Elite Dangerous (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • So I just got Elite Dangerous on the ps4(got it on xbox one when it launched on there), and was wondering if there is any purpose or end goal to the game. I mean sure, I love the combat like when I am hunting down wanted ships or groups, but for most of the missions, it seems like im just bringing something to some other station and you just collect credits only to buy upgrades or a new ship. But I feel like there is something else that should be or might be there that i'm missing out on. Something more to the game than just aimlessly going around and doing missions without any real purpose. Does someone know if there is anything more to it? I've been bound and determined to figure out what it is. And so far the only "story" is not very direct and feels incomplete/vague being told through the faction wars. I haven't been able to put together what the story is about really. So if anyone could help that would be splendid. BTW, using the T-Flight HOTUS 4 flight stick in this game is sick(ps4 & pc compatible)

  • Banned

    Thats space sims for ya.
    Make your own goals. Become the wealthiest trader in the galaxy, or the most feared bounty hunter. The fun comes from playing how you want.

  • From everything I've seen and what I got from the little I've played, the end goals come from you.

    I couldn't keep going with the game for this reason, just making money and upgrading wasn't for me.