Finishing RPGs

  • I'm in the final months of P5, and I've realized something. Aside from FFXV, and a handful of other series, I have beat very few RPGs.

    I get to the end, the last stretch, and just the idea of going through the motions of a last area, using the skills I've already honed to finish off the last bit, doesn't do it for me. I just feel like I've hit the apex, and stop.

    I beat P4, and I will play through P5 because I have a cheerleader (my wife) wanting to see the rest, but am I alone? Does anyone else do this? Or do any others get to the final leg of a game and stop because the final bit just isn't pushing you any more. To the point you get bored, stop, and never go back?

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    I get the problem way too many times that I can't beat some boss and end up just.. stopping to play. I get to places where I realise that I would need to grind for a few hours in order to get stronger and my brain just wants to move on to other things. I have finished a few RPGs, but there are some which just lies half finished on a shelf somewhere.

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  • I have this problem a lot. It ultimately comes down to the question of "is this still fun for me?" If the answer is no, I move on. I often come back a little while later to see if all I needed was a short break away to refresh, though. That usually helps.

  • I still feel guilty that I never finished Dragon Age. I got really far and then just... stopped caring. Part of it is on me, but part of it has to be on the game too. Some RPGs can end up as big slogs with less than stellar pacing. It's worth noting that I had no trouble finishing Witcher 3 (and all DLC). Pillars of Eternity is also sitting unfinished on my drive. Oh the guilt!

  • Not when I get that far into the game, even with Digital Devil Saga, it literally took me years to go through the last dungeon, but I finished it in the end.

    I do leave some RPGs when I lose interest and I feel there's not something driving me forward, some recent examples I remember have been Star Ocean 4, Magna Carta 2 and Kingdoms of Amalur and FF XIII

  • I'm notorious for getting to the end of an RPG and shelving it, but for a different reason than the one you listed. If I'm really enjoying the game, getting to the end basically means I'm saying goodbye - to the world, the characters, and everything I love. So rather than say goodbye, I put that digital world into perpetual limbo.

    Luckily, P5 has new game plus, which I might be enjoying even more than my first run.

  • I really try not to quit games in the middle, but oddly enough, I feel like it tends not to happen with rpgs. Looking at my shelf, all of my incomplete games are more regular length..

    I think I'm more likely to become attached to a game when I can spend more time in the world. I also usually tend to focus on one big game at a time so I don't really have anything to distract me from it.

  • I generally ONLY finish rpgs. If they are good enough to where I reach the end, I want to see how the story finishes. I don't generally care in other kinds of games. I haven't beaten most games I played.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm the same way, but with all games not just RPG's. I like to save the endings for a rainy day.

  • I'm not alone! Hooray! :D

  • Only RPG I almost didn't play through was FFXIII. But I did finish that playthough, and part of me regrets putting more time into that disappointment. But other than that, All RPG's I've played I have played through, currently playing through Ys: Origin. Loving it so far, but I'm not too fond of the difficulty spikes that come somewhat constantly. That bossfight in 17F... Khonslard? Tried to fight him twice, died both times...

    But regardless, I love RPG's, and even if it's not that great, I will muster through it. But I understand if someone doesn't want to put that time into these games, because some of them can get pain in the ass to get through.

  • I used to pretty much only finish RPGs. Sometimes multiple times!
    But now, yeah... it's getting harder. Being older is terrible... 😂

    The hardest for me though are the JRPGs. I don't have as much problem with western ones, well except Witcher 3.... though I will finish that one day!
    I pushed myself to finish FFXV but it was just the main story, never came close to playing most of that game, and now P5. I want to finish it, but I took a little too much time off, and since I'm easily distracted I'm not sure I will. I hope one day, even if it's months or years from now I'll pick it up and finish the last 15%

    It's nice to know other people have the same issue though. We should start a support group. 😆

  • @Inustar For me, it's never been age, I've been this way since the original FF when I was 11 or 12. FFXV was the first one I beat, while playing to the end of most all of the others.

  • Depends on why I play the game.

    With the Soulsborne series the only games I have finished are Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. The rest I basically play until the very end and just don't bother since I don't find the ending or last bosses to be interesting or satisfying. I mostly play those games for the world and exploration.

  • I've left many RPGs hanging, mostly just to play something else, but I don't think I have an issue in finishing them really. I'd never leave one when I knew I was right near the end though.