Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

  • I'm gonna try and get one.

  • This is far better than I expected. The only game I would replace is Dream Course, probably with Tetris Attack. Can't complain at all. So Hyped!

  • Considering it will probably either be expensive as hell or impossible to get a hold of I won't bother getting one.

    The library is also a bit dissapointing. A little too many Nintendo games (especially with 2 Kirby and 2 Star Fox games).

  • I'm buying it.

    All 21 games are really great and Star Fox 2 is a nice surprise.

    I own most of these games on cartridge and/or VC but it's still nice to have them in one collection, plus it's just a nice thing to have sitting on my shelf (at least the European version is, the NA version is still butt-ugly).

    I do hope the controller cords are much longer this time around.

  • For me, this is a pass.

    There are only three games I have any interest in:

    Super Mario Kart
    Super Metroid
    Super Mario RPG

    So what I'll do is continue to focus on the new stuff I'm going for in the fall. I DO think it's important they have Star Fox 2, but outside of the novelty of releasing a game never officially on the market, I don't know if it will be any good.

    Here's hoping Nintendo doesn't Nintendo and actually has the stock to reach the demand.

  • I'm kinda surprised more people here aren't excited, I'm hyped for it. It's true, these games have been re-released before on VC or remakes but I'm very pleased with their selection of games and including a game that never came out before, a SNES game that never came out, im shocked and excited. I even got a retro pi recently and im still excited for this thing.

    The biggest concern obviously is how easy will it be to get, the nes mini was basically impossible to get and I imagine even more people are going to want this. I'm hoping for pre-orders, but I'm generally very pleased with that they showed.

  • now people should either pre order or don't whinge when they discontinue it then.

    Nintendo gave you fair warning this time people.

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  • Gonna try to get one, but I doubt I'll get lucky. Even getting the NES classic was a fluke cause Toys R' Us cancelled my preorder and put me on an actual waiting list that paid off.

  • @Yoshi
    Where is the Love, Where is the respect? I think a lot of people just feel burned by how the NES Classic was handled. A lot of people wanted it and it seemingly was just dropped. It's good Nintendo is now being a little more up front with how these devices are being handled. They are only going to be around for a limited time and they aren't going to be produced in mass.
    I know when they first announced the NES Classic I kinda thought it would be everywhere, you'd see it in line at like Fry's / Best Buy as an impulse buy item. Nintendo has a hot item on their hands and I think fans are just upset that they are making these really cool devices but that getting them is very difficult, which isn't all that new of a position for a Nintendo fan really (see Wii/Switch among many other of their popular products).

  • @TheMarcV We are all in the same boat here.. People had their Pre-orders cancelled like @ZyloWolfBane ..the demand in the US was simply too much. Dont mind @Yoshi he hasnt eaten his fruits. @Yoshi If I remember you live in USA?

  • I don't go in for games made before modern design and writing made them better, but it's cool Star Fox 2 is coming out. I will enjoy reading those snarky reviews.

  • @Axel

    Rather small list of games, only a few that are truly great IMO, not worth it

  • I wonder if there will be a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition in 2018. And beyond that a Gamecube one. I imagine computers are cheap and powerful enough now, it's just a matter of whether Nintendo is willing to sell so many Gamecube games in a bundle instead of re-releasing them for $60 on Wii U. With third parties especially that might get dicey, since Resident Evil 4 alone sells for $20 on PS4.

  • I find the lack of Chrono Trigger disturbing...

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  • @Haru17 said in Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System:

    I wonder if there will be a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition in 2018.

    That is definitely within the realm of possibility, considering we've had N64 VC before. And that's one I would buy for sure since I never owned an N64.

  • In Japan, the Super Famicom Mini has slightly different games:

    Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
    Panel de Pon
    Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
    Super Soccer
    The Legend of the Mystical Ninja


    Kirby's Dream Course
    Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
    Super Castlevania IV
    Super Punch-Out!!

  • I'm really glad to see EarthBound on that list. Call me a hopeless romantic, but it still gives me hope that we might see Mother 3 someday since they've really been pushing EB and EB Beginnings the past few years.

    I might buy into this, there's a lot of games on there that I haven't gotten to play yet like FF6 and Super Mario RPG. Seeing Star Fox 2 is also really intriguing to me, pretty cool that they did that. I'm just not holding my breath to actually get one given the horror stories I heard from the NES Classic.

  • Nintendo claims they will be producing more SNES's then NES's to hopefully meet demand