Nex Machina (PC/PS4)

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    Housemarque seem to make excellent arcade games and Nex Machina is no different to that. If you were a little disappointed by Alienation (I haven't played yet) but loved Resogun, you should feel right at home here as this is a lot more like a twin stick Resogun.

    I just played through the Arcade mode on experienced difficulty and it's so good. It constantly feels like you're in the middle of chaos with a bombastic amount of voxels and colours all over the screen.

    On top of that the game really ramps up the difficulty as you progress. I felt like it'd take me ages to get past one part but eventually I'd keep on improving and do it. Now I'm thinking the same thing for veteran but I will aim for it!

    Did anyone else pick it up?

  • I heard it's a little short so I'll pick it up on a sale later since I already have a bunch of other games to play.

    But it does look neat.

  • @suplextrain Well I guess you could call it short. Afterall I did complete the Arcade after an hour or so. Maybe quicker.

    However that's kind of the point of the game really. It's all about fast pace action and perfecting the levels like any arcade game really. There are secrets hidden all over the place too so it feels like there is a lot to look out for.

    For a game like this, I really don't think length is that important. When the gameplay is this good, you always have that one more game mentality.

  • The challenges in arcade might need some balance tweaks.

    There is one that took me hours to get gold in where everything is quicker and I ended up top 27 of 400-500 people. At the time, getting 40 on the leaderboard only got you silver. And then I did a few later ones this morning with time limits and they were no challenge at all.

    Either way, I love this game. It's been a while since I've just cursed out loud several times and instantly restart the session. It's a good thing :)

  • I got it but just played arcade on rookie and the first challenge in arena, it's very deep and you have to learn the stages, being short is no problem at all as replaying and understanding the stages is so much of the experience.

    Only thing I'm not really feeling are the secondary weapons, but I guess with advanced difficulties I'll get the hang of it

  • @LinkJr Absolutely. As you play the game more, you'll get a feel for them

    My personal preference is having the laser for the stages and the rocket launcher for the boss. The smart bomb can be useful if it's absolute chaos (although I think the laser helps more).

    I'm not a big fan of the detonator or the sword. Detonator, just because you have to decide when to detonate it and I think the range of the sword is just a little too small, if it was increased a tiny bit, it might be more useful.