Swords (by Ian Hinck)

  • In case some of you didn't know, Ian has started a Kickstarter for a Card Game, Swords.

    I backed for the base game, but of course, you do you, and do as you please. Just thought to let the fine people here on this forum know that this is real, and it's happening. L&R.

  • Damn!
    My only weakness!
    A boardgame with beautiful artwork!

  • I got to hear some of the details on Saturday! Super excited and will definitely be backing! Also who can ignore a personalized song from Ian as a reward tier?

  • It looks pretty fun. I work in animated network television now and I have a great deal of respect for animators, concept artists, posing artists, painters, layout, etc etc. It's a great deal of work but I respect it because they are passionate about it.

    They deserve the dough for the amount of effort they put.

  • I'm waiting until my nest paycheck, but I'll definitely be backing this.

  • Just bumping this since we're in the last 24 hours of the Kickstarter campaign! The game has been funded and the stretch goal of $22k has been reached, so they'll be making a visual novel companion to the card game using the card artwork and additional backgrounds!

  • Forgot I took the picture but when I got my copy of Swords I realized I'm not likely to play it much myself (my small apt is not exactly a destination site) so I took it to work and donated it too the library. At our next meeting I'll be instructing our Guru team on it and see how the crowds enjoy it. :)

    alt text

    (The deck box is because I sleeved it)

  • I actually had a chance to play this finally a few nights ago, playing with a friend that is experienced in all manner of games and one that wasn't at all.. and we had a great time! The friend that never games at all ended up sweeping us, he always seemed to have a perfect strategy for securing his wins. It's a lot of fun holding those cards up and pretending they're swords.

  • I played a few times at the meetup, did not win at all, but had a great time messing with all the other players.