What are the games you are most hype for currently?

  • After E3 The Evil Within 2 ,watched the trailer 20+ time's and the song is stuck in my head, I'm planning on playing the DLC of the first game in September to get caught up.

  • So this one is legitimately coming out later on this month.

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    Supergiant did some great work with Bastion and some absolutely stellar work with Transistor, so I'm really curious to see how this turns out. Conceptually, I'm not super into mystic sports ball thing, I can tell there's definitely more under the surface of this one. Plus, Darren Korb is returning for the score and I'd easily rank the Transistor soundtrack among the best gaming has ever offered.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh yes! This had slipped my mind. Loved their previous games and definitely intrigued by pyre.

  • @tokeeffe9 July 25th!

  • I enjoyed the demo I played, kind of gave me an Oregon Trail meets NBA Jam vibe. Which is a weird vibe, but there is a story there and the gameplay is crisp and mechanically, I think it could be deeper than the surface level stuff I played. I'm in day 1

  • @TokyoSlim said in What are the games you are most hype for currently?:

    Oregon Trail meets NBA Jam vibe

    Strangest description for the vibe of a game I've ever seen.

  • Been a Spider-Man fan my entire life and I've been waiting for a big budget Spider-Man game from a fantastic developer since Spider-Man 2 showed me what was possible. So...

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  • This is a 'surface' answer, I know, but my god am I hyped for Super Mario Odyssey

    It's funny because, I mean, there's really no shortage of Mario games - and no shortage of good Mario games. 3D Land and World were fantastic, I really liked what NSMB:WiiU did, Mario Maker is a revolution, etc. etc.

    and yet I'm hyped for Odyssey as if it's a franchise that hasn't had a release in decades. There's a lot of gaming memories I've forgotten over the years, but I can tell you almost every single detail about the very first time I played 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1. These were legit 'magical' games to me.

    The fact that they are making another one in that style despite all 'evidence' suggesting they were gone forever is just...man. Man. I cannot wait.

  • I totally forgot about YIIK: A Postmodern RPG! I'm very excited. Played it for the first time at Camp Fangamer and was super interested. I've been following development ever since.

  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - I love the series, and Chloe is my favorite character. I was super bummed when she didn't even have a cameo in Uncharted 4, and was even more bummed when it was highly rumored that the DLC was going to be Sam/Sully focused. Imagine my giddiness when it was announced that Chloe was the star, and doubly so when it was announced that this is more in line with a full-fledged entry in the series as opposed to a little side DLC.