. Fuel airbombs are OP against flying aircraft carriers

    @Minamik If you have a PS2 I'd definitely try and track down the holy trinity (Ace Combat 4, 5, Zero). In my Opinion these are some of the best games on the PS2 and will let you know what you in for. If that's not possible, but you have a 360 look into Ace Combat 6. However, avoid Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

  • @maximumbueno We'll see how I feel after vr and anime Ace Combat, haha. Thanks for the reccomends though.

  • I have a X52 Pro Flight Stick and haven't really used it. (It has very bad reviews recently, it was rated highly when I bought it...kinda worried about that).

    Definitely could use some Ace Combat to put it to use. Tempted to pick up a Vive or Oculus, but at this point I kinda want to wait for a solid wireless solution or higher resolution HMD.

  • So excited to play this! haven't played a ace combat game since 5!

  • Didn't had this on my radar but after seeing the E3 trailer and gameplay I'm sold, glad to see they went back to the fictional universe.

  • @Stormcrownn Unfortunately I haven't hard much in the way of peripheral support, although I do know that the VR segments are limited to PS4 right now.

    @Bigdude1. Been waiting for this for nearly 10 years. I liked Assault Horizon more than most, but It was a still a bust. And I just couldn't hang with Infinities F2P model. So hype is through the roof.

    @Musou-Tensei Feels good to spread the hype.

  • Been neglecting my own thread, But there's been some good stuff released since my last update.

    TGS 2017 trailer

    gamescom 2017 traier

    PGW VR gameplay/trailer

    Post stall trailer

    post stall gameplay/commentary

    F-2A and F-35C screenshots

    BTW the PSVR campaign puts you back in Mobious squad, but it hasn't been confirmed if you're Mobious 1 again.

  • An new epic trailer, befitting of Ace Combat. There's a release date too, January 18th 2019 (February 1st 2019 for Steam). Hoping there's no delays again.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541 i wish they would release the vr portion to the vive, i really wanna try it!

  • Anybody looking foward to using the T-flight Hotas flight stick for either the Xbox one or the ps4? I'm definately buying one for the xbox one for this game and for elite dangerous

  • New trailer from the Golden Joystick Awards. It's decent.
    Youtube Video

  • Looks like this is the trailer for the upcoming DLC missions. Incoming third party?
    Youtube Video

  • Finally, release dates for the DLC missions! Not to mention an epic trailer to show it. The first mission is released on my birthday too. Hype!

    Youtube Video