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  • @LordBaztion I think Kyle is spot on. You can't realistically ask developers to do that though since it's clearly very pro consumer.

  • @LordBaztion it will be interesting if this whole thing heats up a bit once Rocket League for Switch releases and the Minecraft update gets pushed out. Also Sony better hope they have some selling points for devs and consumers that are true if they don't want it to take off.

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    @LordBaztion But why would Sony try to dissuade people from using Cross Play when they have been one of the biggest proponents for the feature for 3 generations?
    Sony are hugely PRO cross platform, but they also don't want Microsoft biting off that cookie. Accepting MS into an infrastructure Sony and other developers have already built only benefits Microsoft. Sony aren't about the take an L and go "Why sure MS, you can have access to a playerbase that triples your own".

  • @El-Shmiablo What infrastructure? You realize PSN (and Xbox Live for that matter) are little more than a messaging friends list. When you play Rocket League, Battlefield, CoD, pretty much the only time you communicate with Sony or Xbox servers is to get your list of friends and to see if you're "allowed" to play online. You're not playing on some magical network of servers that Sony has set aside for your amusement. Each of the devs (or publishers) are paying for and supporting any dedicated servers you play on. Prior to this whole discussion about cross play the only thing stopping cross play is whatever agreements are in place with the platform holders in the licensing agreements. The only people that are left out in the cold while this argument lingers on are the devs and the gamers. For some reason you seem to think that whatever your rival console is will somehow miraculously win this imaginary war in your head if cross platform play becomes a thing.

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    @binarymelon Calm down, big fella. You might want to look up the definition of infrastructure before you start bursting veins.

    I don't think anybody will win anything if full cross platform becomes a thing. (Hell, lets be honest, the XBox would need a fucking miracle at this point to even come close to catching up to the PS4.)
    However I do understand WHY Sony isn't exactly ready to give Microsoft a helping hand and hand them access to a playerbase that dwarves their own. I don't understand WHY it is so hard for you to grasp that this isn't a good business move for Sony.

    However this does not suddenly make Sony some evil anti-crossplay boogeyman. As I have stated before, they have been and currently are the biggest supporters for cross play of any major console manufacturer. Right now I can play Street Fighter V, Paragon, Rocket League, Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite, E.V.E. Valkyrie, DC Universe Online, War Thunder, Disc Jam, and a lot of other games with PS4 and PC folk. On XBox, I can play Forza, Gears and... maybe a few others at some indeterminate point in the future.

    My point is, it doesn't make sense for Sony to start dissuading people from using Cross Play when they support it more than anybody else.


    Maybe this is how we get cross play with consoles. Just don't ask permission. This will likely get turned off real quickly.

  • @binarymelon fun fact, Microsoft made Fortnite remove cross platform play with PC and Xbox

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    @ib0show Any particular reason why?

  • @ib0show said in PS4 Cross-play:

    @binarymelon fun fact, Microsoft made Fortnite remove cross platform play with PC and Xbox

    @El-Shmiablo said in PS4 Cross-play:

    @ib0show Any particular reason why?

    More importantly, where is that confirmed?

    Edit: Apparently it was in patch notes during an update. It seems odd.

  • Patch notes originally said crossplay was removed due to MS' policies but later was changed to give no explanation. My take is that MS' policies for crossplay are tighter than Sony's, like in the FF14 situation. However, as cases like Rocket League and others show, it isn't imposible to have crossplay between xbox and PC. I hope they figure that out so, they can keep pushing this topic.

    At least children are safe now

  • Looks like the "Better Together" update for Minecraft update just dropped. I wonder if we'll see in an uptick in the amount of people pushing Sony to play nice.

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    @binarymelon I doubt it. Sony has been playing nice for a decade now. I don't think copying Sony is going to intimidate them much.

  • Minecraft isn't cross platform on xbox with Windows until this update?

  • @ib0show I'm honestly not sure. I think there's multiple clients (Java & Win10) for PC/Windows. No idea if the windows edition was crossplay.

  • Crazy Justice offers crossplay between Xbox One, Switch and PC

  • @LordBaztion I like this response

    I was thinking, "You spelled policies wrong...wait, no that's right."

  • Looks like there's another one.

  • #BuildTheList

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    Still a pretty tiny list compared to what is currently available cross-platform on PS4.

  • @El-Shmiablo You just keep trolling.