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  • I saw this circulate through NeoGAF and the forums before E3 began. I understand the complaint, but I was really happy that the camera was back to where it was last E3.

    The Nintendo Switch Presentation reactions (January 2017) were almost ruined, especially during the Super Mario Odyssey reveal, because Ben, Huber, and Brad stood up in the back, causing their heads to be out of frame. The redeeming moment was seeing Damiani and Kyle's amazement in the front of the camera frame, haha. But if they did that during E3 2016, we wouldn't have seen EZA's crazy reaction to Resident Evil VII.

    Sure, there weren't many mindblowing reveals at E3 2017, but they may happen next year (or at PSX), and I'll be hoping to see Huber's reaction when he's running around the garage, haha

  • @ZyloWolfBane I thought Bloodworth mentioned somewhere that he has used the same journal or has kept all his journals throughout the years.. I think he should get them published so we can see his notes on years of gaming history.. first impressions on games that became legends and ones that were completely forgotten.

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    @Faaip wrong on both counts. I've got some old ones banging around and I think I've pulled out some significant pages from others, but I have done some house cleaning over the years.

  • @Bloodworth said in EZA E3 Feedback:

    @Faaip wrong on both counts. I've got some old ones banging around and I think I've pulled out some significant pages from others, but I have done some house cleaning over the years.

    He does have a point though, it could've been an interesting book. The Bloodworthnomicon? The Annals Of EZA? EZArcanum?

  • @Bloodworth I was thinking that was the case. I did watch all the coverage of E3 through the EZA streams so it didn't affect my enjoyment that much.

    Definitely having the frame too tight loses that moment however I do think there is a small bit more space that could have been used.

    Thanks for the response.

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    @ZyloWolfBane Sad as it is, 50% of chat is already people trying to create a 'meme' or just repeating random words said on stream. When something catches on it takes a long time for it to die down (any attempt to curb it would just make it worse).

    There were upwards of 10K viewers at some points and it wasn't all hands on deck with regards to the mods this time (understandable, we all volunteer so obviously life gets in the way sometimes).

    Sub only mode was an absolute godsend this year. Slow mode even at 90 seconds doesn't really work when there are thousands of people posting.

    On the actual streams though, I didn't like the size of the conference window, having those sat in the middle cut off looked a bit strange.

  • Personally I think if the Allies stand strong on their stance of sub only mode during conferences it would go over fine. When they appear unsure people have a strong desire to voice their opinion. (Which I'm baffled why people care so much, as none of them respond to chat when a conference is going on). Personally I'd prefer to have sub only mode on during the pre-show and post show.

  • Like @Stormcrownn I don't really get it why people want to attend to the chat in an event like this. The Allies won't read the chat during the conferences, and actually they even couldn't even if they'd like to. There's thousands of excited people writing MARIO! or KRATOS! or whatever in a wall that flashes before one's eyes. No possible chance to interact with someone because of the message volume being so large. Your text drowns immediately into the chaos, whether you're trying to write to the Allies themselves or to someone specific in the chat. I find that just pointless and frustrating, personally.

    I don't know. Personally I had fun time just laying back and watching the shows, listening to the comments from the Allies. It was also a nice surprise that there wasn't that much shouting from them so that I could actually hear the conferences. I think it was PSX maybe where they were superloud and it ruined some fun. That's why I was first hesitant to even watch E3 with the EZA now, but it was all cool, so thank you. :)

  • Absolutely. I actually had chat closed for the vast majority of E3. It's just impossible to have any sort of conversation. Having sub mode and slow mode on is essential really.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I usually have the main stream up and the allies stream as well, switching between them depending if I"m interested more in the Allies thoughts or the game itself. I'll usually mute them whenever they talk over someone. I rewatch the allies stream when I go through e3 withdrawals in the next months...

    Also, whenever chat is readable it's usually pretty negative during e3. I turned it off during everything for the most part. It also goes so fast that it seemed to be lagging the stream itself.