ARLO the lovable gaming muppet!

  • I don't know if I'm way behind with this, but does anyone know this Nintendo loving offspring of cookie monster? I usually don't like many other gaming "journalists" other than EZA, but this guy is genuinely funny, insightful and just darn right creative. He has about 150K subscribers on youtube and mainly talks about Nintendo. Knowing Brandon Jones and his love of puppets I think he would love to have him over as a guest. I can already see him on the Friend Code panel!

    Anyway, here's one of his videos, check out his channel, and let's maybe try to get the Allies aware of him!

    Youtube Video

  • Yup I also started watching his stuff a few months ago, I feel like his tone is similar to EZA's, he's not out there to trash games or stir controversy for clicks. He usually offers measured and thoughtful reasoning, even though the Nintendo fanboy can't help but shine through but hey, aren't we all like that?

  • The next best thing on YouTube after EZA. Just wish he'd put out videos more often (especially "The Gamer's Brief").

  • Arlo on Friendcode is something I never knew I wanted. That would be a total blast. I am picturing the puppet sitting behind the table with some of the allies and it's cracking me up.

    Ever since his channel blew up he's been consistently a great watch. His feelings on Paper Mario, which pretty much made him famous are nearly parallel with mine. I love his positive outlook, but he's also got a critical mind on subjects of gaming, with Nintendo being his area of expertise.

  • Please retweet this and let's try to at least get the Allies and Arlo to know each other :)