Trailer Jones: Scores and Discussion

  • I'm a little bummed that Kyle doesn't know who Mark Strong is.

    Anyway, that Godzilla trailer is beautiful, I really like it. And I feel like I have to watch the 2014 film again soon, as I noticed recently in the Kong movie that the Monarch agency is a cool idea that ties all these together. I'm into this world.

  • New episode is live!

  • That Gris game is one of those games that if I had a ton of money I would totally play. It looks gorgeous and interesting, but priorities lie elsewhere.
    These are the games that I thank PS+ for, small indie games I can get to play for free. It's how I got to play Bound and Abzu.

  • Episode 9 has dropped, and with it, the unequivocal KING and undisputed winner of the single worst trailer graded out by Easy Allies.

  • Episode 10 has arrived and with it, the first time the entire group is uniform in a score in the show's EZA iteration.

  • Another good example of the universe bending to the will of Huber. All final scores were what Huber alone gave each trailer.

  • Episode 11 is live and with it, probably two of the most talked about trailers if not in the second half of the year, then the entirety of 2018.

  • So we got 2 Trailer Jones in "November" so we are also getting another this month? I hope The Game Awards has a couple good ones.

  • @iboshow Yes, in the audio post on Patreon, Jones confirmed there will be one final one before the year is out.

    So expect it mid January X-)

    But in all seriousness, a post-Game Awards episode would be really good.

  • While the newest episode is live, it's a solo show focusing more on topics, so there isn't a panel, and there are no scores.

  • Newest episode is LIVE! And with it, comes some critical notes on some lackluster trailers.