Has Your "Favorite" Game Ever Changed?

  • The short answer is ever since a friend introduced me to Final Fantasies VII and X, they've been my top two ever since.

    The long answer:

    I feel my ranking has shifted when there is a dichotomy of expectation and interest. I'll use Naughty Dog as an example. Having played the Uncharted trilogy and playing Crash Bandicoot as a kid (and I enjoyed the remaster), I was intrigued by the Last of Us for a variety of reasons. Primarily the expectation of quality, as I see it, from Naughty Dog and my interest in the story premise, world, etc. When that delivered, it felt, feels, and will continue to feel like a near masterpiece. Uncharted 4 came with the expectation of again, what I feel to be high quality and for me, it delivered.

    Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us are my third and fourth favorite games of all time respectively, and I don't think that will change because of how I experience things.

    There is one last aspect that HAS changed in terms of my preference and it's when trying to rank within a series. Three examples:

    Kingdom Hearts - For a long time, I felt that KH II was my favorite, however, as time as passed, I have grown more fond of the original and have more appreciation of it. Sure, the sequel has my favorite story sequence, but I've changed my mind and now consider the first as my favorite of the series.

    Gears of War - Trying to pick a favorite for this series has been difficult for a long time. For me, the first has the best story, the second has the best look, the third has the best variety, and the fourth has the best gameplay. And of course there's Judgment, but that just doesn't do it in any category. So, when it comes down to it, I have vacillated back and forth between 1 and 2, with 2 currently being my favorite.

    Ratchet and Clank - Another seminal series from my younger years, I hold steadfast that R&C Future: Tools of Destruction is my favorite for a variety of reasons, but after that has been ever evolving. The original is my second favorite for sentimental reasons from simple but engrossing planets, dynamic weaponry, and the fusion of platforming, puzzle solving, and shooting. Then came Going Commando and the level up system, the more compelling story, and the arena challenges made it my number two. Now, the most recent game, the reboot on PS4, takes almost everything great across the entire series and it is the most polished and prettiest game of the franchise and is currently my second favorite Ratchet & Clank game. And if there ever is a new one, then that could change.

  • @Brannox Question - what would Last of Us Part II need to do to beat out the first? Is that even possible for you?

  • A while back I was working on a piece about what Pokemon (specifically gold version) means to me, but I scrapped it because it was too schmaltzy and overly sentimental, which really doesn't go well with my writing style. That game has been my favorite game since I first played it back when I was 5/6 years old, and I don't expect that it will ever change. I have several games that I think are objectively way better than it, but in terms of personal meaning, I highly doubt any game will ever pass gold version.

    On the other hand, there are some games that I love but am too afraid of revisiting. A prime example of this would be Final Fantasy III DS. This was the game that brought me into "hardcore" gaming after watching gametrailers from a distance. It was mindblowing to me at the time, but I know that my tastes have changed since I first played it and there's almost no way I'd be able to put up with all the grinding now. I'd rather have that warm and fuzzy place in my heart for this game than have it be ruined by my more refined sensibilities.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Hmmmmm. That's a really tough question.

    I played the original shortly after launch and the talk at the time was: Should there be a sequel? When I completed it, I felt no, because of how the game ends. Don't get me wrong, when the sequel was announced at PSX, I lost my freaking mind. I MUST keep an open mind and take Neil Druckmann for his word: No one cares about those characters, that world, and that story more than they do, and they wouldn't do anything if they didn't believe in it. So, my only expectation is a great, if not phenomenal, story. I can't imagine at the moment any refinement to the gameplay, but I've seen the graphical fidelity they can pull off with Uncharted 4, so I KNOW the game is going to look so great. And I KNOW they will keep the tone and not hold back in how graphic with how they want to portray it.

    It's possible, and it wouldn't surprise me, but I can't begin to fathom how. Here's to 2019 or 2020!

  • When I was a kid it'd change all the time since I was constantly discovering new games but ever since around the end of high school or so my top ten's been pretty consistent. The only real changes have been when I finally took the plunge on some older games I've been meaning to play that managed to blow me away, like Symphony of the Night or Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, but that's not really the question on hand I guess. Either way my number one hasn't changed since I first got a hold of it and while I don't wanna say it never will, I don't imagine it will in the foreseeable future.

