Your Favorite Merch

  • What are your favorite pieces of gaming merchandise that you own?

    I don't own a lot of stuff but I am pretty fond of what I have. (I'm realizing now that most of my stuff is Mother related.)

    This is the Mother 3 Fan Made Handbook that I sent to Bloodworth and recently re-purchased.

    I also backed the "You Are Now Earthbound" Kickstarter and got the Physical Box Set.

    Everything that was in the Camp Fangamer swag bag.

    And these Persona 3 and Persona 4 necklaces.

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    I guess it's called the 'Okami Official Complete Works.' It's an art book, it was pretty cheap (which is honestly probably why the binding is falling apart). Here's the full cover with Amaterasu's tail, that picture just doesn't show the nice iridescent effect on the line art. I just like all of the concept art and blurbs about how the game characters were adapted from myth. Not so much the render art approximating the game itself because it looks kinda cheap in comparison (there wasn't much of that). The concept art honestly looks so much better than the game itself. But if they could make a game with current technology that translated this kind of 2D art into a 3D world... oh man.

    I flipped through the Skyrim art book online and really like the concept work, I just never bought it because of the whole legendary edition bundle which in turn makes it super expensive now. I don't go in for statues much, but the Wolf Link / Midna amiibo is really nice. The post of the first Samus Smash Bros amiibo is also really nice, but I don't have that one.

  • Unless you count all those gashats I own the only gaming merch I own is a Player Pin from TWEWY on my bag.