Trailer Jones: Scores and Discussion

  • I can not fathom how that can be considered a good trailer, let alone that good of one.

  • I thought it was pretty good. These kind of games are always hard to sell and the literal concept of this game is the philosophy of Alan Watts mechanically rendered into visual form - so I'm pretty sure this is a great way to demonstrate it.

  • @Tragosaurus For what the game actually is, it's an exceptional trailer. I can easily say Everything isn't for everyone but for those willing to challenge convention a bit, I think it's an important game. Not only is Alan Watts some brilliant listening material, it's rare we ever get to see philosophical concepts in games, much less see them have mechanics relating to the concepts presented - only Persona and Jung spring to mind. It's an extremely honest trailer from the other gameplay videos I've watched, as you mostly control various "objects" in the universe, shrinking/growing in scope and size, while Watts discusses his philosophy with you.

    The only thing that felt "off" about the conversation about the trailer is how they mentioned the trailer might rely on Watt's speech a bit too much. Considering he's got a lot of dialogue in the game, it makes sense to include a lot of it in the trailer because he obviously inspired the game and in some ways, is a feature of it. I do agree though, it's a bit on the long side.

    Also, if anyone at all was interested with what Watts was saying, there's a ton of his speeches available on YouTube, sometimes with animations and such demonstrating his points. I highly recommend checking him out. Even if you don't necessarily agree with his thoughts, he's got a unique worldview that he articulates well and offers a fresh perspective.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Trailer Jones: Scores and Discussion:

    Considering he's got a lot of dialogue in the game

    Oh he does? I didn't know that, I just figured it was a thing used for the trailer. In that case including so much of it made sense, but I think 10 minutes is way too long.

    I will admit it is hard for me to separate this trailer and my interest in the game because of how absolutely little I care for this game, and that's on me. There are plenty of games I'm not interested in with trailers I can get behind, this is just not one of them. I thought it was absurdly too long for what it was and relied solely on Alan Watts' VO, but if the VO is actually in the game then I can take that part back.

  • @Tragosaurus Yeah, Kyle mentioned it as well but it kinda got buried and ignored in the discussion. When I was watching the Grumps play through it, my initial impressions were of course to laugh at the walking "animations" but then I really perked up once I heard Watts' voice.

  • I miss the intro/outro music that was used during the E3 Trailer Jones. :(

  • I love it when a trailer makes me feel stupid for wondering why everyone else loves it.

  • Episode 3 is live!

  • I accidentally read the comments section. Be forewarned: people arguing about whether a thing is or is not "anime" as far as the eye can see.

  • This trailer made me wish they had someone in on the discussion who was more of an Overwatch fan. I would have loved the opinion of a fan on how the trailer worked, cause this is a trailer more concerned with impressing fans.
    But overall I agreed with them, even though I knew all the answers to their questions about when it takes place and whom Doomfist is. It was fun seeing a traditional animated trailer instead of the CG ones, which I think worked best for this. Doomfist pretty much killing Tracer I don't think would have worked as well in CG.

  • @Inustar Yeah, I had a similar thought for the trailer of Everything - I was hoping Ian would be on since he's more in tune with philosophy and would have added an interesting perspective. This trailer for Overwatch would have been great to get Brad's view on. An optional 4th member scoring the trailers would add a lot, at least for me.

  • Episode 4 has dropped!

  • I think the Ready Player One trailer was kind of a mess, but weirdly I think that was good?
    Its not a trailer that is there to explain the concept to people who haven't read the book, it's just there to show you cool things and tons of references.

    Not sure how this movie will turn out, but I already look forward to buying the dvd and pausing to see all the references.

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  • That Deadpool 2 trailer got a weirdly high score. After seeing the movie I'm really happy I never watched that Final Trailer. There was way too much in it, too many things I would've known beforehand.

    Well, now in hindsight it was pretty funny to see their speculation about what's next in the parachute scene. :)

  • I love how Kyle said not every trailer ends with pre order and then drops all of his scores because all of the trailers ends with pre order.

  • The Deadpool trailer was pretty good for not showing spoilers, a lot of scenes filmed that weren't even in the movie. I do love when trailers do that.

    I would love to see them score the Mission Impossible trailer.

  • It's that time again, as the E3 2018 Special is live! Top post has been added to accordingly.

  • For the life of me, I can't figure out what it is about that Cyberpunk trailer that's got them so hot under the collar, when it basically has all of the same issues that they docked BGE2 for, but at least that gave you a sense of the characters and story.

  • Also, I finally realized why I knew from the rat pov camera that it was RE2 Remake. They've used the rat pov before, and I specifically remembered it from the intro scene to Outbreak.