E3 Top Five! - The top five games you are most excited for!

  • @Faaip May I ask why you think LL is not a full game? From what I've heard, it will be just short of the first Uncharted's length.

  • In no particular order, because I'm feeling lazy right now.

    Manifold Garden
    Splatoon 2
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Shenmue 3
    Lady Layton (Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy)

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    I cant really rank them, so 5 games that really got me hyped:

    Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds
    Beyond Good and Evil 2
    Assassins Creed: Origins
    Monster Hunter: World

    1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    2. Ooblets
    3. The Evil Within 2
    4. God of War
    5. Ni No Kuni 2

  • Only 5?
    Mario Odyssey
    Xenoblade 2
    Metroid Prime 4
    Metroid Return of Samus
    Ni No Kuni 2.

  • @Brannox Ah that's a good point.. I guess I meant more just because it falls under "DLC" or expansion technically. I'm really excited that it'll be good length though!

  • @Brannox Perhaps in the same regard as the new dishonored 2 stand-a-lone expansion. Its not so much a new experience/game, as it is more of the same content another game had. Especially with uncharted, as we've gotten plenty of that. Same with Assassins Creed.

  • @Faaip @Stormcrownn Thank you for the clarification!

  • Oh they're supposed to be games that appeared at E3 that E3 got us excited about?

    Super Mario Odyssey
    Yoshi (Switch)
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    The Evil Within 2
    Agents of Mayhem

  • Banned

    1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future
    2. The Final Fantasy
    3. Mario & Sonic: World's Collide
    4. Blasto: Blast Into Action!
    5. Kingdom Hearts 3

  • Shadow of the Colossus remake - Never before have I been so excited for a game, and dreading it. I don't know if I want to go through that story again, but I'm also excited to see it looking so much better.

    Anthem - I need to see more. But I have liked every Bioware game, to varying degrees. I enjoyed Destiny as well, so this could be great for me.

    Spider-Man - That reveal last year, while cool, didn't get me too excited. This though makes me pretty happy, for reasons that might annoy other people. It reminds me of Batman and I love those games.

    Mario+Rabbids - Who knew? It looks adorable and fun, and I'm not huge into Strategy games.

    Need for Speed Payback - I want a new Burnout. This gave me the vibes. That's really all I need right now.

    All were games that I didn't know about, or weren't super interesting to me before E3.

    Mario Odyssey didn't make the list because I was always going to be interested in a new Mario game, and while Beyond Good and Evil 2 had an amazing trailer, that game is so far away there is no point in me being excited, especially since I never played the original.

    1. Ace Combat 7

    2. Metroid Prime 4 Actually tied for first place with Ace Combat, but since Ace Combat atleast has a release window it gets first place.

    3. Metroid: Returns

    4. Metro Exodus

    5. Shadow of the Colossus. I missed this game when it originally launched on PS2 so this remake is a prime opportunity to jump in.

  • That's hard. Most titles I'm pumped for were no shows (KH3, FF7).

    1. Need for Speed Paycheck (this generation really needs a good arcade racer)
    2. Detroid Become Human (never got around playing Beyond Two Souls, but Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain were great)
    3. A Way Out (really interesting concept and I miss couch coop dearly)
    4. Shadow of the Colossus
    5. God of War

    1. Splatoon 2 (while not a major presence in the Spotlight, after spending 300+ hours in the first I can't wait to get my hands on it)
    2. Mario Odyssey
    3. Samus Returns
    4. Etrian Odyssey 5 (not a huge E3 presence too, but I'm pumped)
    5. Mario + Rabbids

    Bonus: God of War looks amazing, but currently only a Nintendo + PC owner, so it goes to my "if I buy a PS4" list

    1. Detroit: Become Human
    2. Hidden Agenda
    3. A Way Out
    4. South Park: AFBH
    5. Assassin's Creed: Origins

    1. System Shock (remake)
    2. Metro Exodus
    3. Kingdom come deliverance

    Cant think of others but these 3 are one i cant wait to get my hands on them.

  • @Sheria said in E3 Top Five! - The top five games you are most excited for!:

    @DMCMaster said in E3 Top Five! - The top five games you are most excited for!:

    There was a Cthulhu game announced?

    Youtube Video

    is it another walking simulator? i hope not.

  • Keeping up with my backlog does not allow me to buy a game as soon as it comes out (most of the time) I usually just by the coolest looking game whenever I'm able.


    1. Yakuza Kiwami
    2. Yakuza 6

    (I tried to do 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and that is what shows in the text box, but it shows different numbers. Odd.

  • @parasitepaladin If you add a ) afterwards

    5.) for example

    It solves the issue.

  • 5.The Evil Within 2
    4 .Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
    3.Dragon Ball FighterZ
    1.God of War