What Video Game Companies Do You Trust?

  • There's lots of developers and publishers out there. Which ones do you trust to put out quality games?

    There's lots of companies that I'm fond of, such as Double Fine and Nintendo, but the only one I really trust for consistent quality is Atlus.

  • For me, it goes one of two ways:

    Trust in high quality and delivering to their fans. These are developers of games I really enjoy (Naughty Dog and Insomniac) or a publisher that, while I may not agree with 100% with some decisions, continues to provide their fans with consistently good, at least, games (Bethesda). In the case of Nintendo, I trust them to deliver a cleanly made, well-running game, even when it may be games I have no interest in.

    Trust in doing questionable, if not ridiculous things. What I mean is I trust EA to make EVERY game they publish have: Microtransactions, an always connected online-account (even when playing alone), and having an overly strong affinity for putting a lot of content behind paid DLC. Another example is I trust Activision to pump out Call of Duty yearly and contract some celebrity to be a part of it in some capacity.

    So for me, it comes down to what kind of trust I place. I trust a lot of companies for different things, and the examples provided were just the ones at the top of my mind.

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    Idea Factory/Compile Heart
    Nihon Falcom

  • It's really difficult to trust a publisher with all of their dispirit facets, but I think Bethesda is up there. Due to the length and save structure of their games (now I'm talking about the RPG dev) a rare quest bug every 200 hours aren't really a big deal. I think their games' supposed bugginess get overblown and it's obviously very in vogue for the zeitgeist to hate on their RPGs now. But if we stop being reductive and pretending like every Skyrim port is somehow stealing or copying a mod, it's obvious that other games just don't offer the modding support that they do.

    I don't really care about mods either way, but The Elder Scrolls and Skyrim especially are the best designed open worlds I've ever played. I wish other open world devs would actually look at the specific quest structure and environmental storytelling techniques employed instead of playing lip service to the vague concept of 'player freedom' and producing an inferior product. I mean TES and Fallout are some of the few games that fill that immersive sim itch this side of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I don't want to start any genre debates, but there aren't many first-person explorers on the market these days.

    Outside of that Bethesda the publisher just publishes a lot of pretty to really well-made first person shooters and action games. DOOM and The Evil Within aren't really my thing, but Wolfenstein and Arkane's crop totally are. And I'm really hoping for a TCG to replace Hearthstone on my phone, so I hope all the good things I've heard about Legends' story, rule set, and generous F2P model materialize on mobile.

    Finally, we haven't seen Beth use their new review policy maliciously to pass off an unfinished game yet. When that happens I'll express concern, but Wolfenstein 2, The Evil Within 2, and certainly Bethesda's new RPG with their multiple teams have each had three or more years in development — healthy dev cycles — and what we've seen looks really damn good.

  • Trust nobody. Just made informed decisions based on companies past actions for what you can maybe expect from them.

  • I don't trust any game company blindly, but I do "trust" some companies to do certain things, like Bethesda to make their games large, but full of bugs that fans will have to fix. But I respect certain developers, like CD Project Red.

  • I trust Naughty Dog. They've earned it. All of their PS3 games were 10/10 for me and Uncharted 4 was a 9/10.

    But that's it.

  • I don't emphatically trust ANY company anymore, but of the ones I happen to like there's a few that haven't let me down yet and a few that only stumble once in awhile:

    • Sega/Atlus
    • CD Projekt Red
    • Naughty Dog
    • Arc System Works

    Names I used to trust fully that aren't always up to their old standard:

    • Tecmo/Koei (And I'm a HUGE Musou fanboy, and I love Nioh, but they have been letting me down lately)
    • NISA
    • Blizzard
    • Capcom
    • Namco

  • I trust a few developers, like Naughty Dog, Rocksteady, DICE (because I love Battlefront so much), Eidos Montreal, CD Projekt Red, and Crystal Dynamics. I would put BioWare on this list, but their track record is getting a little dirty as of late (even though I like Andromeda).

    I don't have faith in publishers. They operate the business aspect of gaming so much; it's hard for consumers to like them.

  • CD Projekt Red is one I certainly respect, but with only having played one of their games I'm not sure it's trust yet. But how they handle dlc has earned them a lot with me.

    I trust Naughty Dog and Atlus and Rockstar to make good games. I have faith in Bioware, but I don't have implicit trust in them at the moment.

    As for publishers? None that I can think of.

  • Atlus
    Naughty Dog
    IO Interactive
    From Software
    CD Project Red
    Rockstar Games
    Frictional Games

    *(Their A team, not the noobs who made Andromeda)

    All of these devs have made consistently good games. With the exception of IO Interactive and Hitman: Absolution, which was single, albeit quite substantial, misstep. I'm not going to cry or anything if any of them make a bad game, sometimes you take risks that don't pan out, but so far they have given me no reason to believe that whatever games they're making next will be anything but great.

    I'm seeing some comments saying don't trust anyone, but I think distrusting someone despite them consistently doing everything right is if anything even more unreasonable than trusting someone that make mistakes every so often. At that point it's just irrational fear.

  • Although in the last generation I didn't get as many of their games, I think I played practically all the major games Rockstar published for the PS2. I trust them to make solid games, without playing around with troublesome novelties. I think Nintendo is also a good company, it carefully releases games with thought through gameplay even if they're trying a new concept; some of the gameplay I most enjoyed came from Nintendo in several consoles with distinct features.

  • For companies the two that come to mind are

    CD Project Red
    and maybe Bethesda

    other than that I have confidence on some other developers putting out good work, but not as much confidence in them or the publisher as a whole. A good example is Yoko Taro, I'll buy anything he works on as I'm pretty sure it would always be something worth checking out, but I absolutely despise Square, to the point where I actively try to avoid supporting them with other stuff.

  • I usually trust IP's over developers