Monster hunter 4 Ultimate Discord group - hunting virtual meetups

  • Hello fellow allies, I was exchanging tweets today with the sensei (ben) and in the conversation the idea of a chat group in Discord would be fun, so I wanted to let the idea gather some momentum by charing it here, what do you think? who is onboard?

    if you want to just do some quest with me you can find me at @niko_tagle

  • @Niko_tagle I already set up a Monster Hunter Discord for EZA after the launch of Generations, though I admittedly haven't checked it in a while...

    Ah, EZA Monster Hunters. Currently sits at 10 members. But yeah, I'd be up to playing some 4U sometime. You could always use that Discord channel, unless you really wanted to start a new one. I can put the join link here (good for 24 hours, and I can post another later if needed):

  • I would be so, so down for Ben to start up his Monster Hunter streams again (we only ever got like 6, lol). Why 4U over Generations though? If I understand correctly they both have the same streaming problem with Ben needing to have the 3DS capture gear which is cumbersome, only works on the old 3DS, and will be needed and thus prevent streaming when EZA reviews Metroid, Pokemon, and maybe even Stories later this year.

    @Billy Sick Lagiracrus icon.

  • I'm at the fire station til tomorrow morning, but I'll try to hop on sometime tomorrow if anyone wants to join. Otherwise I'll hunt solo. I need to shake the rust off.

    @Haru17 I have a Lagi shirt and a custom-etched beer mug. Needless to say, I'm a fan. Let's just hope they return him to his rightful place beneath the waves in MH World.

  • @Billy Unfortunately underwater combat is again missing in World according to the UK community manager, so Lagiacrus would have to come back in an expansion or future game.

  • @Haru17 Oh no! I briefly saw the player swimming in the reveal, and I lost my mind!

    We'll have a camera stick. It's not that hard to control...

  • @Billy Same. If it's any consolation, dark caves are coming back (a feature that was only in original Tri). Anyway, I should get back on-topic...

  • @Billy joined the discord, awesome!!! my 3ds number is 4828-8296-0041 feel free to add me

  • I'd be way down! I've been meaning to get back to MH, and seeing the World announcement amped that up a lot. It has been a few months, so I'm really rusty. I'd be cool with MH4U or Generations, I just never really got too far into Generations.

  • Here's a permanent link for joining the Discord group: