Final Fantasy 14 (new players). Seeking Adventure!

  • Hey all. First topic on the EZA forums and I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me when it comes to this MMO. I've been tempted for a long long time to start it up, but based on my previous mmo experience, I tend to burn through the content solo and get bored pretty easily. So I'm wanting to try this one a bit differently.

    I'd like to party up with someone (or a couple someones) to do the whole shebang from the start. How easily can one quest together in FF14? I'm on the west coast, here in BC Canada. So similar time zones would probably be for the best. If anyone ends up being interested in such a journey with a complete noob then we can work out what times would tentatively work for us.

    I'm typically the rogue'ish class in rpgs so that's probably what I'd gravitate towards (though I definitely want to try out Samurai...melee dps ho!) but I can be flexible :)

    I see there is a FF14 thread but wasn't sure if I should lump this in there or create my own separate post. Coin flip, and here we are. If this is against the rules or some such, let me know and I can move/delete/whatever. Love and Respect, fellow allies!

  • It's easy to setup a party in FFXIV, however, going through the Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) together can be an exercise in frustration as it heavily consists of solo instanced content which will call for the party to be broken up to initiate.

    If you're deadset on playing with someone or several others while going through the MSQ, I highly recommend setting a tentative schedule solely for the more group oriented activities such as dungeons and trials.

  • I see I see. So a lot of the main story is solo content? Hrmmm. That may work out for me then.

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    @ssandulak Yeah dude XIV has a crazy amount if solo content that gets updated very regularly. You'll have plenty to do by yourself. The multiplayer fun comes from doing dungeons and raids with friends.
    Either way, the main guild for EZA is on Ultros, so start there and you will have a big, friendly community to help you figure everything out.

  • @ssandulak Yes, the majority of it is focused on content devised to be accomplished solo. There will be frequent points where you'll be forced to participate in a dungeon or trial, however, you can use the Duty Finder (Matchmaking), Party Finder (Custom Matchmaking), or form your own group through personal means to accomplish that.

  • Good good...I shall start with the initial game and see how I likes it! 15 USD a month (argh, weak canadian dollar). Downloading client now!