Final Fantasy IX

  • As someone with limited experience with the FF franchise, 6, 10 and part of 13, I have a huge desire to play FF9 as it seems like one of the most appealing games in the franchise alongside with Tactics for me, I hope I'm able to get to it sometime soon.

  • I agree with the final boss being kind of lame. I don't ever remember having any issues with beating it though. Vivi is prob my favorite video game character though. And I even love Quina.

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    If you like IV, you generally like IX, and if you like both then be prepared to never experience what either has to offer ever again in future titles because that era of Square is done and over with.

  • @Art Yeah, I really hope XVI is more old school, but I don't mind them veering off and trying new things. I never finished 12 because I hated the combat, but I really liked the story and music. I just started Suikoden 2, but after that I was thinking about trying 10 because I can play it on my vita. Either that or Dragon Quest 8 (3DS). In no hurry to decide, though.

  • The dust has settled and I'm happy with it at number 2. Not quite as uniformly perfect to me as 6 is, but still super good overall. Vivi's monologue in the epilogue has really stuck with me as one of the most emotionally resonant moments in a game ever. It just brought the character full circle in such a perfect way. I also really love the end of the Zidane/Kuja arc; even though I think Kuja could have been developed a little more throughout the game (as opposed to backloading it), that last shot of them together in the Lifa tree is so good. So, overall, awesome game.

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    @naltmank Suikoden 2 is fucking majestic. You are playing some god-tier RPGs back to back.

    Also, FFX is trash.

  • @thenerdtheword said in Final Fantasy IX:

    @naltmank it does get a bit trite towards the end as things come to a head in the narrative but I still love FFIX to bits. There are two main reasons why this game is so good.

    The second reason is the playfulness of the game. From the overall presentation to the side story events to including stage sword fighting mini-games it is a game packed with fun and engaging systems that keep you going just to see what you will be able to do next. Sadly this tales off a lot towards the end of the game as the saving world narrative takes centre stage. Still there is a lot of cool and fun shit to do in this game!

    As much as I love the game myself, I don't think it being whimsical necessarily makes a game, or Jrpg for that matter, a good one. It could just as easily be off putting to someone, especially to some of the people that may have just come off FFVII and VIII.

    I personally found FFIX got a lot better in its second half, especially after Brahne died.

  • I feel FF9 is a pretty mixed bag.
    It does some things really well and other things less so. For example in terms of combat gameplay it is the weakest out of all the PS1 FF games (especially considering how easy it is). Some characters make very little sense (be it in terms of gameplay or story) while others are really good. The story is overall pretty good, but takes some big dips here and there. The (over)world feels a little underdeveloped.

    Hm, I'd still probably rank them FF7 > FF8 > FF9. 7 is the most well rounded of the three while 8 has some really interesting or downright fantastic gameplay sections (seriously, the last "dungeon" in 8 is probably the best end dungeon in any RPG I've ever played). IMO the FF series peaked with the FF6-FF9 games. I can totally see why people would prefer 9 over most other FF games though.

  • Happy 19th birthday to my copy of FFIX

  • I finished the game for the first time this year and it's a really good game. I like FF7 better but 9 is my second favourite FF-game. I have played several FF-games but actually have only finished those two.

    I tried to play FF9 a couple of years ago but I thought the story dragged on in the beginning with little to get attached to. This year when playing it I almost immediately was charmed by the characters and how the game looked. The story is also good with some heart breaking moments. The end sequence also was very moving and well done.

    I did have to farm quite a bit and looked up some strategy online for some of the abilities I equiped. I guess my lack of experience with jrpgs and FF-games are the cause of my troubles.

    When it comes to story heavy games it's nice if you can actually beat them on your first try without having to start over completely. It seems this is the case with FF9 if you are smart about where you have your saves.