Favorite FE Characters

  • So I've been on a bit of a Fire Emblem kick lately. I've recently been playing Echoes and really enjoying it, and with most FE I find myself becoming attached to individual characters. I was curious as to what the other Allies favorite characters in the FE they are currently playing (if they are currently playing one) and/or their favorite character in the FE series.

    Echoes: really diggin Saber. One eyed gruff characters always end up on my favorites.

    Series: gotta give it up for my girl Lucina.


  • Heroes got me interested in Titania and Olwen, but I've never played the games they're from, so I have no clue what they're like. Barst is my current favorite.
    Dual Axes

    So far from Echoes I really dig Clive and Mathilda. I'm a sucker for doting, loving, healthy relationships. On the flipside, Gray and Clair are also fun to watch bounce off of one another. Atlas is the character I'm most interested to see develop, although he feels so wrong not holding an axe it drives me crazy. If I had to pick a favorite though, it'd be Genny. Glad I ended up getting Sonya (who is also cool) just for the extra looks into that floofy haired saint.

  • @Mbun Titania is a great character. She's like an anchor, mentor, and moral compass for Ike throughout his journey. Plus she is a powerful paladin that has bailed me out of many stupid moves.

    I'd say my series' favorite is Naesala, King of Kilvas (PoR, RD). He originally comes off like a slimeball, greedy and roguish. However, it's hard to not like his sarcasm and wit. Although he commits some nefarious acts due to what seems like pure selfishness, you eventually come to see his motivations and realize that his shifty and humorous demeanor is a facade. It masks a leader who deeply cares for his subjects and will gladly sacrifice his own image to ensure their well-being.

    Also, I love Bishop Oliver.