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    Even with the lackluster sales, I'm a bit surprised to see no topic for Dishonored 2. The game was pretty heavily discounted in Ireland/UK around the time I got home and after completing a few, I've started up Dishonored 2 now.

    I've only played through the first level so far and it feels very familiar so far, in a good way. I choose to play as Emily but I don't have any powers yet so can't really say much on the difference between her and Corvo in the first game. But I still felt like I'd a lot of options in the first area alone. I was able to avoid most enemies by climbing up to higher points and going through abandoned rooms, so that, I really liked.

    I forget how saving worked in the first game but being able to quick save at any point does take away a lot of the risk in the game. The other thing is I found the movement/looking around to be a bit loose. It just felt like when I looked right, I had to slightly look left to stop or bring me back to where I actually want to look. Maybe I'll get used to that.

    Anyway, that's some quick thoughts, looking forward to playing it some more over the next week or 2.

  • I stopped playing on the conservatory level not because I wasn't liking it or was getting bored, but because I was taking it too seriously. I never talked about the game much because I was afraid of spoilers. IIRC that's why I haven't even watched the review yet. I play games like a completionist, which is kinda stressful and makes me stall out on a lot of them. No headphones or podcast except in open world games like Metal Gear and while doing sidequests in Tomb Raider (which isn't open world, but which I have also stalled out on). In fairness — and this is more of a criticism of the game itself than my personal experience now — Dishonored is awful for that, with every little human killed counting toward an unseen 'bad ending' meter.

  • I loved the first one, played it through multiple times. The second one looks rad but it just came out at a bad time for me with all of the other games around it I wanted to play, and now we are nearly in July and I still haven't got around to it. The DLC announcement might be just the bump needed to get me to finally pick it up.

  • Incredible level design and overall really fun to play.
    However I don't feel that the addition of a playable Emily added much. The story was also pretty weak (especially the choice of antagonists) and I much prefered the prior hub.
    I also don't like this lethal/non-lethal approach they're sticking to. In both the first and second game it makes very little sense in several instances to persist with not killing the target (in some cases the "non-lethal" option is in fact far more cruel).

    It's a great game. But it just didn't take some of the forward strides I wanted it to.
    But we'll see how the expansion for 2 is (just a pity you play as Billy Lurk instead of Daud).

  • The premise of this game definitely seems very silly. Just walking in and taking control with no issue at all was a bit much for me so I'm kinda checked out already. I'm just here for the gameplay really and hopefully the story side will improve.

    The standalone dlc has me a lot more interested in that story with Daud.

  • I'm playing through it at the minute. I really like these kind of games so it was a easy sell for me. It has some incredible level design let down by the abysmal sound design which is essential for a first person stealth game you can't tell if the guards are right on top of you or 4 rooms away. Overall I prefer Dues Ex. Mankind Divided but wouldn't argue if someone liked dishonored more.

  • I never noticed the sound design in Dishonored 2 one way or the other. What I was impressed by this gen was Fallout 4; namely how the lounge singer's voice would distort and then come into focus as you descended the stairs into The Third Rail, and then of course the sheer unnerving sound of the creaking, rusty steel sounds all throughout the city and near the giant super highways.

    Mankind Divided's sound design was also cool with how it would change when you shut windows and doors (Do all games do that now? I've never noticed.). It was just a little bit too static though, with sounds literally stopping playing as opposed to being muffled or turned into incoherent background noise.

  • I like the first dishonored.

    Didnot liked dishonored 2. it run like crap. its horribly optimize plus it forced me to do action unlike first game.

    Arkane did much better job with prey imo.

  • @Black-Cell I'll be really disappointed if I'm forced into action. I want to finish the game without being spotted.

  • @Black-Cell said in Dishonored 2 - (PC/PS4/XB1):

    forced me to do action unlike first game.

    I don't remember this.
    While I didn't ghost the entire game, I did manage to stealth all the way through.
    Maybe it's harder to stealth with Emily than with Corvo, but I never had issues with Corvo.

  • I meant to post the other day after putting another 2-3 hours into it.

    Anyway, I feel like this game might take me longer than the average person. It took me that full session to complete the second area (well, plus the outsider bit and boat beforehand).

    The area seem bigger than the original game. I just felt like I had a lot of options on places to go and how to do things, which is everything I want from the game. I found myself clearing out areas, only to find out later that they were side quests to an extent. So I'd already completed the hard work.

    I generally start by trying to find all the runes and bonecharms before getting involved in the main missions. I wasn't able to get 2 of them, one in a safe in the overseer office and the other in a place I just couldn't reach. I thought I would once I upgraded my blink move but no luck.

    I can totally understand the person who doesn't like this game due to the frustration of being caught or forced to use combat but I kinda live off that stuff. Trying to get the perfect run.

