Pokemon players, I need a hand! (Dittos with non-USA region codes for Masuda breeding)

  • Hey there, folks. So, a few years back, I got down to brass tacks and assembled all of my Pokemon games; I took inventory of every Pokemon I had, wrote up word documents of each one I was missing, and plowed through all of it over the course of two or three weeks - transferring from versions as far back as Ruby and Fire Red all the way up to my Y version, breeding, grinding against the elite four, and I finally managed it - I completed the Pokedex in Y version. Now, with Sun and Moon on the horizon, I'd like to go back and turn that completed Pokedex into a living Pokedex on my Pokemon bank account; since I have a Shining Charm, however, I'd like to tack on that extra little Masuda Breeding buff to increase my chances of getting some neat shinies out of the legwork I'm going to have to put in.

    So, bottom line; does anyone here happen to have a Ditto of any region code except the United States? The Ditto can be of any nature or any IV spread; I don't intend to use it for any competitive breeding, so no need to send over something tremendously hard to get unless you've got some ludicrously large number of competitive quality dittos to hand out for some reason. I've got a fair few Charmanders of adamant nature with Outrage and perfect attack stats lying around in my boxes, and if you really need it, I like three boxes of legendary Pokemon to offer as well; I may very well have a double of something you need.

    Edit: Just a small note; I had looked into the various subreddits dedicated toward handing out breeding quality Dittos and casual trading, but all of them seem to paradoxically require that you've been trading on Reddit before you can start doing so under their banner. Looking at the requirements for the ones I found, it seemed like several days worth of work, waiting, and communicating with moderators in order to possibly get access to a reliable trade partner. Pretty much makes it a last resort option, to be honest.

  • I found this on that subreddit

    "So what all this means is that the region of the game does not matter. There is no difference between NA English, UK English, and AU English. They are all English and so they are all treated as the same language and Masuda will not work. However, a US game that is played in French is a different language from a US game that is played in English and so the Masuda method will work with Pokemon from those games even though they are the same region."

    So it seems that it's the language and not the region itself. There was some debate further down, but language seem to be the predominant factor.
    I'm from Europe and would help, but my game is also in english :(

  • Wait.. So is it confirmed that if I were to start an American game in, say, Pokemon X, using the French language option, then somehow fumble my way through the file long enough to get a Ditto, the increased shiny chance would work when I traded it over?

  • From my understanding of it, yup!