  • After I played Deus Ex it hasn't changed again, no.
    I don't think any game has done what that game did since. In fact I feel that in many ways interactive sims has regressed since then.

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    I would say that I kinda have stopped just having "one favourite game" instead I see to "favourite game in a genre". This comes after tying to write a few "top 10 lists" where I just couldn't decide what made one game deserve a spot higher than another. Of course I have games I prefer to go back to and which always makes me smile when I think about them. But its hard to say "this one is the best!" because really, what makes a racing game better/worse than a RPG game? Feels like that could open up a whole discussion.

  • My top three favorite games have been my top three favorite games for 15 years and nothing has really come close to dethroning them.

    Guardian Heroes
    Super Mario RPG
    Tribes 2

    Stuff like God of War 2 and Shadow of the Colossus clawed their way among the ranks, but I'm fairly confident that those three games will never be surpassed.

  • My favorite game of all time is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and before that game my favorite game was Kirby's Adventure. I played Kirby's Adventure for the first time when I could barely hold a controller, and I played Super Mario RPG maybe when I was in my early teens through a friend who had a SNES since I never had one. There's been many games since those times I've loved passionately, but only two have come close to topping Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars as my favorite game of all time.

    The first was Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, but even as amazing as that game is it just falls a little short of surpassing Super Mario RPG. Scalewise if you were to consider your favorite game of all time the only 10 you could ever give and rate other games around that, TTYD is like a 9.7. That's how close it is.

    The second more recent game that came out of nowhere relatively, because I've never been a massive fan of this series before now was Breath of the Wild. Zelda games have always mostly just been alright to me. Windwaker used to be my favorite 3D Zelda and the Oracle games used to be and still are my favorite 2D Zelda games and just plain Zelda games period. There were moments however when I was maybe 50 hours in Breath of the Wild where I kept feeling like not only was this game going to top those other Zelda games, but it might actually become my favorite game of all time. Somewhere around the third dungeon those feelings finally cooled off and even though now 220 hours into the game I'm still finding new things and wanting to keep playing and would rate the game fairly highly on my favorite games of all time, I've definitely pulled back and realized it still just isn't the same.

    What it basically comes down to for me is replayability. I'm not rushing to replay Breath of the Wild now that Master Mode is out. Hell, I don't think I'll even touch it since it's just bloated hp on enemies who regen life over time now. But beyond that I don't even want to really replay it period. It was a great game obviously since I felt like I wanted to keep playing and keep playing for over 200 hours and having to physically stop myself from continuing at points because I was having such a good time the whole time. I even accidentally stayed up for 36 hours straight one (technically two) of the days launch week.

    I just don't care to do it over again. I'm looking forward to the next Zelda game using this same formula and having a whole new adventure to go on that hopefully improves my qualms with this one, but even that game just formulaically will not be something I want to replay over and over. I'd still rather replay Wind Waker start to finish for the vibes of revisiting that world than Breath of the Wild, even though I enjoyed Breath of the Wild more. I do think years from now I'll still turn Breath of the Wild on to goof around in every now and then, and I think if they ever release a remaster I'll at least start to play that.

    I've just kinda had my fill for now, whereas I'm like Huber with Resident Evil when it comes to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Give me the shoddiest excuse in the world to flip that game on and replay the whole thing, and I'm immediately in. I'll play it fifty times and never get bored and keep discovering new things. I love the world. I love the gameplay. I love the characters. I love the look of it. I love the writing/story. I love the music. It's going to take a hell of a game to ever top it for me, but I'm also alright if that game never comes since something doesn't have to be the best ever to you for you to have a great time with it and in the years since I was introduced to my favorite game of all time I have played many, many amazing games.

  • Someone would have to make a game I liked more than Katamari Damacy.

  • i have Four games that i change position quite often but its always those 4 nothing has touched them yet its after those 4 that my list is ever changing

    my 4 favorite games of all time are ff7 ff9 fft and ocarina of time and to place them in any order is hard for me to do.