    Oh also, even though it wasn't really worth it for the items, getting/buying a map with a marker on it as opposed to just getting a waypoint was good. Hopefully there's more of that.

  • I've put around 10 hours into the game now and I completed the Clockwork Mansion mission last night, easily my favourite level so far.

    I really like the feeling of progression in this game. You start off in one area and have to use the carriage to get to the next area. From there, you've some options to get to the mansion and then you have the mansion itself. Having that escalation over just starting at the mansion makes a big difference. I just like that you have these places where you don't have a target.

    I was a bit bothered in the first area though. There are 2 burglars trying to break into the Black Market. After dealing with them, I was hoping you could talk to the shopkeeper about it but no such luck. That kind of thing just takes me out of it.

    The mansion itself is great. I can totally see why people have complimented Dishonored's level design. Actually being able to convert the layout of the mansion and finding ways around it so much fun. It gave me some Portal vibes.

    It was also nice being able to use some more of my arsenal. The shredding devices and grenades led to some of the best moments I had in the game. I threw a grenade towards a remaining clockwork soldier (the mechanical soldiers from the reveal trailer) and it blew off it's head, causing it to go into a frenzy. In doing so, my target destroyed it but was knocked unconscious by the blast it left. Does are the kind of moments I play these type of games for.

    On bug/glitch side of things, I've had a few occasions where it thought I was in combat and I couldn't save at all. Hopefully that won't happen again as it's really annoying. I'm not even sure if it auto-saves when it happens.

    I find myself taking a lot of time with these missions. That one took 4 hours by itself. It's nice though. It's like I get home and play a mission every night. So I might complete it by the end of the week, we'll see.

    Edit: Oh.. the shadow walk ability, lots of fun with that one! :)

  • I remember arguing before that Dishonored controlled very well, especially in comparison to something like Deus Ex. I still think that is the case but I'm definitely not as adamant. I mentioned initially that the controls felt loose. I'm used to that now however it's the other things that are bothering me.

    Waiting for a button prompt to knock someone unconscious. Trying to jump onto a ledge. Jumping down on an enemy to take them down. Some of these things feel extremely janky. I hope they streamline them if we do get a Dishonored 3.

  • The more I play this game, the more I love it. The sixth area, Dust District, has so many creative things to do that I love it.

    You can skip the main area by solving the Jindosh riddle yourself (which you get a trophy for). The riddle is randomised so you can't just look it up either. Or you can go into the main area, capture the boss of the warring factions, whichever you want and deliver him to the enemy faction to get the info. Do some of your own exploring and get the information yourself. You can leave both targets completely alone, eliminate both or some other fun things in the game.

    It just felt like so much fun. I got the riddle information and could have continued to the next area but I just felt compelled to explore more and grab both targets even though I didn't have to at all.

    What I really love though, is that the game does provide that extra challenge to players who want it. In this area, there is a door locked by a code. To figure out the code you need to break into the above room and from a letter and calendar, you get the code. None of it is spoon fed to you and I love that so much.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'm the same I've just completed the 7th area & the level of invention in this game is amazing (The way you can use the sand storm as cover is just a small example) There's other things later one but would go into spoiler territory. I was a bit quick to judge before I played the whole game but it just seems to be getting better the longer the game goes.

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    I really loved the first game and played it through a couple of times. For some reason though I haven't picked up the second one yet. I just dont know, the world looks awesome and I want to play as Emily and see where the story goes. Yet I can't seem to get around of actually buying it!

    Can this be because Im a little burned out on the sneaking and so on? why should I pick this up? or should I just wait longer until I got some stuff from my backlog our the way?

  • @Lotias Well I've a huge backlog to go through and I only picked up Dishonored 2 earlier because it was only £12 at the time. So I'd definitely say hold off for another sale if you aren't in any particular rush.

    With that said, I'm loving the game. Like @FutureCorpse mentioned, the game just keeps getting better. It is very much more of the same from the first game but I don't feel as if it's just riding it out. There is just so much creativity in the level design and what you as the player can do too.

    I've mentioned a few issues I have with it in earlier posts but overall, I absolutely recommend it, especially if you liked the first game.

  • Finished my playthrough with Emily last night.

    I honestly don't have a lot more to add. I loved Dishonored 2. I found every area to be really well constructed and full of interesting things to do.

    I think the quick save is a bit essential to a game that doesn't really control as well as I once thought. I'd a lot of false occasions where I thought I'd knock someone out, only to fall on them or bump into them.

    I suppose my other main issue would be that I didn't really use that many powers. I mostly stuck with the ones which were pretty much the same as the last game and the link power. It does seem like you'd be able to do a lot more if you went with a chaotic run though.

    Anyway, definite recommendation for me.