Hidden Agenda (PS4)

  • For some reason this wasn't in Sony's press conference, which surprises me because it really feels like it should have been given the time, with how much of a success Until Dawn was.

    Basically, combine Until Dawn with Jackbox Party Pack and you get Hidden Agenda. I think it looks really cool and will make for a fantastic EZA Group Stream when it releases later in the year!

    Here's a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhUWf0aQ_s8

  • This looks so rad! Would be perfect for another slumber-party stream!

  • Banned

    It blows my mind that Sony continues to throw money at David Cage to do his arthouse bullshit but these guys barely get a mention in the pre-show.

    Legit one the biggest announcements of E3 for me. My fiance and I have been waiting to see what these guys would do next, and we were not disappointed.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    It is odd, although Detroit so far looks to have learned from Cage's past mistakes.
    But I'm right there with you, this seems like something that should have been on Stage while Cage should have been in the pre show (or at best just upload the trailer to youtube and let people discover it that way) Given how Until Dawn was such a surprise success to the point that some big name retailers (target, best buy, ect) were running out of copies.

  • Banned

    @DMCMaster One of the biggest complaints about Sony's conference was that they spent too much time focusing on games we already know about and not enough new announcements.
    Like you said, I would have gladly taken a trailer for this over Sony's pandering to Grey's Anatomy fangirls with that Detroit stuff.

    This is coming from somebody who had a HUGE dick for the gameplay from last year. The new Detroit trailer was unhype for me.