Traveling in Japan Recommendations

  • Im going in early 2018 mainly staying at tokyo but staying 1-2 days in kyoto
    Some things on my Itinerary are Diver city (life sized gundam and shopping), Ikebukuro, Ropongi Hills, shibuya.

    any must do's in tokyo?

  • @Bigdude1 said in Traveling in Japan Recommendations:

    Ikebukuro, Ropongi Hills, shibuya.

    these are going to be redundant. They're all just big, crowded places filled with gaijin where you can go clubbing. If you have time, venture out of central Tokyo a bit to get som exploring in. Takao is a super easy hike that gives you some great views. Go to Yokohama, see the Ramen museum or the Cup Noodle museum (or both). What are you interested in?

  • @naltmank would you recommend any of those in particular, I don't plan to spend much time on those, but I certainly would like to look into at least one.

  • @bard91 Of the gaijin places? I guess Shibuya, since you have Hachiko. You can also get to the top of the Metropolitan building in Shinjuku for free if you want a nice view. Two viewing decks.
    If you just mean of all the places in that post, Takao is super pretty. The Ramen museum is also fun, but it's kind of a ripoff. Plus you can get great ramen for super cheap just by wandering into a tiny shop in an alleyway, which I'd argue is the better experience.

  • @naltmank ok Shibuya is too iconic for me not to go there so I it was already something I was thinking off, Ikebukuro I've heard good and bad stuff but hardly seems like a must, and Roppongi I remember seeing the name in a game (Devil Survivor I think) but I've no idea about what is in there.

    And going to random places for food is for sure one of the things I'm looking forward too, everyone I know always tell me how you can get amazing food in a ton of small places, so I'll likely try to do that as much as possible.

  • @bard91 said in Traveling in Japan Recommendations:

    but I've no idea about what is in there.

    Nothing. It's a place where culture goes to die (that I also happen to commute to daily, so I'm certainly not biased).

  • Ikebukuro has nice shoppingcenter. (Still hear the tune of BIC camera).

    Also go to VR zone in shinjuku ( its next to the building with Godzilla on top of it). I wanted to go there but was not open yet. I left Tokyo the next day

  • @naltmank well im going to roppongi for the art museums

    might skip ikebukaro tho

  • @Bigdude1 Fair enough. I just really hate that neighborhood, haha. Check out the Edo Museum in Ryogoku if you're interested in that stuff. They also usually have a really cool limited exhibit that's worth checking out. It's in a historic district (right next to the sumo arena/museum, too) that has a bunch of cool stuff and is markedly less touristy IMO.

  • @naltmank I actually hadn't noticed until now but my Tokyo hostel is actually 4 blocks away from the Edo museum, guess I'll check out.

    I just got my ticket for the Ghibli Museum which I was waiting to get to finalize my plans in Tokyo, as I didn't know which day I would get to go there, aside from that I'm currently planning a day trip to Hakone, another one to Nikko, will try to fit Kamakura and Enoshima, and Mt Takao in half a day, which I'm hoping will leave me with three days of exploring other things.

  • @bard91 lol, my buddy stayed in literally that exact same hostel I think. Great area. Ryogoku has awesome food. Trip is coming up soon, yeah? Getting hyped?

  • @naltmank I've honestly been busy with other things to think much about the trip, but just yesterday a colleague at work came and asked me the same thing and I came to the realization that it'll be in less than three weeks now, so yeah definitively pumped even if my mind is focused on other things

  • I'm actually leaving for Japan in about a week, gonna be staying mostly in Tokyo but going to Kyoto as well. I really don't have any solid plans, only going to be there for about a week so its not a ton of time. Mostly I want to check out those big gaming stores and maybe pick up a super famicom.