A BIG thank you for the Allies!

  • To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but here I go! I just wanted to give all of you a massive "thank you". I actually discovered game journalism for the first time when I was scrolling through my tv guide, and saw a little show on Spike TV called, Game Trailers. I grew up on that content, and it was almost exclusively my only source of video game news, excluding my monthly Game Informers. My first E3 was Game Trailers' coverage on Spike.

    After Game Trailers closed, it left a hole that I couldn't seem to fill. I actually stopped listening to game news for a while after. I eventually found a few sources that I like, but it has never been the same. Then, something amazing happens! I came across your Easy Allies podcast completely by chance, unaware of who was behind it. I can honestly say that it is fantastic to hear from you guys again!

    So, here's a toast to good old fashioned nostalgia, and a big welcome back to my comfort zone!