  • Not really, it's still Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on N64, which I try to replay once a year. That reminds me that I'd like to get a japanese version for the next replay as the western releases lack any voice acting outside of the singing plus some minor alterations. I think I know the game well enough to be able to beat it in japanese. Funny thing is that my 1st time playing it was actually the japanese version I rented when a PAL release wasn't even certain yet, sadly I got stuck eventually (when you have to get differently colored fishes).

    EDIT: And just after I typed this I went to ebay and bought a japanese copy from a japanese sellet for 5 bucks incl. shipping.

  • It has been ADOM since 1998, before that it was Turrican II, which I still hold dear. Those are two of my favorite games, and have pretty much always been. The 8 games that follow those two in my personal top ten fluctuate often. Regulars in there include such titles as: Deus Ex, Skyrim, Morrowind, Chrono Trigger, FFVI, FFX, FFXII, HOMM3, Super Mario World. The most recent game that might pop-up in my personal top ten is DOOM(2016).

  • @Brannox

    I don't see a situation where The Last of Us Part II is not better than the original. The main complaints were all gameplay related and not story related. We know they'll tell another amazing story and the gameplay has nowhere to go but UPPPPP. It isn't like the AI is going to be dumber. My only concern is that the AI didn't improve a lot in Uncharted 4 and I know that game has a different approach to AI, but I still get the feeling that Naughty Dog needs work in that regard.

    Either way, it's going to be better. Trust me.

  • @GoTaco All I'm trying to do is not get hopes too high. Their already into the stratosphere, but The Last of Us Part II is one of the few games I can't foresee ANY step backwards. That doesn't mean I shouldn't be cautious. Anything can happen, but I agree.

  • This is a good question for me, given the circumstances of this year having a new 3D Zelda game in Breath of the Wild, which I absolutely love, with my all time favorite game being Ocarina of Time.

    To be upfront, Breath of the Wild did not overtake Ocarina's importance to me, but it's the first Zelda in a long time to really challenge Ocarina's placement as my favorite Zelda game, and game in general. There are many things BotW does better than OoT, the overworld, and its emphasis on freedom and exploration blows any other Zelda game out of the water.

    However, the reason I treasure Ocarina isn't merely because it was a big deal to me as a kid. I find it to be to this day the most complete Zelda package I could want. It's got a great balance of dungeons (which is where BotW falls short on the hardest), combat, story, characters, music, sidequests, and more. Other Zelda games have surpassed Ocarina on certain fronts, but they usually focus on one or two aspects majorly, whereas Ocarina covers everything well to me.

    I think if the next Zelda game takes what made BotW so great, and brought back what it lacked, (traditional dungeons, more vibrant music, and a more interesting story) then Ocarina could get topped. Oh, and make Link left handed again Nintendo, that will score some points for the next game. ;)

  • My favourite game thing is a bit weird. I have 6 favourite games. Despite owning the NES and SNES, Ocarina of Time was the 1st game I could genuinely call my favourite game. Then I played MGS and it didn't replace it but it just joined it. Then MGS3 joined them, then Uncharted 1, then The Last of Us, then Spelunky. So I have 6 games I consider my favourite games. I couldn't name just one.

  • Chrono Trigger is kinda hard to top. I'm not sure if can be done at this point. My top 5 has changed a bit over the years, but there simply is no beating CT :)

  • @gwnner

    That isn't even weird. The more I think about it, I have too many favourites as well with just a pretty firm top 2. Like another user said, it is a lot easier to pick a favourite game by genre because some things are hard to compare.

    Going along with the original topic of your favourite game changing, you play various games at different times in your life and you have different outlooks on things as time progresses. My old favourite game was multiplayer and now I don't even bat an eye at MP. I also went through a major handheld phase as a kid because I gotta be doing something in the back of the car when my parents had to drag me around anywhere (besides listen to Aqua, Spice Girls, Fresh Prince, and all that good stuff, lol). Pokemon was likely my favourite then, but it sure isn't now

  • @gwnner Spelunky doesn't get the love it deserves. I'd say it's my favorite, "hey, I've got 20 minutes with nothing to do" games out there by a mile.