Noodles & Broth

  • Hey allies! Inspired by the recent (and previous) E3 Frame Trap from what you have seen is your E3 Noodles & Broth. Care to eloborate if you feel the need to.

  • @FutureCorpse You know, even after watching all these Frame Traps I'm still not 100% sure what the difference is supposed to be :D

  • @Greymarch From my understanding it's that Noodles are the Main thing you're trying to "offer", and Broth is something that goes well with the Noodles. So basically two things you're interested, that you're hyping up for others, that also go relatively well together. Either they balance each other out to make cohesive experience, another one makes other spicier or one is so fulfilling that other is there just to let you take it easy etc. I think you'll get the picture.

    As for my Noodles and Broth, I have to still process all of this E3 through... So many great games, I have to take a while to figure this out.

  • Noodles: Monster Hunter: World

    • It looks like the next step in Monster Hunter, which I felt was mostly status quo on 3DS after Tri was intensely ambitious.

    Broth: Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    • It's another studio developing a prequel without Ashly Burch voicing Chloe or the all-important rewind mechanic, but I'm still excited for this game. I don't need it to be as incredible as the first game, I just need it to tide me over until season 2, which seems to be an entirely new setting and cast of characters.

    Spice: If Breath of the Wild is a known quantity and Monster Hunter is coming out for a different platform, why still be excited about the Switch?

    • I'm very picky about my Nintendo games. Mario is nice and all, but it's never going to be a system seller in my eyes. I'm in it for Paper Mario, Metroid Prime, and Zelda; and a few random new concepts like Luigi's Mansion, Mario Strikers, and Pikmin. I don't regret my Switch purchase despite Zelda doing nothing for me and Monster Hunter going to another platform for at least the next year. I'm not a very reactionary person, but at the same rate most games other people are fanatical about underwhelm me, which is why I feel like a lot of Playstation games aren't for me. I think The Last of Us was the last one I was really impressed by first-party wise, and we should all be wary of Sony gaining a monopoly.

    • Metroid Prime 4's announcement for Switch helps me to approve of the platform, since it's Nintendo's commitment to make a *first-person shooter adventure-puzzler instead of just more 2D platformers. And while I don't approve of those Sony-style tactics of announcing a game way too early for system sales, I think Metroid was a special case with how much negative press Nintendo was getting for not saying anything. So yeah, while I'm not excited for many games outside of Monster Hunter and Metroid Prime, I think Switch has every bit as much of a reason to exist as the crossplatform systems.

  • @Greymarch Same, although that's largely because I flip the significance of the noodles and broth; most places can do a solid noodle, but a great broth completely elevates the bowl!