Trailer Jones: Scores and Discussion

  • For the life of me, I can't figure out what it is about that Cyberpunk trailer that's got them so hot under the collar, when it basically has all of the same issues that they docked BGE2 for, but at least that gave you a sense of the characters and story.

  • Also, I finally realized why I knew from the rat pov camera that it was RE2 Remake. They've used the rat pov before, and I specifically remembered it from the intro scene to Outbreak.

  • @minamik I admit the thought occurred to me as well. The two trailers differ in one big way though, Cyberpunk is essentially a first reveal trailer. (The one five years ago wasn't really anything but a call for developers.) BGE2 had their reveal trailer last year. This is the trailer that traditionally would show some sort of gameplay or something. I think it's the expectations given the timeline that make them different. If Cyberpunk shows up at next E3 without gameplay, I think they'll be docked for it.

  • That Cyberpunk trailer is amazing because of all that it shows of the world, and the people that live in it. It really is one to be watched multiple times, and seeing the hints of gameplay. You get the idea that you'll be driving, that you'll be upgrading parts of your body, the types of people you'll meet and likely fight, and if you know the original rpg even the classes that we'll likely see. It's a great world reveal.

    BGE2 trailers have been AMAZING short movies, like easily up there with Blizzard. I would love for them to continue these, but I do think the next big trailer needs to have more gameplay. A trailer similar to Last of Us Part II would be great, great cinematics bookending gameplay.

  • The Comic Con Special for 2018 is live! And with it, we have the worst scored trailer in the seven episodes to date.

  • I'm a little bummed that Kyle doesn't know who Mark Strong is.

    Anyway, that Godzilla trailer is beautiful, I really like it. And I feel like I have to watch the 2014 film again soon, as I noticed recently in the Kong movie that the Monarch agency is a cool idea that ties all these together. I'm into this world.

  • New episode is live!

  • That Gris game is one of those games that if I had a ton of money I would totally play. It looks gorgeous and interesting, but priorities lie elsewhere.
    These are the games that I thank PS+ for, small indie games I can get to play for free. It's how I got to play Bound and Abzu.

  • Episode 9 has dropped, and with it, the unequivocal KING and undisputed winner of the single worst trailer graded out by Easy Allies.

  • Episode 10 has arrived and with it, the first time the entire group is uniform in a score in the show's EZA iteration.

  • Another good example of the universe bending to the will of Huber. All final scores were what Huber alone gave each trailer.

  • Episode 11 is live and with it, probably two of the most talked about trailers if not in the second half of the year, then the entirety of 2018.

  • So we got 2 Trailer Jones in "November" so we are also getting another this month? I hope The Game Awards has a couple good ones.

  • @iboshow Yes, in the audio post on Patreon, Jones confirmed there will be one final one before the year is out.

    So expect it mid January X-)

    But in all seriousness, a post-Game Awards episode would be really good.

  • While the newest episode is live, it's a solo show focusing more on topics, so there isn't a panel, and there are no scores.

  • Newest episode is LIVE! And with it, comes some critical notes on some lackluster trailers.

  • Episode 16 is one of the better ones (to me) in a while and it's LIVE! A fun idea to take a trailer that's not from the same month, but an appealing selection this go round.

  • I am super bummed no one could think of Peter Stormare's name. He is, by far, one of my favorite character actors. I've always felt like everyone should know who he is.
    Youtube Video

  • @sazime I was more bummed that I was the only one in the comments

  • @sazime I too am shocked no one remembers Peter Stormare, since he's so memorable, but then I remembered that I'm the person who always learns the names of the"Hey its that guy" actors. They tend to be some of my favourites, and I always think they deserve recognition.