Where to get some nice looking gaming gear?

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    Hello fellow allies!

    I am thinking of upgrading my wardrobe a bit and are looking for good places to buy some good looking gaming related stuff!

    I have had a little googling around, but it's hard to find stuff with good design and that feels serious enough.

    Do people buy from some good pages? What's of decent quality and got nice designs? As I'm located in U.K it would be good if they were located here or shipped without too large shipping. Any tips are helpful

  • I've bought quite a few items from Insert Coin Clothing, they have some very cool designs inspired by various games. And I think they're based in the UK.

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    @Axel said in Where to get some nice looking gaming gear?:

    Insert Coin Clothing

    aah thats cool! They got some nice stuff, also looking for Halo and Final Fantasy inspired stuff in case anyone know any

  • Redbubble is pretty good. There is a huge selection of really cool fan art and you've a tonne of customisation options with the clothes. Also very comfortable so I'd recommend it.

    Not based in the UK but I don't think shipping was that expensive.

    Got myself a TLG, SotC, and Fiasconauts tshirt off the site. Happy with all of them :)

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    @tokeeffe9 ooh, They had a wide range of motives! Will have to look through the page closer at the weekend. Looks like I could get some of what I desire from there!