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  • So, as my username suggests, its no surprise that of course the Shenmue franchise is my favorite videogame franchise of all time. I know opinions are always divided on it, which I respect, but the timing and what it achieved at that point in video games as a whole was an amazing feat. I first heard of Huber and the guys whilst they were at GT back at the beginning of 2015 when they were doing playthroughs of Shenmue 2 and was just so over the moon to hear people like Huber speaking so fondly about Yu Suzukis grand saga.

    So, of course I had to ask, is there any Shenmue fans on the forums? Is there anyone who has not played them yet? Looking forward to Shenmue 3? (I did a search for any existing threads and couldn't see any, so sorry mods, please direct and lock if necessary! :D )

  • The first Shenmue was the reason I got a Dreamcast, and it exceeded my expectations. As someone who spend $500 on Shenmue 3's Kickstarter. I'm definitely excited lol.

  • Love Shenmue!

    Didn't play it until around 2011, thought it still held up well. There are problems UI and control wise, but not enough to make it not enjoyable

    Have the second one on Xbox and can't wait for Shenmue was the announcement of E3 for me, not FF7 remake, which if you want to go enjoy that story, you can still play the original, but Shenmue 3 is a new experience!

  • I remember the day I first plopped the Shenmue Demo into my DC. I was hooked. I'd read just about everything about it prior, but to get to play it was a dream. I remember waking up the day of its release and getting down town for 8:30 before the shop opened. The game was just that good, I loved every minute of it.

    I actually remember the release day of Shenmue II just as well. It was such an up and down for me between releases. I was keeping track of news just as much as ever back then and there was all this news of Shenmue II being cancelled for over seas. But no, it ended up being revealed that it was the US only, and we thankfully received the second game on Dreamcast here in the EU, shame it was now sub only though, I was out late the night before SII's release. I remember waking up, still drunk, and walking into town to get it. REZ and Agent Under Fire were actually out at the same time, so I actually grabbed all three together.

  • As much as I loved the first Shenmue. Shenmue II was just epic to me. Shenmue II's story is just so much more involving.

    The only thing I wished Shenmue 2 had was the practice areas to buff up your skills.

  • I didn't have a dreamcast, but I have very fond memories of hanging out with a friend in college who did and playing a lot of Shenmue.

    Well I played with those kittens a lot. That felt so groundbreaking to me at the time.
    I really hope there's a remaster cause I want to finish the first game and play the second.

  • I'm a huge Shenmue fan. I bought the first because I had a little money at the time and was the only game I saw that interested me at the store. Was addicted ever since. Bought an Xbox for Halo, but stayed with the Xbox family because of Shenmue II. I still remember the adrenaline rush I got after getting to the top of the building at the end of Shenmue II.

    Also, @ShenmueGuru love the avatar! When did you meet Yu Suzuki and what was he like?!

  • Loved the Shenmue games and dreamcast in general was one of my favourite systems ever, backed Shenmue 3 to a pretty high tier within minutes of the announcement :D

    Really hoping we get those HD remasters, havent been able to play them in years since UK & ireland Dreamcasts seemed to break so easily

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    Nice to see you about SG!

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to it, I'm really hoping they do something with 1&2 beforehand though, I know there's a lot of factors playing into a 'HD' re-release of the first games.

    They were very ahead of their time in a lot of respects, so it would be nice for a new generation of people to dive in before 3 gets released.

  • Shenmue and Shenmue II of two of my favourite games and have had a huge impact on my life. I cried when the Kickstarter for Shenmue III was announced all it took was the sight of that petal and the swell of the music and the tears were streaming down my face. I cannot wait to play the final game no matter what form it takes as long as I get to see Ryo's story continue I will be happy.

  • Huge fan, I had a demo disc from I think the Official Dreamcast magazine that had a video of Shenmue explaining the FREE system they were using. I watched it every night leading up to the release. Once I finally got the game I was not disappointed. The game did so many amazing things, not just for its time but just in general. Every NPC in the game has a backstory, most of this is never really told in game, but the passport disc and stat guide had every characters age, blood type and backstory. While you might just walk up to some random guy and ask him where sailors hang out, did you know he is the dad to one of your highschool friends? That he's an architect that is struggling to keep his marriage afloat and connect to his children? This stuff doesn't really come into play within the game, but I thought it was so fascinating they put the time in to give characters you may never interact with this type of meaning behind their "I'm too tired right now" dialogue.

    Also I loved how different events could happen depending on how you play and when events were triggered. I know there's one scene where Ryo's friends show up at his house, you go to a room in his house that is otherwise never used and have a heart to heart with your friends and how Ryo is acting differently. My friend made that scene the voice mail message I get when I call him.

    I could go on and on, I loved living in that world and just letting it completely take over my imagination. I don't know if 3 can live up to what 1 and 2 did in this day an age but I'm just glad we're getting more after a super weird end to Shenmue 2

  • Great to see the Shenmue love in the house of EZA!

    They are leaps and bounds my favourite games of all time. I have Shenmue tattooed on my left arm and I had the pleasure of meeing Suzuki-san 3 times last year.

    I have taken a step back from the Shenmue community as of late (I stream and am a staff member of the Shenmue Dojo fansite), due to it getting all a little too much. The series was dormant for a long time, with a great community being formed, and friendships made. Not its went mainstream these past couple of years, there has been a big influx across the board of participation. Before I could blink, it was 2 years later and I had put so much of my own time and effort into it I needed to take a break and chill out.

    But the monthly updates for Shenmue 3 always pull me right back in, and when the game itself hits, as well as Shenmue HD...... man I am nervous to even see Huber when that happens. 15 years. Its a very long time to wait on something we now know is coming.

  • You think they reveal Shenmue HD at PSX? It feels like they have to at this point...

  • @WarpDogsVG the Kickstarter email they sent out a few days ago said Shenmue was going to be at Gamescom with a lot of stuff. While Shenmue HD is more Sega than Suzuki, I would hope Sega would allow Suzuki to be the one to announce it. So for now I'm hoping Shenmue HD for Gamescom. We can hope!